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Who Lives In Apartment 48

Chapter 3 #Horror

By Tiffanie DotsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Chapter 3: Don't Try to Leave

My fingertips touched the doorknob. I twisted the doorknob, thinking finally this nightmare would be over. I was wrong. So wrong.

The moment the door opened, thats when I saw her for the first time. The woman with maggot filled eyes, rotting skin and wooly grey ringlets matted together with bald spots scattered along the top of her head. Her face dropped, stretched unnaturally and her fingers were twice the size of mine. She smelled of rot, decay and death. I screamed as she staggered into the apartment with me. Blocking me from leaving. Her skin sagged in all directions, her fingers were elongated and bony like a skeletons hand. Her rotting fingernails were around my throat the second I opened the door and screamed. I tried to break away but she was abnormally strong and shifted her weight well against my struggles. I continued to fight with her for what fell like hours, no matter what I did she didn't release her grasp around my throat. I felt myself starting to grow weaker as her grip grew tighter around my throat and I could no longer blink back the unconsciousness that was beginning to fill my body.

The moment I felt her release my throat, she threw me with one arm backwards onto my sofa. I tripped over the arm of the sofa, and fell harshly in between the crevice between it and the sofa. I laid there, my entire body trembling looking up at her.

"Don't try to leave." The hag screeched like a banshee at me as she dove onto me like a wild animal and began choking me again. This went on for hours, the screeching and the continuous knocking feels the empty space of this place like a sickening melody. I imagine this what hell must sound like, and before long the darkness took me and I fell into unconsciousness.

The next morning I awoke screaming and sobbing. I've cried for hours. I can't anyone what has happened to me. They'll think I'm mad or that I've lost my mind. I managed to crawl to my bed this morning, I didn't dare attempt to stand. In case the hag was still around, I didn't want her to notice me.

I managed to try my phone again, but still it has no signal. I am trapped and if you are reading this at this moment, I fear the worst has become of me. I'm either locked in an asylum somewhere for the insane and crazies; or worse whatever is here has finally taken me.

Here are some tips if you rent apartment 48 at Cranesnest Apartments.

1: Don't open the door. It is not to keep you in but keep whatever else is here out.

2: The screaming from the floor below you is not real. Don't listen to her.

3: If someone knocks on your door or you hear knocking sleep during the day, never go to sleep at night. If you can even sleep. Even in the daytime, the nightmares will drain you and leave you feeling hopeless and lifeless.

4: If you are reading this journal, you might already have made the first mistake by ever renting this hellhole of an apartment. If you manage to get out of here, tell no one. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU.

5: The most important rule, if you encounter the hag and she touches you, you'll not be able to escape her. She's in the room with me now, screeching and screaming as she paces about the room wildly looking for me. I'm writing this as I'm hiding in the closet. The closet is the only safe space, I suggest sleeping here if you want any rest. I've been here for one month now.


About the Creator

Tiffanie Dotson

28 year old. KY. Horror/thriller/paranormal and dark fantasy are the genres I enjoy reading and writing the most. Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare and H.P Lovecraft are my favorite writers from old times. I find myself inspired by them.

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