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Interview of me while in Iraq 12yrs ago, Vol. 2

Again: Republished w/ permission by an old, anonymous friend

By Nefarious DarriusPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read
P/c (Pic credit): The incredibly inspirational Christine Johnson. Formerly of Washington, "Don't Come" DC; now residing in Miami, Fl (aka The Sunshine State). Circa era Autumn of '09; during 2wk R&R from my 12mo deployment to Baqubah, in the Diyala Province of Iraq.

24FEB2022; 1313, THU

Continuation of the trilogy. Heads up: This one is liable to make you feel at least a little like Alice (in Wonderland), and/or Neo (in The Matrix); if I may so toot my own horn a mere smidge.

That's, of course, presuming it gets approved by the best mods of all time. *Smile*!

Seriously tho, there's very minimal editing again; out of respect for my "Big Homie" that green lighted this "operation". Now, for the sake of sounding ignorant: Let's go'n' and cannonball "another again"; as John Legend would say ('06).

The second installment of my version of, "Interview With a U.S. Soldier" by Anonymous. Voila:

Originally published 16MAY2010; SUN

*** Continuing transmission ***

Original publishing note:

Over the past few weeks, I have been in contact with a current member of the U.S. Army. I asked him if he would be willing to answer some questions for my blog; about himself and his involvement with the United States military. This is how it went:

Why did you enlist? Why did you choose to fight overseas?

I enlisted because my options were extremely limited, and it seemed ideal at the time. I knew that I would be sent overseas upon enlisting and I was glad about it.

Upon learning more about what was really going on, I wanted to avoid going to Iraq, and hit Afghanistan instead. I believed that war was more justified.

Later on, while in Iraq, I realized that no aspect of the "War on terror" is justified. Not even remotely.

How long were you in the military before you were sent overseas?

I was in the military for almost two years before I went overseas. We did a lot of training and stuck together a bit.

After hearing so many stories about Americans being killed overseas, Muslims seemed less and less human. Thinking back on it, the racism almost seems systemic.

We were trained to disregard the Iraqis' Civil Rights. In a sense, we were their masters.

It seems logical, given that we had the bigger guns. Tho, the morality of the matter...

Where did you first serve; and for how long?

I did 14 weeks of Basic Training (aka Boot Camp) in Fort Benning, Georgia. Then, I was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington; where I did most of my training for the previous two years.

I am currently in the city of Baqubah, in Iraq's Diyala Province. Our tour was for a year, and we have less than 90 days left.

Has anything occurred that may have altered any of your beliefs? If so, what has changed; and what caused the alteration?

My beliefs changed profoundly after I started reading approx a year into my service. Initially, I mainly focused on Black History, war, and philosophy; in regards to the books that I looked for.

I became utterly disgusted with the US government as result of what I learned. I found it was even more odious that I did not learn hardly any of this information in school.

Funny enough, I first arrived in Kuwait; which is a mandatory stop for all soldiers on the way to Iraq. Getting acclimated there prior, I happened to watch the renowned Loose Change documentary.

To put it lightly, it blew my head away. I started digging deeper to see if the information was valid or just nonsense.

What I found was surreal. That being to say the least, of course.

What would you say about the military training and information given in accordance to the "Global War on Terror"? Was it accurate?

The training and information that we received was fairly decent. We were prepared to defend ourselves while doing what we thought was right.

We had no idea who owned the Halliburton subsidiary KBR (re: Dick Cheney's blatant conflict of interest). Nor did we know if/when the war would actually be won.

We were told very little about the culture of the people; right up until it was time to deploy. At which point, we were informed on some basic do's and don't's.

We were never told why the people are really attacking us; or that they might just want their country back. They never asked us to come get rid of Saddam, even tho it is my understanding that we put him in power.

What were some events, people, books, or videos that may have opened your eyes; so to speak?

IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) is one organization that I would credit. Can't forget the various people that I have talked to on the internet; who suggested topics for me to look into.

Also, I would credit Alex Jones and Ron Paul to an extent. Two books that really changed my life: "Roots" and "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"; both by Alex Haley.

As far as videos, I would strongly recommend the latest version of the docufilm Loose Change; to everyone. Especially those with friends and/or Fam in this war.

There is a myriad of articles that have left me stunned. One that I contend everyone should read is called "False Pretenses". It is about Bush's 935 lies in regards to Iraq.

[Edit: That article has apparently been purged from the internet. Naturally, I don't remember the author of that piece either, at the time of this republishing by interviewee; in 2022.

Sincerest apologies, folks. I will atone.]

Is there anything else you want to add in regards to:

1.) Education

To say that the current public education system is a debacle would be a detrimental understatement. Students learn how to obey orders.

Critical Thinking is overrated. Independent thought is shunned.

There is so much History left out of school nowadays. The average student has no idea what the Gulf of Tonkin incident is.

They don't know that both Kennedy and MLK were killed as a result of conspiracies. Nor are they aware that MLK was murdered for his anti-war rhetoric; rather than his demands of Civil Rights.

We aren't taught what the Bill of Rights truly are; that we funded the Taliban at one point; etc. It is simply odious.

Also, children learn absolutely nothing about Black History in regards to before Africans were forced to come to America. It is asinine, in my humble opinion.

2.) Government

The government is completely out of control and has practically no restrictions. The Constitution is essentially null and void.

If people knew what the Declaration of Independence actually says. Were they to realize the Truth about who controls the economy (Federal Reserve Bank [aka The Fed]), the government would likely be overthrown immediately.

To quote the highly commendable Congressman Ron Paul, M.D.: "The role of government is to defend our Civil Liberties. If we have those intact, the rest will fall into place."

Right now, it would be virtually impossible to think of any aspect of life that the government does not reach into. The federal government is entirely too big.

The foundations of America have been all but forgotten. It's literally mind-boggling.

People are afraid of the government; which is completely opposite of how the country should be operating. The government is supposed to be afraid of its people; always.

3.) Mainstream Media

*** Transmission to be continued ***

Edit: I somehow managed to omit this matter in Vol. 1 AND the intro of this volume too. So, with the utmost sincerity: 42T (trillion [42,000,000,000,000]) thx to my mans (sic) who authorized me to "tax" this interview from their blog.

They didn't have to interview me, at all. Neither were they obligated to permit my republishing of it.

That's Love. All day; everyday.

I pray that I get to "actually factually" and "truly duly" repay your amiableness; ASAP, early (sic). Either which way: Stay up, Famo.


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