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California Rising Star Cteethomas

California Rising Star Cteethomas

By Jason James Published about a year ago 3 min read

Tell us about you:

My name is Cameron Thomas also known as rap artist "Cteethomas". Born in Pomona , Ca and raised in San Gabriel Valley. What sets me aside and makes me stand out from others is my willingness to help me in need of help. I tend to have a good ear when it comes to listening to what people have to say. My drive and dedication to do whatever it takes to succeed sets me apart from others, because unlike most I hardly ever give up. I tend to be a person who gets alot of attention from others in a good way . For example if I walk in a room all eyes are on me and people start walking up, people love my vibes and how I move.

Also me being a Independent rapper the 3 things that allow me to stand out appose to other rappers is me being able to be versatile with my music and me being from California. I don't sound like artist from the area. My music can range from trap music to pop music, to rock music. I also sing most rappers from California don't have that talent. My style of rap and how I carry myself brings great things to the music Industry. I've never heard a trap/rap artist play a guitar in a music video let alone make a rock song. I will be the 1st Rapper to do so. My music is for all age groups and ethnicities. My music touches the lives of many across the world and allows people to want to discover more of it . Music fans want to hear catchy music and all my songs tend to be catchy.

A few things I want to accomplish in life are things like completing school so I can work in a hospital like I've always wanted to as a medical assistant. I've always loved working with people and always wanted to take care of people far as taking there vital signs. Another big thing that I would like to accomplish besides completing school and working in a hospital is winning a few music awards from my music career. I would like to sale alot of records and accumulate millions of streams from my music. I want my music to be heard and felt all across the world. I would like to take care of my family and live happy. In the mist of tackling my big goals I want to accomplish my smaller goals like doing things I've never done before like going fishing, sky diving, and going hunting. I would like to accomplish all my dreams.

In 5 years from now I can see myself going on tour and performing city to city, state to state. When I'm away from music I can see myself working in a hospital. In 5 years I want to be living in my dream house and driving my dream car. Since I love acting so much in 5 years I can see myself in a big movie. I see myself looking back thanking myself I too the time to make the right decisions to get to were I wanted to be at. I see myself more happy and more mature. I want to be the best version of myself that I ever was.

When I decide to no longer pay any attention to music after a successful music career, the type of legacy I would like to leave behind me would be, having a clean name for myself and many amazing notable songs that everybody around the world likes. I want people to listen to my music forever. I want to be known for that rapper that inspired many people because of his talent and ability to be versatile. I want people to know that I appreciate them. I want my music to speak for people when they need to hear it the most through good times or bad times.


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Jason James is an American journalist Andrew writer from Miami, Florida that specializes in covering the entertainment industry.

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