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How One 8 Media is helping businesses see exponential growth utilizing video marketing in 2022

One 8 Media is a digital marketing and content creation service that has competency in providing its clients with the best output and yield.

By Dawn WellsPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

One 8 Media is a digital marketing and content creation service that has competency in providing its clients with the best output and yield. One 8 media has bagged many top-notch brands and helped them grab more public attention and sales. We have been serving a large number of clients from diverse outlooks and pursuits. We major in digital marketing, premier content creation, and advertising that can spike up your sales within the first 60 days of working with us.

After its successful mark with professional brands and similar pursuits, One 8 is also extending its expertise towards small businesses and entrepreneurs that are small, medium, and micro-enterprises. A small business needs that kind of public attention and traffic that can be provided through our deluxe service packages, digital marketing, video marketing, and content creation for these SMMEs. Through our lens and set of skills, the businesses can captivate the eye and grab recognition by the masses. Video marketing has emerged as the most important aspect of digital marketing, a crucial tool of advertising. People are attracted to videos and graphics; innovative digital tactics which One 8 media services have consistently delivered. High ticket sales have been evident after collaboration with One 8. One 8 has been robust in the provision of higher sales and increased marketing through our content and video creations. One 8 media has helped businesses to manifest greater opportunities for sales and buyers. It has played its part triumphantly in 2022 to exponentially elevate the progress and growth of businesses, who choose to be represented through the encapsulating mastery of One 8 media. A successful business owes its prosperity much to its advertising and marketing. One 8 Media does not leave any stone unturned in providing its clients with the most innovative and productive digital marketing.

Social media management like Facebook advertising is another expertise of One 8 media that has helped our clients reach a large audience and help them grow exponentially. The clients have witnessed obvious spike sales, high ticket sales, and audience increases. Hence, One 8 has positively put its services and skills to bring forward the best of small businesses and SMME in every way possible. As digital marketing has become an essential and fundamental part of advertising, One 8 media has assisted many businesses to step up their game through video and digital marketing in 2022. Advertising and digital marketing are innovating with every passing day, but you don't have to worry because you have the experts at one 8 who will bring the best work to you, inclusive of the passion that personalises your business and makes it distinct from other businesses. One 8 Media anticipated to improve the pace and quality growth of the businesses affiliated with it in 2022 and made it happen. You work on a business, and we will work to flourish it!

1.) Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

I originally come from a background specialising in producing cinematography for musicians and creatives alike and did that for several years. Since then I have decided i wanted to put my knowledge of video marketing to use for helping startups businesses and entrepreneurial individuals needing to be captured in in the right light.

2.) Why did you create One 8 Media?

Helping people has always been what brings me the most joy and satisfaction. I created one 8 Media to be able to be a small part of the success of anyone we work with as seeing our clients flourish is the ultimate aim.

3.) Why should entrepreneurs and businesses look at One 8 Media as an option?

Most of your typical agencies simply make promises of offering R.O.I through complicated Paid ads strategies that are constantly changing due to the constant shifts of algorithms and systems on social platforms. As the attention span of the average person is only a few seconds gone are the days where you could use a simple still picture with a boring copy. people are constantly looking to be captivated and that's why this year we are focusing on video marketing merged with social media management to make sure our clients stand out way above any competitors.

4.) Where do you see the future of online marketing going?

I see it being all video traffic. i believe if you are not thinking in terms of video in 2022 you will fall behind very fast. 82% of all traffic this year will come from video so captivating funny or meaningful video is where it will be.

5.) As a founder, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to entrepreneurs who may be struggling to get something off the ground?

As cliche as it may sound the key is to keep going, the more you strive to attain a certain goal the more realizations will pop up along the journey. Maybe there is a new system you need to implement to make things go smoother or there's something you need to strip back from your whole business model. The point is the moment you stop you don't allow the necessary realisations to take place that may lead to your break through.

6.) How can people find you and One 8 Media? for inquiries and follow us on Instagram we are always giving away free advice and value to the point where you may discover your next step without even having a consultation haha.


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