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In Conversation with Abstract Artist Anthony Zappin

Interview with Huntington-based Abstract Artist, Anthony Zappin: His Vision and Experience

By Anthony ZappinPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Anthony Zappin is one of the artists from the Huntington, West Virginia community that continues to make waves with his abstract artwork. We recently had a conversation with him where we spoke about his career as an artist, his vision and experience.

“My interest in art goes back as far as I can remember,” Anthony Zappin tells us. “Art was an integral part of my education throughout school and at university.

When asked about the inspiration behind his abstract work and how he feels creative, Anthony smiles and tells us: “I find inspiration in everything! It may be music, art, literature, theatre, big blue skies, ocean waves, rock cliffs, or tall trees. The mythology of ancient cultures fascinates me. Poetry moves me, and insects fascinate me. In addition to reading constantly, I enjoy travelling to learn about new cultures and environments."

During our discussion of his work and the thought process behind it, Anthony tells us, “When I begin painting, things tend to become chaotic and uncontrollable, but as I proceed, I become so focused on the present that things rapidly settle into a calmness that I can see in the finished work.” Being original is paramount to Anthony Zappin: “I believe that my process ensures the originality of my work. I am not capable of copying other people's paintings since I work strictly by intuition. In a few pieces, my hand print is visible through the layers of paint. It can't get more personal than that! As an artist, Anthony Zappin credits this authenticity with his greatest accomplishment. In a world saturated with visuals, finding your own authentic voice can be difficult. I could have copied a style I like, but I don't see the point. If I'm going to do this at all, I've got to do it my way.”

Through his paintings, Anthony Zappin attempts to convey a state of calmness and clarity to the viewer and society. “I want people to take their time and examine things more carefully,” he says. In my work, I use many layers of marks, colors, and textures that may not be obvious at first glance. The hidden story can be seen if you slow down and pay attention. The best way to appreciate everything you have to offer is to take your time and pay attention to it. It's like this in every aspect of life, especially in big cities. When you're not paying attention, so many things will go unnoticed. We're conditioned not to pay attention."

Regarding the impact rejection has had on him and his work, Anthony Zappin tells us: “Overall, I think it has allowed me to become more authentic in my work. The reason I continued doing this thing that took so much time and effort for so little reward had to be determined. Once I figured that part out, I was able to set aside everyone else’s opinion and just do it for the joy of creating.”

According to Anthony Zappin, having friends who are also artists can be crucial to helping us overcome doubts and setbacks during our careers. "I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for artists to have artist friends. All of us go through the same struggles, so we need to support one another when we stumble.” He also emphasizes that although he has experienced rejection of his work at times, those times are no comparison to the success he has achieved, and how his work continues to inspire people. “Almost every time I feel like giving up, I meet someone who says I've inspired them, or I receive an email from someone telling me how much they love what I do. In the end, I think we're all in this to create connections. Evoking emotions into someone you have never meet before is the best thing ever!"


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Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin is an abstract painter. At the heart of Anthony Zappin's artistic journey lies a profound purpose - to ignite wonder and intrigue through his mesmerizing abstract creations.

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