10 Best Career Advice Books for Freelancers

by Iggy Paulsen about a year ago in book review

Your clients suck and your sales are lagging. It's time to get some career advice books for your freelancing work.

10 Best Career Advice Books for Freelancers

"So, the end of month income you have is...how much?"

I was showing my mom how much my freelancing career as a writer was raking in, hoping she'd be proud of me. Instead, when I counted every penny and dime, I realized all that I did was embarrass myself in front of a parent who already didn't really believe in freelancing.

The truth is, I was only making about $1,000 per month—not even enough to cover a room for rent and basic needs. I was at a standstill as a freelancer, and I was fairly certain that it wasn't because I had bad skills.

Being a writer, I realized that this industry wouldn't have much money involved in it. However, I also knew that thousands of writers made a good living through freelance work.

My solution was simple: I needed to find career advice books for freelancers like myself. After reading these 10 titles, I noticed a serious uptick in business. If you give them a read, you will, too.

Sara Horowitz is the founder of the Freelancer's Union, one of the only unions to cater to people with a creative freelancing career. It's not surprising, then, that she wrote one of the best career advice books for freelancers on the market.

The Freelancer's Bible is a guide to everything that has to do with the freelancing world. Whether you have questions about finding new clients or filling out your taxes, Horowitz will come around with some amazing advice, making it all simple for you.

Tim Ferriss has become a major icon to people in the business world—not just freelancers. His claim to fame is creating a way to make a living while only (allegedly) working four hours per week.

Sure, you might not end up only working a single day per week, but that doesn't mean his advice is useless. If anything, The 4-Hour Work Week gives you valuable advice on how to write freelance articles quickly, streamlining your work and making the most of your time.

If there's one thing that is crucial to freelancing success, it's finding high-paying gigs on marketplaces. Unfortunately for most of us, this also happens to be the most difficult part of getting used to the freelancing lifestyle.

That's exactly what makes Lise Cartwright's book one of the best career advice books on the market. She will show you how to market yourself well to people who need your skills and are willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.

Considering that Upwork and oDesk are some of the biggest freelance marketplaces on the net, it makes sense to grab this book. After all, you can never do too much when it comes to figuring out how to find customers as a freelance writer.

If there's one thing that most freelancers can agree on, it's the fact that having a day job doesn't really cut it for most people who live the freelance life. A day job puts you at the mercy of your boss, which means that you have to go to work every day, and just might not even pay you enough.

Daniel DiPiazza created one of the best career advice books for people who want to start freelancing, but don't quite know how. Rich20Something is motivational, inspiring, and down-to-earth—just like his ultra-popular website.

If you're sick of the job hunt and need quality advice so that you can find a career in the field of your choice, you need to get this book.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the job market can tell you that regular day-to-day jobs are going the way of the dodo. There will be a time when there simply aren't enough jobs to go around, and when that happens, the only thing you can do is learn to be adept at getting good gigs.

Olga Mizrahi points out the raw truth of this, and offers up solid career advice for freelancers and side gig seekers. If you're ready to face the future with ease, you're going to need to read The Gig is Up.

Vincent Pugliese doesn't really like the job market that much, especially since it tends to hurt the little guy more than it does the major corporation. That's why he wrote Freelance to Freedom, and why he works tirelessly as a career coach to those who are sick of a JOB ("Just Over Broke").

This book explains the importance of having a side gig and learning to make freelancing work for you. Using his own experience with dropping out of a newspaper photography job and starting his own company, Pugliese shows you that it is absolutely possible to make a living going it alone.

Did you ever experience a "dry spell" in your freelancing life? I know I have! It may seem like you will never have the clients you need to stay stable, but believe me, it's very possible to get a great living through freelancing.

Tyler Ford gives you a step-by-step approach to becoming a wealthier freelancer while still keeping your work-life balance in control. If you're terrified of becoming an independent contractor, or are nervous about avoiding a steady hourly rate, Ford's book will give you tools to help your freelance career so you can overcome that fear and watch your career soar.

Most of the reason why freelancers go broke is because they make serious mistakes with their business. Ford shows you the steps that the vast majority of freelancers mess up—and how to avoid those crucial problems before you cause them to pop up in the first place.

Most people who freelance these days are creatives. They may work as writers, offer graphic design services, or even have their own web design company. If you're one of the many creatives who yearns for freelancing success, then you need to get Creative, Inc.

Meg Ilasco and Joy Cho offer priceless advice for anyone who wants to make a living from art—even if they aren't necessarily looking to freelance. Speaking as a creative myself, this is one of the best career advice books for anyone who wants to have a career that lets them use their imagination.

Just about anyone who has been freelancing for a while has hit that moment where they wonder what they're doing with their lives. It's always one more gig you have to do, one more client from hell, or just another person who asks you when you're going to "get a real job."

Ugh, it's a nightmare, right? Liam Veitch decided to talk about how to break loose from the rut that comes with freelancing and uses his own experience in the market to guide you to a better life.

Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer shows you how to turn your skillset into a high earning business unlike any other. If you're lucky and follow his advice, you might end up with a million dollar business.

If there is any single industry that's filled to the brim with freelancers, it's writing—and sadly, most career advice books for writers don't offer enough advice for authors who are looking to freelance.

Six-Figure Freelancing is a guide that offers realistic, highly effective tips and tricks to maximize your profits, and get your name out there.

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