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10 Pieces of Career Advice in Your Job

by Adegboye Adeniyi 2 years ago in advice
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Here is how to succeed at your job.

Have ever felt left out and out of your element in your job? Have you ever felt like there is so little career advice given for those in employment? If you feel that way, it is valid.

This is because there is a lot of information online about seeking a job but very little information is out there about how to go about strategically positioning yourself in your career.

We cannot exactly contest the fact that so much is written for the job seeker because they need all the help they can get considering the issue of unemployment in many parts of the world.

But there is a need to speak on those who are already gainfully employed and how they can be a better themselves in their career self or even advance in their respective professional fields.

No wonder we have many people in jobs that are unsatisfying or the wrong careers for them or people who have lost passion for the right job. How do we address this order than to look into some good and profitable career advice that can help you in your job?

01. On Passion in Your Career/Job.

Are you working in an organization presently where you feel as if your skill is been underutilized or not being put to work at all? Or do you feel your passion is not being fulfilled or met? Then know that you are not alone in this boat and that while the job situation may not the best, something spectacular can still come out of it. Yes! It is an opportunity to learn something new and gain or update a (new) skill. To do this, you have to keep an open mind, who knows, you might come to enjoy the job in the long run.

02. On Relationship Building and Maintaining in the Workplace.

Don’t underestimate the power of relationship building, whether you work an 8-4 job or you are a budding entrepreneur. The backbone of doing a successful job at your work/market place is your ability to grow and maintain relationships with co-workers, customers, managerial personnel and others. Every person you come across has the potential to be the link to a new opportunity – a better job, promotions, high-profile clients, etc. Always keep in mind that no matter how good of an expert you are in your field, you’ll still need others to get the job done. Also, glowing recommendations, referrals, promotions, advertisement and their likes comes from building and maintaining a good relationship in the professional place.

03. On Doing Your Part.

No matter what your job description is or how ‘flexible’ it might be, you must observe work etiquettes, e.g. coming to work on time, doing your apportioned duties on time and well, dressing the part and their likes. Remember that you’re a representation (directly or otherwise) of the organization and your ability to be able to maintain a professional look and disposition will reflect on the image of the organization. Also, it will help to boost your confidence and present you to others as someone who ‘knows his onions’. You can never tell who is watching, so don’t trivialize the issue of doing your part in your job.

04. On Maintaining Work Life Balance.

No matter how fantastic or fulfilling a job is, it is important to maintain a good work-life balance. This is a sordid truth that most workaholics don’t like to hear but the fact remains that it is the truth. In essence, as much as you’re committed to your job/career path – which in itself is a good thing – take the time in between to pause, breath, relax and engage in other positive activities, especially spending time with your loved ones. If you break down, someone else will take over and the organization will move on and then you’ll realize that the job, after all, isn’t all that there is to life.

5. On Understanding Your Job/Career.

There are many reasons why people are in their present jobs accompanied with various ways through which they got in; some took up jobs out of desperation, they don’t want to be jobless for another day and any job will do. Some took up the job because they had nothing else to do at the time while some took the job because they were recommended for it or by ownership, they were next in line. We can go on and on but it is pertinent for every job-owner to answer some salient questions at one point or the other;

a. Why am I in this company/organization to start with?

b. Do I fully understand my job description?

c. Do I fully understand the skills I need to carry out the job successfully?

d. What am I doing to ensure that I remain relevant to the organization?

e. Passion or money, what is my driving force?

f. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I enjoy this job?

Answering these questions and working on furthering positive indications and addressing flaws or loopholes will help boost efficiency in the workplace. It doesn’t matter how and why you have the job, what matters is your disposition towards it. Remember that the most fulfilled professionals are those who have an in-depth understanding of their job and what it takes to be good at it; when your expertise meets the management’s/clients’ expectations, you can be sure to record success.

6. On Networking.

Networking is that one basket of goodies that every professional must seek and work towards – actively – having one for themselves. It doesn’t matter that you are not looking to change jobs – for now – a solid professional network system can make your career life easier and blaze the way for you in career advancement than you achieve yourself as it is a great source for opportunities. Remember that jobs go and come but a solid system of valuable contacts remains valuable to you regardless of time.

7. On Setting Career Goals

Many professionals make the mistake of being caught up in the moment and making plans for far-fetched, enormous goals and at the end of the day, they fall very short of such goals and feel incapable. You build the bricks of your career one brick at a time; don’t rush to pile them on top of each other. Break down your big dream into smaller objectives and work towards achieving them with your team one day after the other. Ensure that your goals are achievable, measurable, understandable, behavioural and agreed upon.

8. On Conflict Management Skill

This is one skill that you must possess, especially, if your job description requires coming into contact with people often. You have to accept that conflict is inevitable; there will be a clash of ideas, thoughts, opinions and their likes. Conflict is tough but when you have developed the skill and resilience to tackle it, it will be ‘one of those things’ for you. If it is not innate or you are not a confrontational person by nature, then look for courses, workshops, seminars or trainings that help you to develop this skill and in no time, you’ll be fielding the toughest colleagues/clients.

9. Be a Time Ambassador

Being a time ambassador implies that you are an employee who is not only time conscious but keeps to time. Many employees are known for never keeping to time. In essence, it is not enough to be able to get things done but it is also vital to get them done in time. Therefore, ensure that you keep to time and do not procrastinate or be lackadaisical in carrying out your duties.

10. On Expectations, Opportunities and Actions

Many employees do not think past their present job and become somewhat reticence and relaxed, this is called a short-term thought pattern and very injurious to your career. You need to think about ways to make yourself invaluable in your professional field, upgrade your skills, expand your information capability, open yourself to challenging projects, seek new opportunities, step out of your comfort zone and generally garner more experience.

In conclusion, remember that it is important to place premium value on your job, on your time and yourself. Wherever you find yourself working, give it your best shot and see yourself become an invaluable asset to your organization and profession at large.


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