Where Do Ghosts Get Their Clothes?

A quick read on the amazing thought of how ghosts get clothes—what is the supernatural process in getting clothes once a person dies?

Where Do Ghosts Get Their Clothes?

To start off, I am a spiritual person. I’ve had my experiences with the supernatural and have heard many stories that sound legit. However, I have a question, and I am sure this question has been asked before. If not, I don’t see why it hasn’t yet!

Anyway, where do ghosts get their clothes?

If a person dies, wouldn’t their spirit be naked. How do they acquire clothes? Is there a Gap store or a mall for spirits to go to and shop? Or, do they get stuck with the same clothing for their time in purgatory? What is the deal with ghosts having clothes?

I thought I would share this thought that came to me when I was a child. I never asked my mother about this. For somehow, it would conflict with her beliefs or anyone’s beliefs. I also did not want to hear another adult B.S. story. You how adults lie to kids all the time. For instance, the existence of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Boogeyman and Jesus Christ. Dah, I’m kidding about Jesus. Well, maybe...

I still think it’s a fair question and I would really like an answer. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait.

What do you think?

Why not naked ghosts?

No one knows what happens when people die. Most believe in an afterlife. So, in saying that there is an afterlife, then there’s gotta be a place for spirits to shop. Otherwise, spirits or ghosts get stuck wearing a white gown, right? Maybe!

Anyway, when people die, most think that our consciousness travels to another place, or it simply goes beyond to some other realm. So, if that happens, the conscious does not go with a suitcase full of clothes. Unless, it does and no one really knows about that detail.

So, if the spirit leaves the body once the body is dead, technically, the spirit should go naked. Hence, ghosts would roam around naked. Just like the saying goes, “You come with nothing, you leave with nothing.” Is that right?

Again, where do ghosts get their clothes from? Is it a paranormal procedure that we do not know about in the physical world. What if one chooses to go naked? Like once you die, you can choose to appear naked and spook family members you left behind. You know, to add a bit of humor to the horror of witnessing a ghost.

My Experiences with Ghosts

I believe that I have had a few encounters with ghosts. The experience was quite shocking and a bit scary, but the idea that all of them had clothes was more alarming than just seeing someone that was not really there. That was more amazing to me than anything else. Despite the fact that most of them looked pale, the real wonder that got in my head was the fact that they had CLOTHES!

During those moments, all I did was focus on their clothes. One ghost had black shiny shoes, on top of having a bad ass black suit with a black tie. Where did it come from? How did this entity acquire that. I want to know! Don’t you!?

Patience is the key.

Like all things that regard death, patience is the key. That’s right! Everyone will find out about clothing for spirits once we all die respectively. Once the bucket is kicked, the spirit-self should have a variety of choices, I would imagine.

That’s the other thing, do we get to choose the clothes once we die and become a ghost? Do we only get one outfit? I, personally, would love a few. Clothing for ghosts has to exists, right? I mean, we have to look presentable in heaven and even in hell. Yes, hell, even if Satan is using your skin from your face to make potato chips, one has to have a nice outfit for that. Or, at least, a proper outfit for the face-skin frying process.

Anyway, where the heck do ghosts get their clothes from?

How does it work?
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