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The plaintive singing in the night, as if telling stories about the humiliation of people's hearts. It haunted Tai as well as people in the area for a long time afterwards...

By HK DecorPublished about a month ago 14 min read

Tu is the word of husband and wife

Secure the sword and be ordained to the throne

Going in and out of the beds, trusting him

Five dreamy soups

I'm desperate to trust you

Oh, my yellow liver hurts

Even though the road is far away, there are butterflies and butterflies

Please don't betray Tao Khang

The night is full of trust in you

The day is weary like a stone

Husband is hopeless in trusting him

How can you be cruel....


The blind old woman's voice rang out in the middle of the afternoon and sounded sad and sad. For the past few days, she has been singing this song every noon, the village is quiet, only her trembling singing voice evokes sadness in Tai's heart. It's not like the girl in the song is the only one suffering from the humiliation of love life. He took a strong drag of his cigarette, remembering Mai's face, remembering her emotionless look when he stretched out his hand to slap her in the face. Mai looked up at him, her eyes made his heart ache. He loved her so much, yet she betrayed him. Suddenly Tai was startled because someone tapped his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Mr. Sau, who had been standing next to him.

- Is it strange that you can't sleep?

- No, it's too hot. I'll come here to cool off.

Mr. Sau picked up the teapot and clicked his tongue:

- This old woman sings every afternoon and doesn't let anyone sleep.

- Is it like that every day?

- Yes, only when she's sick and can't sing, sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night to sing.

- She sings well, too, uncle.

- Yes, she used to sing the best in this country, but I can't stand hearing this every day... by the way, when are you planning to go to Lam's house?

- Aunt Sau said she would take me over this afternoon.

- Oh, come over early, I heard that a lot of people have come to his house to look at it. If you delay, there won't be any good things left.

- Why does he want to sell family heirlooms?

- It's gambling, he sold most of his belongings, now there's only a corpse left in the house. He shook his head. The son of a broken family, in the past his family was the richest in the province.

- Is that so, uncle?

- Yes, Mr. Quyen, everyone knows, the land is vast, but now... the evil people are so virtuous.

- Are you evil? Tai is curious.

- Let me tell you slowly, it's afternoon, let me ask her to take you to Lam's house. Grandma....! Mr. Sau shouted loudly.

The sun slanted straight through the rafters. The old house was old because it hadn't been repaired for a long time. Tai squinted his eyes to look at the candlesticks. He shook his head, nothing special. Looking around the now empty house, he was disappointed. As an experienced antique collector, he saw nothing of value left here. Looking up at the altar, he stopped at the face of the deceased, the owner of a once-famous house, with a beard and a fierce look that contrasted sharply with his wife's oval face and gentle smile. . After a while, he went out into the yard and was about to call Mrs. Sau back, but he couldn't see her. He had to wait until Lam, the homeowner, came out.

- Take that pair of candlesticks, I'll sell them cheap.

- Well, don't you have anything else?

Lam scratched his head and sat down.

- To be honest, that's all I have now, it's all sold out, if you come early. Or you can just take it back and pay me whatever you want

Tai shook his head, bent down to tie his shoe laces, suddenly he frowned, his nostrils flared, he looked over, his sharp, professional eyes shining. Tai sat down and caressed each carved line, then he looked up at Lam.

- This bed is yours, why is it here?

- Ah, Lam lazily replied, this old bed is about to break, so I brought it here to sit on, and when it breaks, I will split it into firewood.

- Have you had it long?

- I don't remember anymore, it was my grandparents' time until now.

- I got this bed for you.

Tai said, then continued to look at the wood grains covered in mud, not paying attention to Lam looking at him in surprise.

It took all afternoon for Tai to clean all the mud and dirt that had been stuck on the wood for a long time. He was pleased to see the red wood layer shiny. This is a bed made from milkwood, a top quality for collectors, even The scent emanating from it is also very special. Tai passionately looked at the delicate carved lines, even though they were stained with time and worn out, his hand touched the surface of the bed, a long line clearly visible on it, it looked like someone used a large knife to slash across it. , imprinted on the bright red wood. Looking up, at the head of the bed, the layer of mother-of-pearl glistened on the shiny wood like a mirror reflecting Tai's shadow in it. Suddenly he felt a cold chill down his spine. Behind him, there was a dark figure with loose hair. emerging from behind him, Tai turned around, there was no one, the surroundings were quiet, only the dusk was gradually falling and the shadows of the trees fell onto the yard. Night gradually falls.

In the night there was the sound of an owl calling. Tai picked up a stack of old books and sat on the bed to read. He brought the bed and placed it right in the middle of the house. After opening all the surrounding windows to let in the fresh air, he sat with his head bowed in a pile of dusty books. Tai was learning about Mr. Quyen's family tree, about this ancient bed that he guessed must have existed a long time ago. While reading, he seemed to forget all about time. The sky was calm and Tai's sweat was pouring out. He raised his hand to trace the sweat streaks running down his temple, then propped himself up and stretched his legs. He slowly lay down, pressing his back against the cool wooden surface. A gentle scent emanated as he turned his face down. Tai was dreamy. Looking at my shadow on the head of the bed, the mother-of-pearl caught the light of the lamp, sparkling with iridescent lights. Suddenly Tai glared, staring, there was a black shadow there, no, behind him, there was a black shadow slowly moving, it lay behind him, then slowly sat up and looked straight at him, right away. behind him. Tai was startled, tried to turn around, wanted to get up, but his limbs were stiff, he tried his best to get up...

- Boom.....

The window hit the wall, causing Tai to wake up. He sat up panting, sweat soaking the back of his shirt.

- It turned out to be just a nightmare.

Tai mumbled and walked out to close the door. Suddenly, the wind blew into the room, causing books to fall apart and paper to fly all over the room. Tai's face darkened and he quickly ran to pick it up. He was kneeling on the floor. suddenly heard the sound of water dripping onto the floor drop by drop, drop by drop, Tai turned around, at eye level with him, from the edge of the bed, crimson water flowed down with a fishy smell. foul, forming puddles. What is it? Tai hugged the stack of books tightly and slowly stood up. Before his eyes, on the bed, was a woman lying motionless. Tai howled in horror, dropped the stack of books, and raised his hands to cover his head. Blood from the woman's severed neck flowed into her long hair, covering half of her face. The remaining eye was open, leaving only the white. Tai turned around to run out but his leg got caught in the chair and he fell over...

The sound of chickens chirping loudly outside the yard, Tai opened his eyes and saw himself lying on the floor, with papers scattered around. Stumbling to sit up, suddenly Tai was startled and turned to look. He gasped, the bed was empty.

The cold water made Tai completely awake, but the fear of the night still left him unsettled. While bathing, he reassured himself, perhaps since Mai left until now, he hasn't had a good night's sleep, is he so tired that he has nightmares? Thinking of Mai, his heart ached again. Sometimes when he thinks about it, he wants to kill that ungrateful person. Suddenly there was the sound of a dog barking and Mr. Sau screaming outside the fence. Tai quickly ran out. As soon as we met, Mr. Sau immediately said:

- Why do you look so blue, are you sick?

- Ah...yeah... I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night, so come in and play.

- I came over to see what you bought at Lam's house. I heard she said you also got some things?

- It's just the bed.

Mr. Sau sat drinking tea, looked at the mother-of-pearl layer and almost rubbed it:

- This bed was very expensive to buy before, only rich people like Mr. Quyen could afford it.

- Star? Do you know when this bed existed?

- I'm not familiar with the antiques you asked about. I know a little about Mr. Quyen's family.

Tai poured more tea for Mr. Sau.

- When I was young, about six or seven years old, something terrible happened to Mr. Quyen's house. He has a very beautiful wife, from a well-educated, well-off family. She has a gentle personality, often does good, helps the poor, in stark contrast to her cruel husband who is only good at scooping up wealth illegally, that's how life is often twisted. Everyone in this area respects her. Yet... good people are often short-lived, she died very young, and died in very tragic circumstances. One night, robbers lurked while Mr. Quyen was away. They entered her house and robbed her, slashing her to death right on her bed. When everyone arrived, they saw her dead, her head severed.

To his surprise, the scene of the night appeared clearly before his eyes. He suddenly turned to look at the bed. On the bed surface, sharp cuts were still clearly visible. Could it be this bed? Mr. Sau continued the story:

- Everyone mourns the unfortunate woman. And from then on, Mr. Quyen's family situation became more and more depressed, his next wife suddenly became blind, he also had an incurable disease, no matter how much money he spent on medicine, he still couldn't cure it, his children and grandchildren were spoiled and gambled... ..in the end he died in poverty and loneliness. Everyone said he received retribution for his previous actions.

- Who is the second wife?

- Ah, that blind lady who sings the song Da Co Hoai Lang. In the past, I heard that she was also very beautiful and charming, just flirtatious. Before becoming Mrs. Hai, she was Mr. Quyen's lover for a long time. After marrying him, she spent money like trash, which is why her husband went bankrupt so quickly. Now I have no children or grandchildren, so poor that I have to beg for food. She's been very sick these past few days and probably won't survive this time. Mr. Sau sighed. It's true that as the ancients often say, things change, life changes unpredictably.

Tai stared at the slash mark on the bed, remembering the ancient face on Lam's altar. Could that tragic death still haunt me to this day?

That afternoon, Tai hurriedly pulled the bed out to the porch to put it. Then he went into the house to read a book, completely ignoring it. The night was getting late, the surroundings were quiet, Tai looked up from the book, feeling hot, perhaps because he had closed all the windows earlier in the day. Tai stretched, stood up and opened the door a crack, the air rushed in, he looked out, today the new moon radiated a dim light...the night was very late, everything was as quiet as a sheet of paper. Tai just turned around and was about to step in when he suddenly stopped. In the night there was a singing sound, sometimes near and sometimes far away.

...The word is....the word husband and wife.....

Treasured sword.....ordained to ascend to heaven....


........look....trust him

Oh...yellow liver....so painful...ah.....

Listen carefully, who is singing now? How sad and sad the singing is. From the first sound falling into the void, that trembling voice sounded like it was flying from somewhere far away in the dark night.

Guy....hope you know...

At night... I lay on a bed of durians...

...... Hurry back .... back to home...

For... Swallow.... a couple...

Tai felt sweat running down his spine, the singing was getting closer and closer, now it sounded like a sobbing cry calling for someone's soul. The blind old woman is sick and about to die, so who sings?

It was windy, the wooden door burst open, Tai looked out into the wing of the house, terrified, on the bed illuminated by the dim moonlight was a woman with her hair down, sitting and swinging her legs singing. Tai stiffened, he saw blood from on her neck was flowing profusely on her shirt, flowing down into a puddle on the bed. Not daring to look any further, he tried his best to run away to his room, tightly closing the door, and then all night long, that song kept ringing in his ears, mixed with mournful crying. Tai continued to endure the battle like that with extreme fear, until nearly morning when the rooster sounded, he realized the singing had stopped, Tai was so tired that he fell asleep.

Holding some incense sticks, Tai knelt at the foot of the bed and mumbled prayers. Pray for the soul of the deceased to be at peace. Then he placed the incense sticks at the head of the bed. As soon as the incense sticks were placed, the wind suddenly blew them all out, blowing the ashes onto the bed. Tai staggered because the dust that flew into his eyes stung his eyes. He grabbed the edge of the bed, his hand touched something, Tai raised his hand to rub his eyes, a fishy smell from his hand entered his nose, making him nauseous. Looking closely, Tai howled. , his hands were covered in blood. He trembled and looked down at the bed, where the cut on the bed was filled with fresh blood. Extremely frightened, Tai stepped back and fell to the ground. An ear-piercing scream rang out, Tai turned around, in front of him a man appeared, his eyes widened with streaks of blood on his face full of murderous intent. He recognized that face, the face on the altar. , is Mr. Quyen. He held a large, long knife in his hand and walked towards Tai like an executioner demanding his life. He waved the knife. Tai wanted to scream for help, but his tongue stiffened and only made muffled sounds. . When the knife slashed down with a cold light, he closed his eyes. Blood, blood from somewhere sprayed into his face, blurring his eyes and soaking his shirt. Tai opened his eyes only to see a bloody red color. Is it your blood? Through the screen of blood, Tai saw the woman lying on the bed, her neck severed, her eyes still filled with anger, those eyes glistening on the knife blade still dripping with the killer's blood. Suddenly, Tai's ears heard singing:

.......The night is full of trust in you

The day is weary like a stone

Husband is hopeless in trusting him

How can you deny it......

The high fever left Tai bedridden for a whole week. Mr. and Mrs. Sau took turns taking care of him. Mr. Sau guessed that Tai was heartbroken and fell ill, so he chose to advise. After asking someone to bring the bed back to Mr. Quyen's old house, Mr. Quyen's house. A few days later, Tai was much better. He got out of bed and sat down to drink tea with Mr. Sau, who then came over to bring him porridge.

- I just got back from the funeral. Blind Lady Hai is dead!

Tai was startled:

- Dead? When did you die?

- Two days ago. She is very sick. Misery! When he died, he didn't have enough money to buy a coffin, so the people in the neighborhood had to take care of everything. Mr. Sau cleared his throat:

- Oh, but there's something you don't know. Before she died, she had her last thoughts

Tell Aunt Sau and some people in the neighborhood about the old days. It turned out that Mr. Quyen's first wife had died because of Mr. Quyen's death, not robbery.

Tai suddenly shivered, the gruesome murder scene in his dream appeared clearly again.

- Although Mr. Quyen had an outside lover, he was very jealous of his wife. Mrs. Hai, who was blind at that time, wanted to become his wife, knew that, so she planned to accuse her of having an affair, hoping that Mr. Quyen would chase his wife away. But unexpectedly, he was so angry that he lost his wits, he was planning on killing his wife, and then blaming the robbers.

Mr. Sau sighed:

- After so many years, it wasn't until she died that she confessed her crime, probably hoping to close her eyes and let it go. When Lam heard it, he cried to God, calling his mother's death so tragic and unjust.

Tai felt sorry for the unfortunate, unlucky woman, and also felt anxious for the love of life. Mr. Sau's voice was thoughtful:

- Before she died, blind lady Hai also said that for many years she was followed by her eldest grandmother, and that the person who sang that song Da Co Hoai Lang for so long was not her, but her unjust soul.. .

The plaintive singing in the night, as if telling stories about the humiliation of people's hearts. It haunted Tai as well as people in the area for a long time afterwards...

...The word is....the word husband and wife.....

Treasured sword.....ordained to ascend to heaven....


........look....trust him

Oh...yellow liver....so painful...ah.....

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