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Interview With American Doom Metal Band Wolvserpent

by Rui Alves 9 months ago in Musicians
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Introducing the doomers Wolvserpent from Boise, Idaho

Source: Wolvserpent on Facebook

Wolvserpent is an American drone metal band from Boise, Idaho, formed in 2009. The metal act consists of Brittany McConnell (drums, violin) and Blake Green (guitars, vocals).

They have released the groundbreaking full-length studio album Blood Seed (2010) and the sophomore Perigaea Antahkarana (2013). Since then, the duo delivered the EP Aporia: Kala: Ananta (2016).

By Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash

Personally, I find your music at the same time arcanely soothing and defying. Everything about your aesthetics has a symbolic, conceptual, and metempsychotic tone or appeal. What is the ultimate goal for your music?

Blake Green: We aim to open channels of creativity and flow of expression through the medium of music. This channel can be a tool for both us and the listener to connect to an internal field of being as well as an external landscape of meaning. This awareness of that which lies within and without creates the grounds for a deep level of healing, processing, and transmutation of daily life into awakened awareness.

All the artwork around Wolvserpent has a deep mystic/symbolic meaning. Would you please enlighten us about some of its features?

Blake Green: We draw on many influences for the artwork. Prominent in most pieces are elements of nature, the symbology of ancestral cultures, beauty, introspection, cosmology, and intensity.

‘Perigaea Antahkarana’ is a mammoth-length album, but we listen to it with a “crescendo” of emotions on every single track. I conceive it has a spiritual journey from a holistic perspective because the path departs from nature itself (the four elements/for each song) and aspires to the world beyond! But would you please share with us your concept for the album?

Blake Green: That’s great to hear about your experience with the album. We did draw on the elements to anchor the concepts into an orientation of spiritual ecology. That said, we also aim to open the music so that the concepts conjured will vary depending on each listeners’ life experiences. Our intention is to create an otherworldly space that can complement meditation, introspection, dreams, and philosophy. We intend for that listening journey to spark an internal vital awareness.

Talking about journeys, if you could go back in time, what moment would you choose. Moreover, If you could incarnate someone else, who would it be and why?

Blake Green: Since we don’t view things in this way, we are unable to provide an answer. The most important time is now. humanity is at a tipping point.

What can you tell us about your last Spring/Summer, namely, playing Crucialfest with Red Fang, Call of The Void… What memories do you treasure from that run?

Blake Green: Crucial Fest was great and very well put on. We played with Subrosa who are so good and killing it with their new material.

We also played Gilead Fest this last summer. That was quite amazing. Adam did a great job curating. He brought out artists such as Ash Borer, Hell, Uzala, False, Loss, The Body, Mutilation Rites, and others. It was so great to see so many friends all together as well as to meet new folks sharing in the music.

I enjoy closing my interviews with a special question. Can you ask yourself a question that no one has ever asked you, and I ask if you could please answer it?

Any closing words for your fans?

Blake Green: They say we «look like the living dead. They say we can’t have much in our heads. They say or songs are much too slow. But they don’t know the things we know.

Sano ad infinitum


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