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There’s nothing wrong with being creative


By Dalmy AlvesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
There’s nothing wrong with being creative
Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash

Do you see when a machine overheats?

This is due to continuous or hard use and being creative is not so different!

Normal people

There are two types of people and, the first group is normal people, people who naturally don't have any gifts or talents people who discover what they are good at and dedicate themselves 100%, people who manage to be very successful at what they are good at. I call them normal people.

In this first group, we find people who succeed just by being good at one thing and we have people who envy, or, like to be like those who are very talented.

And there is the second group of people, which are the abnormal people, people who have many gifts and talents, people with the ability to do everything and "anything else" (just to emphasize what I say)...

In this second group, we find people who are successful in their multi-skills and people who cannot manage the fact that they know a lot, or the fact that they have so many talents, many of these would like to be like people who are good at just one thing.

But here come the complications.

The machine overheating

Very creative people have a constant struggle, dealing with different ideas for each talent they have, especially without planning, which most times very creative people are not organized and planned.

Some take action as soon as they had the idea, and most of the time there are countless ideas and they don't point in some agenda or idea notebook, this is one of the reasons, if not the biggest, that leads many creatives to failure.

They don't know how to take care of the machine, they leave it working 24 hours a day and they wonder about the origin of the overheating.

Maybe you don't understand what machine overheating is.

Overheating here refers to when the creative enters a creative block state, which is what most happens. A disorganized creative is creatively blocked more often than a super-organized creative.

Now we can understand that there is nothing wrong with being creative, because all creative deals with a lack of ideas and much more, but the difference is in the organization.

Want to know a secret? I'm part of the second group!

Now I'm getting organized to be more successful in the skills I have.

A single person who is a Graphic Designer, Copywriter, YouTuber, Video Editor and Musician (Singer and Instrumentalist) needs organization yes, and if not a mentor.

I know people with many gifts and talents and they are successful in all of them, as I also know people who have only one gift or talent, whatever you want to call it, and are super successful in it too.

I know someone who has many gifts or talents and is not successful at all, this is me! But I also know people with just one gift and they're not successful because they're looking more at those who have a diversity of abilities and would like to be that way.

It doesn't matter what group you are from, the first or the second.

What matters is the focus! Your gifts deserve it.

What matters is the commitment to the genuine or innate abilities you have this is the most important.

Only then will we be successful people with the gifts we have!

There are no problems with being creative there are only complications, which we can manage and control we are the commanders of our mind!

And thou? Were you able to identify which group you are from?


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Dalmy Alves

I'm a young dreamer who seeks to make many dreams come true, one of them is to make a living from writing, I love to write about everything, including the things I love the most, so stay here, maybe you'll identify with me.

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