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by Uefa Calvin 4 months ago in fiction
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This story comes from a netizen

In 2015, I bought the first Dragon Ponian fox brand at a Buddhist shop in Xintiandi, Shanghai, a pink nine-tailed fox whose name I forget.

It was so beautiful. I didn't really feel it at that time. I just thought it was beautiful.

Because the first one was lost, I hired another one in 2017, azanming's Fox Fairy... I didn't feel anything during that time. I just thought I was cute and there was a slight change between my eyes and eyebrows.

My friends say I look more and more like my fox card.

From the beginning of 2018, I accidentally came into contact with some card dealers. I found that in addition to the original cards, there were evil cards and negative cards.

Slowly, I got to know more and more dealers, and Azan.

I'm starting to think about getting a negative card, feeling the power.

So, I began to be unable to extricate oneself of please one and another into the spirit of the card, and even have corpse oil and female ghost viscera

The method of offering is not only burning incense and fruits and flowers, some evil spirits evil spirits need me to offer food, wine and beer.

Strange to say, the wine offered loses its flavour after two or three days, but the wine usually placed on the table does not.

I guess there really is something living in my house...

My peach blossoms have been good for years, but I do have a lot of bad ones.

It wasn't until 2020 that I met my former schoolmate and we got together soon after.

Two people love each other very much, at that time I neglected to consecrate those Buddha cards, not so regularly consecrate, think of it just do it, but also worry about being seen by my boyfriend.

We have been in love for more than half a year, during which only the husband's parents have been obstructing us, thinking that I am an Internet celebrity and a blogger, and my job is not good.

However, I have to earn money by myself, while the man lies at home doing nothing and refuses to go out to look for a job for half a year.

I don't mind spending money if it's just a relationship, but six months later I got pregnant, which was also part of his plan.

The boy thought that if I had a child, his parents would not oppose it, but they did not. His parents still opposed it, but he insisted that I have it.

It was then that I began to dream of female ghosts every night. I dreamed that I was being dragged and pestered on a road full of ghosts.

It just occurred to me that someone had told me that if I was pregnant and had a child, I should give away all the Buddha cards, otherwise they would be jealous of the child in the womb, and they would not leave me alone.

I admit I started to panic a little bit, and I was fighting with my boyfriend.

I was so disturbed that I couldn't sleep well every day that I had to contact a Taoist master.

Shifu spoke to me in a long speech, and I was frightened by his accurate calculations

I listen to the master's advice, in the fastest time, some very Yin evil things back to the brand.

There was a large salted fish, and some ordinary cards were sent to Jing 'an Temple.

These were all the Buddha cards I had at that time, and the most evil was probably a jar of liver.

After sending away, the master still did a ritual for me, because he was worried that those things were not clean.

I also asked for a seal and a finger protector.

That night, I dreamed of the ghost street again, WHEN I want to walk, or that a few lying on the ground of the female ghost dragging my legs do not let me go.

Suddenly a man in a long coat appeared behind me, and with a long weapon he beat the female ghosts till they let go of me.

I hit him so many times that I felt like my head would break...

At that time, my little friend in the belly was still there.

However, due to many things, I could not get along with my partner any more. He started to fight with me and I decided to separate.

Finally, the child also miscarried naturally, I was very sad.

Shifu said, if I had not invited those Buddha cards, we would not have become like that, and we would not have lost our children in the end.

The master told me to be careful with gynecological diseases, is the influence of Buddha Yin spirit, asked me to speed away, I did the next examination in the hospital, as expected, the uterus appeared three tumors.

Shifu said, after you get rid of those things, your life will be safe.

Now that it's been a year and a half, things are finally calm again...

Some things remain untouched. Curiosity will kill the cat.


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