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Woman possessed with 6 Demons

Based on a true story

By Keerthana ThirumalairajPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Hi, before going into the story, I'm curious to know do you believe in ghost and demons? If yes, then reading this story will terrify you!

Anneliese Michel was a German Catholic woman who born in 1952 in the small town of Klingenberg, Germany. She was raised as strict catholic and was described as bright and likable. In September 1968, when Anneliese was 16 years old, she experienced her first episode of losing consciousness and later that night she felt as if something was pressing down on her chest, pinning her to her bed. She is not able to move or make a sound to call her or her parents.

Then 11 months later, in August 1969, Anneliese Micheal experiences another similar episode. So, her mother took her to their family doctor. A general doctor and another neurologist doctor examined her and done an EEG, a brain scan but they found nothing wrong in the reports. They Hypiothesized that it could possibly be a form of seizure. Over the next 3 years, Anneliese would have two more similar episods and was prescribed two medications in which one medication called Dilantin. On both medications, an EEG would come back normal with some minor irregular patterns, but nothing that would definitively explain her symptoms.

In April, 1973, things took a turn for the stranger. Anneliese began to hear knocking sounds in her bedroom, also her sisters would hear the sounds. But even more alarming, Anneliese also reported hearing a voice damning her to hell. Her mother was further rattled when she witnessed Anneliese furiously staring at a statue of the Virgin Mary, with quote, "Eyes turned black, jet black and her hands seemed to turn into thick paws with claws"

In September 1973, a visit with Neurological doctor, Anneliese described horrific visions of demon faces that were tormenting her, and stated that she felt that the devil was inside her. She also reported smelling something that has the aroma of burnt feces, a stench that many around her reported smelling at later times. Around this time, Anneliese's mother described these strange occurrence to Doctor. He advised them to consult a Jesuit ( Religious Official).

Then, the family searched for a priest and eventually found a Priest named Father Alt.

In November, 1973, Anneliese met with a Freudian Psychiatrist, who digonised her as a neurotic with possible epilepsy and another found she had quote "Epileptic Patterns" and took her off Dilantin and put her on Tegretol a much stronger drug to sleep.

In July, 1975, Anneliese's extremely odd behaviour worsened. She barely slept and prayed ferventely all night. She ate spiders and flies and even licked her own urine up from the floor it seems. She destroyed rosaries, crucifixes and holy pictures on the walls. Anneliese also exhibited strength that was quote "Close to superhuman," throwing her sister, quote, "As if she were a ragedoll" and incredibly was observed effortlessly squeesing an apple with one hand into, quote, "Fragements exploded throughtout the room".

Then, A priest named Father Rodewyk, a man considered an expert on Excorcisms by his peers reported that he was convinced that Anneliese was possessed and after deliberation with the bishop, an exorcism on Annelies was formally approved. It was to be carried out by a priest named Father Renz.

On September 24 1975, the first exorcism rite was performed. Father Renz allowed some of the exorcism sessions to be recorded and 42 audio recordings of the exorcisms were made in total. During the exorcism while father asking "What's Your Name?" and the reply from her was " I(Myself), Judas and Nero and Cain and Hiltler! That's five of us!" Then Father Renz asked her "Who is the sixth person?". She replied "We lied about him." and She finally mentioned that one of the demons "Valentin Fleischmann" and provided accurate details of the real Fleischmann who was a priest in the 1500's that was kicked out of the chruch for bad behaviour. These details came as an icy shock to Father Alt who claims Anneliese would have no way of knowing Fleishmann.

In May, 1976 Anneliese became even worse. Banging her head against the wall and biting herself and others to the point wher her family had to tie her up to prevent her from hurting herself. But most dangerously Anneliese refused to eat, she describe it as, quote "Not being permitted to eat." Despite being quite frail, likely weighing under 80 Pounds, she exhibited great strength when people tried to restrain her.

By June 1976, Anneliese's entire face was sunk in she also refused a doctor visit even though she had a very high fever.

On June 30, 1976, Anneliese had another exorcism, only saying "Please absolution." The next morning, her family went to her room and found her dead. Despite seeking medical attention early on, Anneliese refused to submit to medical attention in the end, as she and her family ultimately placed all faith of recovery into the exorcisms, She died of starvation at the age of 23 after 67 exorcisms. Weighing only 68 pounds at the time of her death.


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Keerthana Thirumalairaj

An Independent Solitude girl, who recently found the interests in writings and converts Facts and imaginations into writings.

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