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Credit Queen, Loren Leon, Knows How To Build Credit

Loren Leon, CEO of The Credit Assist

By Michelle Du'BoisPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

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Commencing her brand in 2017, Loren Leon, knew success was inevitable. The thirty-one year old business mogul roots originate from the Dominican Republic. Building her business from the ground up as an illegal immigrant she embodies the definition of a success story. has flourished by converting into a lucrative six-figure earning business.

Growing up she wasn’t fortunate enough to be educated on financial literacy on credit or consumer laws. Self education and seeking knowledge to move forward with her business she became her own client. Commencing her life in debt Lo wracked up a negative credit score 387. Subsequent to sending out letters and opening a line of credit with Capital One she began to grow her credit. Her credit elevated to 700 and continued to grow.

Unearthing the notion that she could build her empire on OPM she started her journey. She started working directly with banks to secure profits for clients. It took Lo eight months to land her clients the compensation, and credit to land their first home.

In 2020, Loren purchased her first retail property. As the monetary value of her business increased Loren started seeing the positive effect she had on her clients. Still working as a field technician she could barely maintain focus on her daytime job as the demand of her business became prominnate. As the only minority and female technician Lo felt discriminated against. She was shortly terminated subsequent to shining in her field. Loren, highlights that moment of her life as being a starting point. She deems being terminated as “the best thing that has ever happened to me”.

During the duration of the COVID pandemic, Loren, decided to utilize her credit knowledge as a business. In the initial six months of business she became a six figured business earning her first $250,000. In her inauguration year she put over 150 in their own homes. The income she made annually she started to make on a monthly contingency.

Currently, Loren successfully assembles LLC’s, corporations, and business credit for others seeking assistance. Accommodating aspiring business owners to create a passive stream of income utilizing business credit is her primary focus. Growing her credit and her businesses has allowed Loren to elevate from rags to riches. She currently owns fifteen Turo vehicles she leases as a business and eight AirBNB properties. As she prepares to purchase her ninth property Loren knows that all of the knowledge she has obtained in four years has permitted her to “live on her own terms”. The business mogul company’s mantra is ”It's not about having money, it's about the freedom that comes with it. If I lose everything today, I promise you next week I'll have it back. I don't have to work at a job where I hate people, where I have to listen to people complaining 24/7. I help others break that cycle.

What motivated you to become an Entrepreneur? I was an illegal immigrant , becoming a survivor forced me into entrepreneurship, it’s like you have to get it anyway you can.

How has the experience been ? I love it , money is just a piece of paper. I’m buying time, freedom is what I like. Living life on my own terms.

What feedback do you get from your widespread audience? Except for the trolls lol , everyone else thinks I’m funny yet motivational, a lot of people who have followed my advice have gotten something from the conversation.

Who and what has inspired you during the pandemic? The fact that prices were going down and everyone was home bored , I’m going to say the gas prices have inspired me , you see how low they were when there was no demand, then boom uppercut.

What are some other humanitarian efforts you have been involved in? I give back to the world through credit , every year we have a coat drive & turkey give away to give back to the community.

What are you looking forward to this year? Being at peace , being able to give back , it sounds corny but changing lives is my happy place .

What advice would you have for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur? It’s not for everyone but if you are going to do it, don’t listen to broken people or anyone who has not accomplished anything , they will be your biggest downfall.

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