10 Incredible Writing Tools for Education

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For centuries, writing and analytical skills were the most important things out of our education. As you probably assumed, amazing writing doesn’t occur out of anywhere. You have to work hard to achieve such effects.

10 Incredible Writing Tools for Education

For example, according to the fifth Salesforce State of Marketing Report, only 28 percent of marketers are happy with their ability to engage customers across channels. For the majority of marketers, that’s a daunting task. Cross-channel engagement involves more than simple blogging. It takes the task of content writing to a whole other level.

The same report showed that the majority of marketers are ready to implement different tools in their practices. Who could blame them?

According to Matthew Donovan, part of the marketing team at Easy Essay, digital tools don’t only make a writer’s and/or student's job easier, “they also make it more effective,” he said. “Depending on the tools you use, you’re able to produce more writings in less time, but you’re also able to improve its quality.”

Are you ready for the ultimate list of 10 writing tools that will amplify your studying results? Here it comes!

1. Ilys

When you have to write papers on a daily basis, you’ll inevitably come to the stage of writer’s block. You know you want to write. You’re ready to spend an entire day developing content. But you sit in front of the computer and nothing happens. Zero. Nada!

So you try to seek some inspiration and you end up wasting valuable time on social media. Or you simply give up, making a promise to yourself that tomorrow will be a better day.

Don’t do that! These are difficult times, and you need the right tool to push you through them. Ilys is great for overcoming writer’s block. It helps you get into the state of flow. You’ll write in a clean, distraction-free text editor that doesn’t allow you to edit while you write. You’ll have to hush the inner critic and focus on the inner flow. You’ll edit after you write. With this approach, you’ll notice you’re writing way more content than usual.

2. Best Term Paper

When you have a really bad day, Ilys might not be enough. Maybe you reached the stage of burnout, or maybe you have other responsibilities to handle so the content must wait. Or does it? When you find the perfect writer to help you, nothing will wait. You’ll still have your homework on time, and it will be perfect.

Best Term Paper is a cheap essay service. It’s an obvious choice for students, but you should know that these professional writers are also available for article writing services. The prices are affordable, so you won’t have to invest too much to get your content marketing campaign going.

3. Ulysses

Ulysses is a great writing app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It offers a focused writing environment with fast-syncing and effective document management. It’s clean and free of any clutter. Why is that important? It simply puts you in a focused mode. It feels really professional and makes your work more enjoyable.

4. AllTop

How about some inspiration? Even the best writers need it. You can always count on AllTop—a website that curates the best content from the best websites. You can search through different categories of topics, such as lifestyle, tech, business, fashion, and sport.

You can also go through the content that went viral. That’s an important thing for a content marketer to do since it tells them what the audience goes crazy for. Spend one hour a day exploring popular content through AllTop and you’ll definitely feel inspired to write better.

5. Easel.ly

For the sake of a cooler marketing campaign, you should never limit yourself to textual content. When it contains tons of data and facts, in particular, text can get boring. From time to time, you should consider producing great infographics.

With Easel.ly, that’s an easy thing to do. You can create infographics, presentations, and reports that people will actually read.

6. Best Essay

What happens when your content has potential, but it lacks the final touches? This is a well-known fact: A writer cannot edit their own content since they already think that it’s good enough. They will briefly go through the text to make sure it doesn’t have grammar and spelling errors. And they will miss some of them.

Best Essay is a great editing service with highly trained and experienced editors in its team.

Richard Roberts, part of the marketing team at a top essay writing service said:

“We saw massive improvements in our campaign since we started hiring professional editors. They do more than a proofreading check. They also make sure the content is readable and attractive for the average customer.”

7. HubSpot Blog Idea Generator

Do you lack ideas for your content marketing plan? That’s a common situation. You’re covering a single niche when trying to promote your brand. You cover the most popular topic, and you suddenly dry out of ideas. This tool can help you get unstuck.

You just entered a noun in the search bar, and the blog ideas generator launched several suggestions for you. Some of them will be silly, but others will inspire you to write something different—something cool!

8. Twords

When you start using this app, you’ll learn a lot about your writing practices. You’ll identify the best days over time. When you see when you were most productive, you can think about the things that motivated you that day. Maybe it was the breakfast or the morning workout? By paying attention to the routines, you’ll eventually find the things that make you productive.

Twords inspires you to write more by suggesting styles, techniques, and writing prompts for your practice.

9. Trello

When you’re trying to maintain a serious content marketing campaign, you’re not alone in that journey. You have an entire team planning, developing, and editing content. That’s why you need a platform where all of you can collaborate in the easiest way possible.

Trello is that tool. It helps you organize projects in boards, classify the priorities, and assign tasks to different team members. Since everyone has access to the plan, they can update on their progress.

10. Hemingway App

Whenever there’s a list of tools for writers of any type, you’ll see this platform being mentioned. The hype is real. The Hemingway App is an editing tool that helps you make your content Hemingway-like. More readable, that is. It will warn you about passive voice, adverbs, complex phrases, and sentences that are hard to read.

We all know that the attention span of an online reader is not that great. Then why do we get carried away? It’s a common thing for writers to forget who their target audience is. When the content is being developed for marketing purposes, that shouldn’t happen.

Use Hemingway App to make your content ready to hit the online world!

Did you choose your tools?

Chances are, you won’t need all of the above-listed tools to support your content marketing campaign. But you’re probably inspired to use a few of them, right? Today is a great day for experimenting. Make your pick and start testing tools that can really boost your marketing efforts.

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