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Who is DJ Tweak?   

The Rising DJ Star That's Creating A Major Buzz In The Music World

By JaeamorPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Meet DJ Tweak from Pittsburgh, Pennnsylvania

DJ Tweak as a person and as an artist

Passion is the biggest differentiator for DJ Tweak as a person and as an artist. His whole life, Tweak was extremely passionate about music.  He wanted to create a musical experience for his fans that leaves them thinking.  He live his life to fullest and he believe that everyone who is passionate about something, they can make a difference.  DJ Tweak give his fans an everlasting experience that is life changing.  He believes that music can unite people of all cultures and differences and bring them together in a positive way so that they can share the experience of music, love and happiness.  Music is a powerful tool that can bring change to the world.  He ensure that all his work always focuses on the positives in life and can put a smile on people faces after a hard day.  Music has made an amazing impact on his life and he hope to be able to do the same for all of his fans and listeners.

DJ Tweak Accomplishments in Life

The accomplishment in life, like most djs, DJ Tweak want to be a world wide touring DJ. However, his main goal is to travel and play shows all over the world.  He also wanted to be able to give his fans an experience and bring happiness to them all over the world.  In the meantime, DJ Tweak want to grow as a DJ and also grew his fan base with people from different cultures, faiths, and bring them together with his music.  Music is a tool that can be used to unite everyone world wide and show them that we are all the same.  He wants to create music that makes a difference for many future generations.

DJ Tweak see’s himself in Five Years

DJ Tweak see’s himself in five years,  Because he is a very goal oriented person and need to set goals to achieve so that he can feel accomplished.  One of his biggest goals is to continue to grow as a person and as a DJ and make a change in this industry.  DJ Tweak stated, “A lot of music these days focuses on negativity and the promotion of negativity.  I want to focus on the complete opposite and push for positivity.  Music is the most powerful tool on earth.  Everyone listens to music.  I want to make music that can make people positive and happy so that they have a complete different outlook on life”.

What DJ Tweak Bring To The Music World

He bring a different approach to music and mixing.  While everyone know's DJ Tweak as a House Music Head.  He like to get creative.  DJ Tweak like to mix multiple genres to make people be more open to listening to other genres.  This allows Tweak to also bring a unique experience with his music to his fans. DJ Tweak states, “They can expect something new each and every show and that is the part that I love the most.  I like to get people talking”.

The Legacy DJ Tweak Want To Leave Behind

DJ want his legacy to be known as the DJ that worked hard to bring positivity and change.  Tweak can not stress this enough because the World today lacks positive energy.  He believe that with creativity, love, and music, not only do he bring positivity, but also create unity between people all over the world.  Music is the most powerful tool that make these things happen and he wanted to be the pioneer of the movement that brought people of all cultures together to share one experience.

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