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You feel yourself slowly becoming a monster.

becoming a monster.

By Kiritbhai chandubhai SodhaparmarPublished 6 months ago 5 min read


As each passing day slipped through the crevices of time, an unsettling sensation enveloped me, like an insidious presence seeping into the depths of my being. I could feel myself slowly becoming a monster—a transformation that unfolded with an inexorable force, tormenting my very essence. It started as a whisper, a faint murmur within the recesses of my mind, but soon grew into an inescapable truth that gnawed at my sanity.

I found solace in solitude, seeking refuge in the cavernous chambers of my thoughts. But as the darkness lingered, my soul grew heavier, burdened by the weight of an impending transformation. In the mirror's gaze, I caught glimpses of a changing visage, distorted and alien. My eyes, once gleaming with warmth and compassion, now harbored a glint of something sinister, a hint of the darkness clawing its way to the surface.

A tempest of emotions raged within me—fear, despair, and a desperate longing to resist this metamorphosis. I questioned my humanity, grappling with the creeping realization that I was losing myself, inch by excruciating inch. The tendrils of my existence coiled around my heart, tightening their grip, squeezing the remnants of my fragile humanity until only a shred remained.

The world around me seemed different, as if seen through a tainted lens. Colors muted, sounds distorted, and the beauty that once graced my days faded into a monochrome abyss. My senses became heightened, attuned to the baser instincts pulsating through my veins. The allure of the darkness beckoned, tempting me with its forbidden promises. It whispered secrets of power, dominance, and the liberation from the constraints of morality.

I retreated further from those I loved, fearing the monster I was becoming would inflict irreversible harm. The thin veneer of normalcy I wore cracked and fissured, revealing glimpses of the abomination lurking beneath. Nightmares plagued my sleep, twisted visions of malevolence and destruction. I would wake drenched in cold sweat, my heart racing with an unholy rhythm, mirroring the torment of my fractured soul.

But amidst the chaos, there remained a faint flicker of hope, a fragile ember of resistance. I clung to the memories of my former self, desperately seeking redemption within the fragments of my shattered identity. I sought answers in forgotten tomes, scouring ancient texts for a glimmer of understanding, but the knowledge proved elusive, slipping through my grasp like smoke in the wind.

Each passing day, the monster within grew stronger, its insidious influence permeating every fiber of my being. I witnessed my humanity slipping away, consumed by the abyss that now dwelled within. But even as the darkness lo.

In the face of this monstrous transformation, a battle waged within me—an eternal struggle between light and shadow. I yearned for salvation, for a chance to reclaim the fading remnants of my true self. I sought refuge in the forgotten corners of the world, where whispers of ancient rituals and arcane wisdom lingered.

I delved into the mysteries of the occult, desperate to find a cure or an answer to halt the monstrous tide consuming me. I sought out enigmatic figures and elusive hermits, willing to risk everything for a glimmer of hope. Through hidden corridors and forbidden chambers, I traversed the boundaries of the known, my determination eclipsing the fear that threatened to devour me whole.

There were moments of respite, fleeting interludes of clarity when the monster's grip loosened. During these respites, I embraced the light that remained, reaching out to loved ones with trembling hands, longing for their understanding and support. Their bewildered eyes mirrored my own internal struggle, but their unwavering love served as an anchor in the tempest of my turmoil.

Yet, the monster within was relentless. Its power grew with every passing day, insatiable in its thirst for dominance. It seduced me with its promises of liberation from the shackles of human frailty, whispering that I could rewrite the rules of existence, embracing a newfound strength born from darkness. The allure was undeniable, as the prospect of power coursed through my veins like a drug.

I stood at the precipice of a moral chasm, torn between the abyss and the flickering light of my dwindling humanity. The line between monster and man blurred, the boundary eroded by the ever-tightening grip of my transformation. I questioned whether I could resist the seductive call of the monster, whether I had the strength to turn away from the abyss that threatened to consume me entirely.

But even in the depths of despair, a seed of defiance blossomed within me. I refused to surrender to the monstrous fate that loomed overhead. With a newfound determination, I vowed to fight, to claw my way back from the precipice and reclaim my humanity, no matter the cost.

The journey would be arduous, fraught with sacrifices and painful self-discovery. I would face the darkest corners of my soul, confront the demons that resided within, and seek absolution for the sins I feared I had committed. It would require unwavering resilience and unyielding courage to resist the monster's grasp, to choose compassion over cruelty, and to find redemption in the midst of chaos.

As I embarked on this daunting path, I knew not what lay ahead. The monster within still tugged at my essence, its presence a constant reminder of the fragile balance between good and evil. But I refused to surrender to despair. I would fight the monstrous metamorphosis with every ounce of my being, fueled by the flickering hope that one day, I would reclaim my humanity and emerge from the abyss, forever changed but not wholly lost.


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