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Interview with Philip from FIlmocracy

By Steve LongPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

In discussion with Steve Long Director of the Global Film Exhibition

Steve Long: Philip, thanks for joining me today. First off, can you break down the story and purpose behind the captivating name of Filmocracy?

Philip: Absolutely, Steve. Filmocracy was conceptualized to correct the unequal opportunities in the film world. The idea was to encourage viewers to rate and vote on films, propelling quality ones to prominence. And importantly, we allocate half of our revenue pool to the very filmmakers who breathe life into our platform. Over time, we ventured into organizing film festivals, providing distribution avenues, and nurturing a community of filmmakers.

Steve Long: For newcomers in filmmaking, how would you sum up Filmocracy's contribution in promoting independent cinema?

Philip: Filmocracy is like an open canvas for filmmakers. They can collaborate, showcase their art, and rise based purely on their talent, without the usual roadblocks of the traditional industry.

Steve Long: Philip, as the years have rolled by, how has Filmocracy responded to the evolving trends in independent film distribution?

Philip: Each year comes with its set of challenges. For instance, in the wake of COVID-19, while film festivals made a return to physical theaters, the digital advantage lingered. Filmmakers' needs are constantly changing, influenced by audience demands and industry dynamics. Throughout, Filmocracy remains committed to offering independent filmmakers the necessary resources to pursue their passion.

Steve Long: Can you shed some light on Filmocracy's selection criteria for indie films?

Philip: Our ethos is a meritocracy. We don't choose films based on subjective quality. We only ensure the audio and video meet the standard. Beyond that, it's all up to the audience.

Steve Long: So, how does Filmocracy gauge the potential success or resonance of a film with its audience?

Philip: Our robust ratings and analytics tool is a filmmaker's ally. It equips them with insights about their film, helping them engage with distributors, collaborators, investors, or even to refine their creations.

Steve Long: And how does Filmocracy specifically assist indie filmmakers in maximizing their film's visibility?

Philip: Despite being a tech-first platform, we have a hands-on approach. Be it hosting a virtual screening, creating a metaverse for a film, or discussing it on our Discord or social media channels – we're always ready to roll up our sleeves and get involved.

Steve Long: From where you stand, what are the pressing challenges indie filmmakers face in this digital age?

Philip: There's an overwhelming amount of content out there. While many think the biggest hurdle is funding, I believe it's discerning the kind of film to make that not only captivates audiences but also piques investor interest.

Steve Long: Any standout success stories on Filmocracy you'd like to share?

Philip: Quite a few! Many of our filmmakers have secured representation at prestigious events like Cannes and TIFF. With Filmocracy's virtual film market, we've bridged the gap between distributors and filmmakers seamlessly.

Steve Long: What wisdom would you share with budding indie filmmakers eager to shine on platforms like yours?

Philip: Keep it simple. If you're crafting a film as an art form, preserve its essence. But if you're in it for the profit, produce something that resonates with the market.

Steve Long: Any myths about indie platforms or Filmocracy that you'd like to address?

Philip: I'm all ears, Steve. If you've heard any myths or misconceptions, I'd be happy to clarify.

Steve Long: Finally, considering the rise of digital streaming, how is Filmocracy gearing up for the future of indie film showcasing?

Philip: We're thrilled about our recent collaboration with Hoopla. It offers independent filmmakers an esteemed platform with genuine revenue prospects, reaching an audience supported by public funds.

Steve Long: Philip, thank you for the insights. It's evident that Filmocracy is reshaping the narrative for indie filmmakers, and we're excited to witness its journey.

Philip: Thanks, Steve. The journey's just as exciting for us!

To see all the other wonderful film festivals hosted on Filmocracy visit

Want to see how your film is presented to audiences on Filmocracy?

* Global Film Exhibition will be hosted on the Filmocracy Platform


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