Who would Win in a Slasher Movie?

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Winner takes all!

Who would Win in a Slasher Movie?

This is a similar list I made a while back with who would win? John Wick, Batman, or The Punisher. This time I'm going to go through Slasher Killers, and find out who is the Slasher King.

I'll be covering kill counts, franchises, weaponry, weaknesses, deaths, and even their own theme music.

Kill counts will includes that the killer must kill their victims. No taking of one's life, or making other people kill other people. I'm looking at you Jigsaw. Oh and by the way, he doesn't make this list because of that.

I'll be covering number of franchises. Sure they may be milking it, but blame the fans and writers for making them.

The weaponry must be used by the killer. It can be based on either quantity or quality. How painful the weapon can be, and even creativity on how they use their weapons.

I'll be covering the killer's weaknesses. I'll check if it's pathetic, creative, or ironic.

I'll count how many times they get killed. They can come back either by surviving the ending of the first movie, coming back from the dead, coming back via the supernatural, or maybe they're immortal.

So in no particular order, and without further ado, I give you my break down on who is the Slasher King.

1- Michael Myers

Now I know what you're thinking. After the release of Halloween(2018) the kills may not count. Well I'm counting them, because this is focusing on Michael Myers as the mantle, not so much on the rewritten continuity. Anyway...

Movie: Halloween

Kill Count: 121

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 10

Deadliest Weapons: Kitchen knife that he can pin a person to the wall with, using his bare hands, and an aged William Shatner Halloween mask

Weaknesses: Babysitters getting away

Number of Deaths: 0

2- Freddy Krueger

For this one, we won't be counting the kills that happened in the reboot. There's a rumor that a reboot is in the works, but it is unclear if it's going to be Kevin Bacon or Robert Englund. I'm personally working a prequel to the franchise. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Kill Count: 35

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 10

Deadliest Weapons: Glove Claw, and imagination

Weaknesses: Reality Check. If he's brought into reality, he is out of his element and can't create nightmares in the real world

Number of Deaths: 8

3- Chucky

By the time we get through this, we'll probably have to make Chucky Norris jokes!

Movie: Child's Play

Kill Count: 38

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 7

Deadliest Weapons: Yardstick, jump rope, plastic bag, knife, axe, hammer, golf club, scissors, machete, voodoo, self manufacturing and replication, and strength of a full grown man

Weaknesses: Being drop kicked, out of reach locations, roller coasters,

Number of Deaths: 7

4- Jason Vorhees

A franchise named after a superstitious holiday, what could possibly go wrong?

Movie: Friday the 13th

Kill Count: 157

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 12, just shy of the number 13.

Deadliest Weapon: Machete, bow and arrow, bare hands, and brute strength

Weaknesses: Mother, water, lack of motor and mental skills

Number of Deaths: 11, but he's technically a zombie

5- Ghostface

This is an interesting one. Ghostface is more of a mantel than a person. I mean so many people have donned the ghostface mask and black hooded robe.

Movie: Scream

Kill Count: 49

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 4

Deadliest Weapon: Knife, garage doors, there's more than one killer, noose, changing ones voice, master of disguise

Weaknesses: Big screen TV, bullet to the head, defibrillator, and capes.

Number of Deaths: 5 (played by many copycats)

6- Leatherface

This is where the original Facebook came from. Think about it, you can change your profile almost everyday, and you slowly become a stalking consumer, aka a creepy cannibal.

Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Kill Count: 31

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 7

Deadliest Weapon: Chainsaw, meat hammer, brute strength, meat hook, and cannibalism

Weaknesses: lack of motor and mental skills

Number of Deaths: 3

7- Ben Willis the Hook Killer

This guy knows what you did last Summer! He has more in common with Santa Claus than we think. He comes once a year to see who's naughty or nice, in a one hook open slay.

Movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Kill Count: 22

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 3

Deadliest Weapon: A hook, and remembering what people did in the Summer

Weaknesses: Getting hit by cars

Number of Deaths: 3

Their Own Theme Music:

8- Norman Bates

This man clearly has mother issues. He may look like he wouldn't hurt a fly, but I'll believe that when pigs fly.

Movie: Psycho

Kill Count: 20

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 6

Deadliest Weapon: Knife, cross dressing

Weaknesses: His mother

Number of Deaths: 1

9- Candyman

Another killer with a hook. This time he has a bee fetish.

Movie: Candyman

Kill Count: 22

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 3

Deadliest Weapon: Hook for a hand, bees, name being called five times in front of the mirror.

Weaknesses: fire… and lots of it, he ceases to exist when people stop believing in him, breaking a mirror that traps his soul, and tearing up a portrait of him Dorian Gray style.

Number of Deaths: 3

10- IT Pennywise

If you take out the cosmic horror shapeshifter, IT is basically a child killer. Which is actually more scary in my opinion.

Movie: IT

Kill Count: 10

Number of Movies in the Franchise: 2

Deadliest Weapon: Shapeshifting into victim's fears

Weaknesses: No one fearing him.

Number of Deaths: 1

After looking through the list, this is what I have found below.

Most Kills: Jason Vorhees 157

Least Kills: IT Pennywise 10

Most Movies in the Franchise: Jason Vorhees 12

Least Deaths: Michael Myers 0

Most Deaths: Jason Vorhees 11

Deadliest Weapon:

Worst weakness: IT Pennywise; no one fearing him.

So what do you think, does this check out?

Rand Einfeldt
Rand Einfeldt
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