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By Sanele MakeleniPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Presidential Way Records (PWR)

Presidential Way Records (PWR) is an independent record label based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded in 2022 by Sanele Makeleni professionally known as Loyal Wurld, a South African Hip Hop artist. PWR is home to a small roster of artists, including Loyal Wurld himself, as well as other up-and-coming South African artists.

The label's mission is to provide a platform for emerging South African artists to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. PWR is known for its eclectic mix of genres, which includes trap soul, hip hop, R&B, and Afrobeat.

The label has released a number of successful singles and albums since its launch, including Loyal Wurld's debut album, Drip. PWR has also been featured on several major playlists and has performed at major festivals such as the Back to the City Festival and the Cotton Fest.

PWR is one of the most exciting new record labels in South Africa. The label is committed to supporting emerging artists and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Loyal wurld ( Sanele Makeleni )

Founder of Presidential Way Records (PWR)

Loyal Wurld ( Sanele Makeleni ) is a South African Hip Hop artist from Johannesburg. Loyal wurld has released a ep Drip, as well as several singles. His music is a mix of trap, hip hop, and R&B, with lyrics that often deal with love, relationships, and the struggles of everyday life.

Loyal Wurld has been praised for his unique sound and his ability to tell stories through his music. He has been compared to artists like Lil Mosey , lil Tecca and Gunna, but he has also developed his own signature style.

Loyal Wurld is still a relatively new artist, but he is quickly gaining popularity in the South African music scene. He has been featured on several major playlists.

Here are some of his music:

Talk This song is a catchy and upbeat trap soul track with a danceable beat and sing-along lyrics. It's a perfect song for any occasion, whether you're out with friends or just trying to get pumped up for the day.

Drip hard This song is the title track from Loyal Wurld's debut album. It's a slow and soulful ballad about love and loss. The song features a beautiful piano melody and Loyal Wurld's heartfelt vocals.

Slimes This song is a trap soul track with a dark and atmospheric sound. It's a song about the struggles of everyday life and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Slimes by Loyal Wurld Opens in a new window Fake This song is a trap soul track with a biting and sarcastic tone. It's a song about people who are fake and inauthentic. Loyal Wurld calls out these people with his sharp lyrics

Fake by Loyal Wurld Opens in a new window Past This song is a trap soul track about moving on from the past. It's a song about learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person. Loyal Wurld's vocals are full of emotion on this track, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever been through a difficult time.

Loyal Wurld who is known for his unique sound and his ability to tell stories through his music. He is also known for his humility and his down-to-earth personality.

In an interview with The Hype, Loyal Wurld said that he is "just a regular guy who loves to make music." He also said that he is "inspired by the people around him and the things that he sees and experiences."

Loyal Wurld's music is often introspective and deals with themes of love, relationships, and the struggles of everyday life. He is not afraid to be vulnerable in his lyrics, and he often shares his own personal experiences with his fans.

Loyal Wurld is also a very humble and down-to-earth person. He is grateful for the success that he has achieved, but he never forgets his roots. He is always willing to help out other artists and to give back to his community.

Overall, Loyal Wurld is a talented and hardworking artist who is also a kind and compassionate person. He is an inspiration to many people, and he is sure to continue to achieve great things in the future.


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