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Eurovision 2022 scandal. TVR presenter’s moment of consternation when she was refused live to announce the Romanian jury’s votes: “Whaaat?”

by gabriel about a month ago in Musicians
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The recording of Romanian TV’s “Bucharest is......

The recording of Romanian TV’s “Bucharest is calling” moment when the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) declined to broadcast live the Romanian jury score for Eurovision 2022 was released on Instagram by TVR presenter Eda Marcus. On the Eurovision 2022 stage, the organizers reported that the Romanian link could not be established, and TVR suspected the vote of being tampered with.

“This is a live recording made after she was denied entry into the main Eurovision broadcast for technical reasons.

This is due to the fact that the technical reasons for doing so did not exist and were only a pretext.

They’ve been bugging us for a long time because we don’t exist “, Eda Marcus has written.

When presenter Mika revealed that Romanian TV was experiencing technical difficulties, Eda Marcus remarked, “I don’t believe so.”

TVR had already agreed with the organisers that presenter Eda Marcus would not be permitted onto the official broadcast to announce the results, as per regulations.

Romanian Eurovision delegation director Iuliana Marciuc told Telejurnal on Sunday evening that the country does not know why the Romanian jury’s votes were modified and the 12 points Romania had given to Moldova were given to Ukraine.

“The producer brought up inconsistencies in the minutes that had been given to the EBU the day before.

With Eda Marcus set to go live and three rehearsals completed with the announcement of our points, the EBU maintained this mentality with us in the stadium.

Even throughout those rehearsals, the EBU offered no indication that anything was amiss with our vote, therefore we heard jointly from the Eurovision coordinator about the modification in the national selection jury’s findings,” Iuliana Marciuc told

Martin Osterdhal’s announcement that Ukraine had received the highest score from the Romanian jury

Mika, one of the presenters, remarked (see 3:27:58) when Eda Marcus was due to arrive on screen:

“The country after that was Romania. We were unable to establish the link, so we turned to Martin Osterdhal, executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Please hold the spot for Romania and give us the 12 points, Martin.”

Romanian jury is out of Eurovision 2022.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the contest’s organizer, explained in a statement on Saturday night that after the second dress rehearsal of the second Eurovision 2022 semi-final, certain incorrect voting patterns were identified in the results from six countries, which were then removed from the calculation of final scores.

The Eurovision 2022 organizer did not specify which nations were affected, but the ESCXTRA trade newspaper said that the jurors of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and San Marino had been dismissed.

TVR claims that the game’s organizers changed the rules during the contest.

On Sunday afternoon, Romanian representatives were “surprised” to learn that the outcome of Romania’s jury vote was not taken into account in the final ranking calculation, since the organizers allocated a separate set of points to the final candidates on behalf of our country’s jury.

The Romanian broadcaster claims that the Romanian jury opted to award the Moldovan delegates the highest possible score, and that neither the jury nor the TVR representatives were told of any suspicions about the Romanian vote, and that the rules were amended during the game.

According to TVR, the organizer of the competition, the Uniunea Europeana de Radio şi Televiziune (EBU), informed participants in a message sent out Saturday night, even while announcing the results of juries’ national voting for the Eurovision 2022 final (about 01.00 a.m.), that:

“As a result of analyzing voting dates from national juries by the EBU’s pan-European voting partner after the second of two general repeats of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2022 semifinals, certain unusual voting models (“irregular”) have been identified in the results of a few countries.”

Romania was neither specifically listed on the list of six nations in the message, nor did it receive, at the conclusion of the second semi-final, an official notification concerning the organizers’ suspicions about the jury’s vote in Romania, according to Romanian TV officials.

According to them, the person appointed by TVR to handle communication with the EBU for the national jury’s vote noticed a discrepancy between the scores submitted the day before, after the jury show, and the scores that the EBU announced it would enter in the ranking as being from the national jury during the event.

Romanian TV said it had asked the ESC organizers to officially provide it with the concrete reasons why the Romanian jury’s score had been replaced with a “substitute” calculated in an opaque manner, and that depending on the response, “TVR reserves the right to take measures to correct the situation created.”


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