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Interviewer What is it like interviewing an interviewer?

by xganola 2 months ago in Humanity
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Interviewer What is it like interviewing an interviewer? What is the experience of being interviewed by the interviewer?

Interviewer What is it like interviewing an interviewer? What is the experience of being interviewed by the interviewer?

It's a mouthful, but it's an interesting question. Before I write this, I would like to declare that due to the development needs of the company, I was in charge of expanding the team as a coder some time ago, and regularly interviewed for various positions from project manager, product manager, architect, and general development engineer. NET, IOS, Android, front end and even UI and testing I have interviewed almost all technical positions in the product team, of course it is better now. In many cases, the interview will be directly conducted by the new person with higher ability, and then I will do the second round of interview. In one of the more interesting situations, the hired architect arranged an interview with me on the third day. He was surprised that he didn't trust the person who would ask him to interview for three days. Because personal experience, especially professional ability, is limited, there will certainly be a lot of lack of talent assessment, the following is the right to share personal experience. First of all, not all interviewers in the interview is to interview the position of the interviewer to go in, compare now recruit a product manager or recruit a technical manager more cattle, then I interview him is certainly not to recruit him to do the interviewer. But as they continue to hire, they are more likely to turn into interviewers interviewing new candidates. So, how does the interviewer feel about number one being the interviewer? My understanding is that the more advanced people are the potential interviewers. If I had to tell you how I felt, I couldn't. However, if there is a relatively high ability of the potential to help me in professional aspects of the interview recruitment talent. In addition to the professional things, I always look at other people's evaluation ability. I'll ask him, for example, what kind of person he thinks I am, in all aspects, through a brief conversation. If he were an interviewer, would he consider me to join his team? Why? For the second one, although he has been an interviewer, he has never been interviewed by an interviewer again. But I've interviewed a lot of people who should be interviewers, and they tend to be a little more comfortable than the average person, and they tend to answer questions a little more carefully and a little more standardized. Of course, there are some gaps, because many of the candidates are actually former managers, and they are more than five fingers older.

Characteristics of structured interview: Characteristics of structured interview, that is to say, it is standardized, where is the standard, where is the standard? In what ways? The first is the normalization of his topic. This topic generally has the following four characteristics. Structural interview features one: evaluation elements of standardization, standardization (a), according to the position you apply for, from the position inside the extraction of this requirement, teacher recruitment is generally 5~7 evaluation elements. (two), the test elements are, a question will generally correspond to 1~2 elements, in fact, as long as you answer to the above point, basically there is no problem. (3), evaluation elements are, the same position of the applicant will use the same group of questions. It's easy to understand, it's Chinese, but you can't do math. There is also a small skill, that is the day of the interview of the true topic, the general odds will be very high again. (4), evaluation elements are, there is a unified scoring standard. What this means is that the examiner has a standard in his hand, and if you meet it, he will mark it in that column.


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