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Highest Paying jobs in finance

Paying jobs in finance

By Ahmed Y ShaikhPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Highest Paying Finance Jobs in the UK

Finance is one of the highest-paying sectors in the UK economy, and the industry draws

many job seekers for precisely that reason. Finance Directors, for example, are paid an

average of £99,410 per year, according to Glassdoor's anonymously submitted salary data.

While professions in Finance often require long hours and grueling days at the office during

the outset, those who stick with it are rewarded with high pay and typically shorter hours as

they move up the ranks. If you’re looking for a high-paying career, browse the list we’ve

collated with the highest paying jobs in Finance.

Here are the best paying jobs in finance:

Chief Financial Officer

Quantitative Analyst

Equity Research Analyst

Portfolio Manager


Tax Manager

Which Type of Finance Job is Right For You?

It turns out that finance isn't just for people who were math whizzes at university. Many

people working in the financial industry have backgrounds in liberal arts and humanities.

Careers in the finance industry require various degrees of quantitative knowledge and

experience — some people in the industry will have a Ph.D. in data science, while others

may rise to equally high pay grades through their ability to connect with clients, identify

trends, and put in long hours.

Before you begin a career in the finance industry, it's important to know what your ultimate

career goals are in the field, and whether you will need any additional education or

certifications to reach those goals down the line.

Which Finance Jobs Pay The Most Money?

1. Chief Financial Officer

Glassdoor salary range: £72,000 - £215,000

Chief Financial Officers are typically responsible for directing the organisation's financial

operations. As top-level company executives, their duties include developing and executing

annual budget and spending plans. They also ensure that the company’s financial activities

comply with relevant standards and regulations. This role often requires a professional and

academic background in accounting, banking, or financial management.

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2. Quantitative Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £41,000 - £131,000

Quantitative Analysts find profitable investment options while also minimising risk. They

utilise quantitative methods to aid with the business and financial decisions of investment

banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and private equity firms. This typically requires

mathematical fluency and a field-relevant master’s degree or a Ph.D. depending on the

position’s seniority level.

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3. Equity Research Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £42,000 - £118,000

Equity Research Analysts use their in-depth knowledge of the financial market to help firms

in the securities industry make informed decisions about selling, purchasing, and possessing

a certain investment. This is accomplished through the development of research reports,

projections, and recommendations concerning companies and stocks.

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4. Portfolio Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £32,000 - £120,000

Portfolio Managers use their strong understanding of financial investment strategies and risk

management techniques to create diversified investments solutions for their clients. Their

goal is to help generate profit through strategic and tactical asset allocation. Becoming a

Portfolio Manager typically requires a bachelor's degree relevant to finance.

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5. Actuary

Glassdoor salary range: £41,000 - £112,000

Actuaries are typically employed by insurance companies to analyse the economic costs of

risk and uncertainty. They also help businesses formulate policies that minimise the cost of

that risk. In order to become fully credentialed, aspiring Actuaries need to pass a challenging

series of actuarial exams.

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6. Tax Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £43,000 - £78,000

Tax Managers are in charge of preparing and filing state and federal tax documents. They

also establish frameworks for tax compliance and coordinate with external advisors and

various tax revenue authorities. This is a position that generally requires extensive

experience with accounting and taxes and a relevant bachelor's degree.

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