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Gift prince Liu Taijun's entrepreneurship story

Gift prince Liu Taijun's entrepreneurship story

By Winfred ParkerPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

A young man after 80 years, in entrepreneurship of just eight months, can show the sharp corners in the plastic gift industry, he has the indomitable fighting spirit of the entrepreneur......

Entrepreneurship is so tired, entrepreneurship is so bitter, as above, a sea of fire, for what?

Gift prince Liu Taijun entrepreneurship, to cultivate his newborn son, in the factory on the thousands of yuan wages, it is difficult to achieve great father love, for the happiness of his son, he chose to let go of a bo, took the family savings of poor ten thousand yuan resolutely began the journey of entrepreneurship.

Liu Taijun, the prince of gifts, in the plastic gift industry struggle for more than 10 years, has a wealth of production technology experience and contacts, this is the invaluable treasure of entrepreneurship.

May 1, 2007, in everything, only owe DONGFENG, his tree Baiye plastic gifts Co., LTD.

Starting a business is hard, and getting started is even harder. During the day, too Jun rely on a bottle of mineral water, and two steamed stuffed bun to run the business; In the evening, actively study the advantages of different enterprises in the same industry, actively explore network marketing, e-commerce promotion of the company's products, of course, kung fu is not willing to pay, there is a gain, slowly inquiries will increase.

Business is about "honesty", a gift prince Liu Taijun, promised customers must do. Do quality, on time, quantity, quality, according to the customer's materials, do not cut corners; On time, according to the customer stipulated time delivery, in case of special circumstances can not be shipped the first day in the afternoon, the next morning will be before they did not go to work to deliver the goods to their company; According to the quantity specified by the customer, and often five percent more in case of emergency...

Business is "special", gifts prince Liu Taijun, although not an expert in the plastic gifts industry, but professional knowledge is at the back of his hand, for example, a gift company in Japan needs to purchase a key chain, hanging on the neck of the kindergarten children, to Jun was the first reaction was to tell her: Children want gift must be environmental protection material, environmental protection material and processing costs will increase, the cost of domestic at present there are many types of environmental protection material, the quality is not the same as the unit price is different also, such as the guest a listen to immediately to the Japanese corporation to details, after I receive my details, so the detailed analyzes the materials used in their original deficiency, She also made suggestions based on her experience in the industry. She also clearly told her how much higher her quotation was compared with that of her peers and explained why it was higher the specific reasons, and so on. You will be satisfied with such professional service...

The road of life, by their step by step, step out; Gift prince Liu Taijun relies on his little bit of sweat convergence into the road of entrepreneurship.

The products of Prince Liu Taijun company not only sell well but are also exported all over the world; From a pair of shoes to going into business to now opening the "big rush" run the world; In 2007, the net profit of the company reached 500,000 yuan, which is only the first bucket of gold of his entrepreneurship, higher and further planning.

"Nothing I haven't thought of, nothing I can't do!" This is the gift of prince Liu Taijun's motto; The road to entrepreneurship is there, right under your feet, today's actions will determine tomorrow's future! I believe that in the future days, the Pacific Army's entrepreneurial road more bright!


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