Why, Where, and How of Hauntings

by Lena Bailey 6 months ago in paranormal

What You Need to Know

Why, Where, and How of Hauntings

I may not know everything about the paranormal world, but I can pass on my knowledge. In this post I want to talk about times and places where you are more likely to experience paranormal activity. I will also tell you why spirits come around.

The most paranormal time is 3 AM because that's when the veil between our world and the paranormal is the thinnest. That means if you use any kind of ghost or spirit hunting equipment, including phone apps and Ouija boards, you're more likely to pick up something. Some also believe that Halloween and full moons are very paranormal. There's also some spirits attached to Friday the 13th. Some spirits just come out on Friday the 13th while not having any connection to the day.

Spirits are attracted to objects, people, land and buildings. Spirits are less likely to be in a cemetery, that's just where bodies are resting—not spirits. Sometimes there are buildings that were built where tragedy happened or where an old building use to be. A lot of times spirits stay where they passed away. Hotels, hospitals and prisons are some of the top places for hauntings. Also houses and asylums are very haunted places depending on how old the place is. If a space is haunted you need to burn sage or get the area blessed. With objects that are haunted you have to get rid of it or have it blessed. I also know a line or circle of salt helps keep spirits, especially evil ones, away.

Spirits also haunt or attach themselves to a place where someone invited them in. We invite them in through stuff like the Ouija board. Loved ones also visit us and spirits can have unfinished business. They will stay until we tell them to go away or we use other means to make them go away (salt, sage or blessings).

People who actively ghost hunt may get spirits that follow them around or at least back to their house or space. Some people also say if you look into the paranormal or talk about it a lot, you may attract the paranormal to you.

People can also invite spirits in if they are what we call mediums. A medium is someone who communicates to the dead. There are some people who believe in mediums and some who think all mediums are full of crap.

Ghosts and other spirits know who believe or who listens to them. They will go around those who will listen, pay attention, and believe. Those who will do those things will more likely pass on the message. Evil spirits will just go after believers or the weak just to mess with them.

Some spirits can attach themselves to people. If the spirits are demons or evil they can not only attach themselves to people, but possess people. If someone is possessed by a spirit they will have to seek help ridding themselves from the spirit. Good spirits may attach themselves to loved ones, in which case they will do no harm to the person. Some good spirits like angels will warn or protect us.

Spirits sometimes haunt because they do not realize that they are dead. They maybe staying around because they weren't buried properly or buried at all. There are stories of people who are at a funeral and see limbs poking in from the grave next to the open grave. There may be other issues with burials and cremation.

I will continue to write about some of the haunted places in the world. I started writing about haunted places in October. There are so many places that are haunted.

How does it work?
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