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College Hill-Celebrity Edition TV Show Review

Reflections After Watching

By JG RabbitPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
College Hill-Celebrity Edition TV Show Review
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*This Article may include spoilers for College Hill-Celebrity Edition 2022

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College Hill Celbrity Edition 2022

College Hill is an American reality television series that follows the lives of students at historically black colleges. It originally aired on BET from 2004 to 2009. Entering into that same vein, BET announced College Hill: Celebrity Edition 2022. The cast included; NeNe Leakes, Ray J, Lamar Odom, Big Freedia, Stacey Dash, DreamDoll, India Love, and Slim Thug. This season the cast is sent to Texas State University, where they must complete a round of classes and pass to receive an honorary degree.

College Hill Celbrity Edition:2022

I must say that I was not expecting a lot from this show. I thought these people won't take this seriously. One or two will clash. At least I will get to see a good catfight or hear Nene give an iconic read to one of these people. I was pleasantly surprised and left feeling proud of everyone who participated. Although Ms. Dash was unable to complete the program due to health reasons, I still admire her willingness to try.

I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and enjoyed watching the students being open and honest when it came to their daily struggles with school and academics.

Everyone achieved academic success and received a degree. Big Slim Received Magna Cum Loudi. Big Freida was nominated, as Class Valedictorian. India Love Overcame her anxiety, and Dreamdoll showed us she is more than a sex kitten.


There is one student that I am leaving out. That student is Ray J. I am pretty sure a lot of you will watch this and think Ray J is all over the place, or maybe he needs to focus on his academics more than his personal life. I felt the same way. To me, it felt like Ray J had so much going on in his personal life that he was thrown off of his game.

Instead of getting frustrated with him, I realized that Ray J is like so many college students. The fact is only 41% of college students graduate and only 13% of those dropouts return.

Ray J also fit 4 out of 7 criteria for reasons college students drop out; He wasn't prepared academically. He was unhappy with college. He felt inadequate academically. He left his supportive environment for a discouraging one. He had a conflict with his work and family commitments.

The Stigma Of The Dropout Label

A college diploma is perceived as a primary goal post-high school. I believe students who does not graduate should not be seen as a failure and stigmatized with the dropout label. The world is filled with its own hardships. The dropout label is just another roadblock for these students. Why should society get to dump this stigma on these people?

Taking a break from college, or just not attending doesn’t mean they are giving up on a higher education, and even if it did, the traditional school routine isn’t for everyone. Their are very lucrative businessman/women in the world who did not obtain their degree and they are thriving. Education though useful, is not the end all be all to a successful life. That is for each individual to find out on their own.

The most important thing anyone can do for themselves is to love themselves enough to grow. Only through growth can we elevate our lives. We should always be hungry to learn new ways to better our lives mentally and physically. Education doesn't just happen in the classroom. It can happen anywhere, at any time. So be open to the possibility of learning something new today!

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