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Why not believe in the unknown?

by Mercy Petz 20 days ago in urban legend

Welcome the supernatural

Why not believe in the unknown?

Legends are stories told in scary campfire tales and sleepovers. Tidbits get scrambled and added, but the core of the legends remain intact.

When I was younger, I attended a school in Los angeles that many claimed was haunted. Stories of a woman lingering in the back of the school and toilets flushing by themselves were spreading and many sought to prove them wrong, or right. One story that made an impact on me came from my older sister. She was in the restroom, when all of a sudden, all the stall doors closed and the toilets started flushing. She quickly ran out of the stall she was in and tried to leave, but the door was locked. After a while of screaming she was finally able to open it and ran out. The restrooms were scary enough by themselves, with the dim lights and no windows, but after hearing that story I tried my hardest to never use them again. Those who don't believe in the paranormal would find many different explanations as to what happened, but let's think out of the box for a second. Let's say there really are ghosts and demons and every supernatural being that you have ever heard of actually exists.

Scary, right?

Im not here to prove that they do, but who's to say they don't. If we think really hard, Im sure we all have been through something that we can't logically explain. Let me share with you just one of my personal experiences with the unexplained. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment with my kids and their father from 2016-2019. One night, I had woken up out of nowhere. My kids were asleep and so was their father. Keep in mind, it was a SMALL apartment, around 520sqft with one door and 2 windows. Anyway, I looked up at the door and saw a small figure wearing a backpack run towards the kitchen. Remember when I said there was one door? Yeah, that door wasn't in the kitchen.

Aside from personal experiences, astrophysicists are also exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life. These are people way smarter than me with doctorate degrees and guess what, they believe in aliens. There are so horror movies based on real events and as scary as that seems, imagine having gone through those experiences.

My point is that we need to keep an open mind when it comes to the unknown. Just because it hasnt been proven doesn't mean its not real. People believed the earth was flat until they proved it was round (now they're trying to say it was actually flat, but thats a different story).

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Mercy Petz
Mercy Petz
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