Whispers in the Dark

Can You Hear It?

Whispers in the Dark

It's night time. You are laying down in your bed, you're about to sleep when suddenly you hear a voice next to you. You open your eyes and no one is there. Could it be someone trying to communicate from the other side?

It happened to me a few times. It also meant to me that death was near for someone. So now not only did I get to see the dates in my dream, but I was starting to hear voices???? Seriously??

First Came the Voice, Then Came the Orbs

My grandmother was gravely ill in Greece, and I knew she didn't have that much time. Plus I saw a weird dream and I had a feeling her time would be up.

The last time I was able to see her was back in 2013, with my two kids. I knew it would be the last time I would see her, so I tried to make it count. It was the best time I ever shared with her and I was happy she was able to meet her great-grandchildren.

A few days before she died, I was in my kitchen cooking when I heard my name being called.


It sounded like it was coming by my window at the table. It was so clear. I wondered, where have I heard that voice before? That's when I realized it was my grandmother's voice calling me one last time. She was the only one that would say my name that way! That's when I learned to accept the fact it was time to say goodbye.

A few minutes later as I turned around, I saw two orbs flying past me, disappearing into the room. First I thought, did I really just see two orbs together? I must say it was pretty cool. I knew then that she was reuniting with her long lost love—my grandfather. He came to take her home. These two orbs looked so playful, it was unbelievable. It was pure happiness.

Two days later, I got the phone call that she passed. Although my heart was broken, I knew that we said our goodbyes and I always told her I loved her. She was in a way better place now and I knew she was going to be ok and happy. She would be watching over us now. Once I heard the news I saw the orbs again. Oh, she was around all right.

One night, while I was sleeping, I awoke to a chill. It was very dark in the room but I saw a short figure with a hair down in a braid, wearing black standing next to me. My grandmother would always braid her hair and wear black She didn't speak but I knew it was her just watching over me. Just saying her proper goodbyes.

That Laughter

When I was younger a friend of mine's mother had passed away from cancer. I don't remember her that much but I do remember her smile and her laugh. I do remember she took care of me a few times.

I haven't thought about her for over 20 years, until last month.

I was sleeping in my room one night when at around 3AM I heard a woman's laughter. There wasn't anyone on a phone. So I was a little confused with the voice. Somehow I felt like I heard it from before, but where? She was an older woman but I couldn't see anyone.

Two days later I read that, the same friend I went to school with that lost her mom, lost her dad as well. It made more sense now as to who it was. I knew every time I hear the voices, there's death around. She came to get her love to reunite. So maybe it's true what they say, your loved one comes to get you when you die. Especially if it's your other half.

Paranormal World Girl
Paranormal World Girl
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