Who is the scariest slasher in Cinema?

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Michael, Jason, or Freddy?

Who is the scariest slasher in Cinema?
Which one is the scariest?

So people have probably wondered who would be the scariest serial killer in the movie world. Michael Myers, Jason, or Freedy Kruger. Because all of them have been known in the movie world for giving terror to people who watch. Now it is time to review all three of them and review the scariest between the three of them. So in this article we will compare between all three of them, and in my own personal opinion to review who is the scariest slasher.

First comes talking about the man who killed his sister on Halloween Night in the quiet town of Haddonfield. Leading to him being in an insane asylum, and many years later escaping on a vengeance to finish what he started. To kill his last sibling, who was only a baby when he killed their sister. Laurie Strode was a teenager who had an everyday life but blocked out images of her brother, and it took up until the second movie until she realized who he was. Michael Myers had a goal, and he wanted to kill people associated with his family. His signature because many people would never know he was coming would be his silence, and no one would know he was there until it was too late. Also his mask was something many people would never forget.

Jason was someone who died at Camp Crystal Lake when he drowned in a lake when camp counselors were not watching him—leading to his mother killing off a small group of counselors who wanted to reopen the camp after that horrible night. Somehow he came back from the dead. He watched when a camp counselor beheaded his mother, the original killer, on the first Friday the 13th movie. But in the end, it seemed that if you were around that area near “ Camp Blood,” it seemed to be Jason’s stomping ground. The final one when Jason was in space, and how they finally got rid of him was the disintegrated through the atmosphere until there was nothing left.

For sure, Freddy Kruger was a kind for a horror movie character how he was a child molester and murderer. But he was able to get off, and the parents of Springwood took matters into their own hands and burned him alive in his hideout. He led to having his essence start haunting people’s dreams that lived on Elm Street, where most of the parents who burned him alive lived on, how his signature attire was a hat, and an ugly Christmas sweater. Freddy would also taunt his victims before he would do what he would do to But after the first three movies, it went all over the place, and some of the plots were a bit cheesy.

Now time for one more compare and contrast between the three of them. Jason has by far the most slasher counts between all three of them. He has one signature weapon which is a machete, and if he ever died the only way to resurect him was from electricity. That was proven in Friday the 13th Part 6. Michel Myers had a signature weapon being a butcher knife. No matter what he always came upon one in every single movie we saw him in. The only slasher to be declared by an insane asylum as pure evil. Freddy Kruger had his own unique weapon of choice, and it was a clawed glove. What makes him stand out was he would invade peoples dreams, and would be impossible to kill in the dream world. BUT when he was able to come into the real world then that would be the opposite, he would be weak.

In my honest to god opinion, I think the scariest, and most unique slasher would have to be Freddy Kruger. How he was the result of his mother being locked in an insane asylum for days, and she was ganged raped, and out lead Freddy in the end. Due to how he was a bad human being, and after the parents of Elm Street killed him his evil esence had him become what he was. He always had a goal of wanting to return to the real world, and then there would be a barrier from having it come true in the end. Slashers are all different but Freddy was someone who would scare me all the way.

Samantha Evans
Samantha Evans
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