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Interview with Seth Miller, President of Aegis Realty

Seth Miller from Aegis Realty shares his story on what it means to be a successful real estate executive in this information-packed interview

By Chad RobinsPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Interview with Seth Miller, President of Aegis Realty
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Seth Miller is the president of Aegis Realty, with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate business. Below, Seth shares his story on what it means to be a successful real estate executive in this information-packed interview:

What excited you about the opportunity to lead Aegis Realty?

Seth Miller: With the foundational legacy at Aegis Realty, I saw the opportunity to help brokers and agents grow their businesses and be the first choice for consumers and real estate professionals. As a matter of fact, we have ambitious plans for the future of this company, including doubling transactions in five years and becoming the most sought-after brand in real estate.

Real estate agents continue to play a crucial role in any transaction, and I believe that this brand can reach these goals. Despite the introduction of technology, more people are using agents today than ever before. As we bring clarity to an industry where real estate agents and brokers are still trying to figure out the next evolution, we will address the dilemma of how to improve the overall real estate experience.

To improve the overall experience of buying and selling real estate, we use technology to fill the gaps between brokers, agents, and consumers.

What have been the keys to Aegis Realty’s industry leadership and how do you describe the Aegis Realty difference?

Seth Miller: Our market expertise, neighborhood fluency, and agents' ability to form strong relationships with their clients really set Aegis Realty apart. With our unwavering commitment to integrity and innovation, we've built our entire business model around prioritizing relationships over transactions.

What aspects or challenges is the company focusing on right now?

Seth Miller: At Aegis Realty, we specialize in management systems, team building, and technology implementation to position ourselves as a transversal service agency, regardless of the local market. Management is heading towards globalization of the sector, which means there will be an increasing need for knowledge of international markets rather than more local knowledge.

How important is technology today in the activity of Aegis Realty? What are the future challenges in this regard?

Seth Miller: The technology itself is good, but without a solvent team of professionals capable of maximizing its usefulness, we believe that it would be meaningless. Technology has to be a complement, not a priority. That is why we also place special focus on training and innovation.

What innovations will we see soon in the real estate sector?

Seth Miller: The real estate industry is characterized by slow change processes, difficult integration of technology, and traditional management. It is expected that industrialization will be incorporated into the construction of houses, where the final price will decrease due to cheaper materials.

By providing better services to both companies and individuals, digitization and data management will be more efficient and personnel requirements will be minimized.

What role will technology play going forward?

Seth Miller: Customers are eager to search for homes online, but once they step away from their screens, they enter a still-developing home buying experience. Comparing industry-related tools for agents and brokerages to consumer technology, it's clear that the industry hasn't moved fast enough. As a result, we will accelerate the pace at which we innovate to differentiate ourselves from the competition. From offer to closing, we strive to get the Aegis Realty Agent and their client to the closing process efficiently and enhance their participation.

How challenging is it to cut through the noise in this space and show what makes a brand unique?

Seth Miller: In the world of real estate, Aegis Realty is one of the most recognized consumer brands. In addition to serving buyers and sellers, we are also driving B2B activity with real estate brokers and agents. It is important to strike a balance between both audiences.

The Aegis Realty brand is still loved by consumers; they know and trust us and know it includes everything real estate. With my decade of experience and learnings from my most recent leadership roles, I intend to further shape Aegis Realty as a gold star brand that consistently innovates and hustles to exceed clients' expectations.

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