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Interview w/ a wrongfully imprisoned war Hero

Or, "Chopping it up w/ a certified BAMF"

By Nefarious DarriusPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
Pic via Facebook's "Free SSG Calvin Gibbs" page.

24JAN2023; 1852, TUE– Maryland, USA

Peace, blessings, and Love to any and all; except corrupt politicians, as well as chomos. Housekeeping out the way, the following is a slightly edited version of a short question/answer sesh with a dear friend/Brother who deserves his Freedom.

We were stationed at the same base, at the same time; and I was supposed to be in his unit. I could've easily been caught up in the incredulous scandal that sees him behind bars to this very day.

For reference, I got out just over 11 years ago. We deployed roughly two and a half years prior to my transition from The Service.

Full disclosure: I never met Sarge; tho, I can't wait to do so. I've written about him previously in the "community", or category, called "Serve".

I came up with the questions while posted up in Northern Virginia; waiting on a very important meeting to begin. I'll be including the questions, his answers, and this intro.

All proceeds from this post go to either U.S. Army SSG (Staff Sergeant [E-6]) Calvin "Cal" Gibbs; his legal fund; and/or his immediate Fam. Please continue to be somewhat open minded at least while learning more about him and his story.

33T (trillion [33,000,000,000,000]) thanks in advance. In the meantime between time, there's "meat and potatoes to be devoured.

Without further ado; and here's to you, the reader:

*** Begin transcription ***

1.) Q: What keeps you going? The primary key to your resolve?

A: What keeps me going is the fact I don't have a choice. If I could just quit and go home, I would.

But I'm healthy, and got a lot of years left; so I don't have any choice but to keep on keep'n on. I just hope some of those years will be spent outside of this place before it's over.

2.) Q: What's something that you must accomplish/achieve/act upon after finally becoming Free again?

A: I have a patent idea that I believe will make life better for everyone. Not some gizmo that could make a bunch of money as a fad; but a real life changer.

I just need to be free to do it. So I would make that a success and help out.

3.) Q: Who'll be invited to the first major meal once your Free again?

A: Man, everyone's invited! Good food; good friend; good time! We might need to go to a buffet though.

4.) Q: What'll be on the menu for the very first chow down; and/or at the major one?

A: First chow down... I really don't know. I think the whole thing would be so overwhelming that I don't think it will matter.

I'm more worried about not getting sick when I get to eat human food again. Its like coming back from deployment.

You think you want a fast food burger until it hits your system. My first major one though?

I want a nice prime rib steak, with mushrooms; and a beer. That was actually my last human meal; 13 years ago.

5.) Q: What're you going to never say again as a result of your (wrongful) imprisonment?

A: "They're just inmates. Screw them."

I used to be pretty cold about convicted people. But now I realize that shouldn't always be the case.

There are people wrongfully convicted; as well as people who just made a mistake. And there's people who can be saved if someone would just care enough to help.

Corrections is complex; and shouldn't be a one size fits all solution.

6.) Q: How bout what you'll never do once more?

A: I'll never look for trouble. I don't want any drama.

I just want to be alone in the woods; and mind my own business. Being young and tough doesn't appeal to me anymore.

7.) Q: What's your opinion on UCMJ (the Uniform Code of Military Justice)?

A: People should be aware of what the uniform code of military justice has evolved into. People Love the military so much, that they never suspect that something could be destroying the military from the inside.

The UCMJ was created out of necessity in order to try soldiers while at war when no civilian trial was possible. These trials were to "maintain good order and discipline"; and were necessary to keep a fighting force following orders.

Then, during peace time, the military needed to be able to prosecute things that were exclusively military; like disrespecting an officer for example. But somewhere along the line, the military was granted the power to go after service men while not at war; for things unrelated to the military.

Like if a soldier is not on duty, and goes to a city in civilian clothes; and gets in trouble. What does that have to do with the military?

But sure enough your getting court martial-ed; even if the city police say there isn't enough evidence to prosecute. Or, that they believe you're innocent.

If it happened in a civilian jurisdiction, why is the military involved? Its over reach.

And when you factor in that 99% of military trials result in conviction; you gotta wonder why we allow our service men to be targeted by these lawyers wearing uniforms. Why don't our troops get the same legal protection as the civilians they fight to protect?

8.) Q: Lastly, what do you need the world to know about yourself and/or your innocence?

A: The military made me into a scape goat; to keep then Afghan president Kazi happy. I never had a real trial; and the culprits of what really happened all got slaps on the wrist.

Or, walked away scot-free. Not one person who testified against me did so without benefiting from it.

And witnesses in my defense were intimidated or threatened into silence; or just prevented from testifying all together. I was a get out of jail free card to criminals, and a convenient scape goat for the government.

*** End transcription ***

Edit: BAMF stands for BadAss MoFo. Also, my fellow Grunt would rather stay in the military prison than admit to something he's innocent of just to get some vague semblance of Liberty.

Thanks again for the time, energy, and effort in the cause. Peace for now; & one Love forever.



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  • Antoinette L Breyabout a year ago

    really informative interview

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