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What lurks within the darkness of my life.

by Joshua Gentry 2 months ago in monster
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Clouded minds

My name is Joshua i live my life in the darkness of the night hiding behind closed doors sealed within the shadows as i walk the lonely streets at night i hear no sounds just silence emptiness nothingness suddenly i hear a noise so I hide behind a tree to see if it’s something that i might need to be worried about as the sound gets closer and closer i begin to see the shadow of a figure brush the surface of the light shining down from the street light the next few minutes I get the urge to suddenly jump out and surprise the person of which has been casting the shadow of what I have been seeing my stomach begins to growl a sharp pain comes over me and I suddenly get the thirst for something that I’ve never had the thirst for before i grab ahold of the person as if i am in a trance latching on to the person I open my mouth widely and my k 9 teeth begin to grow longer i then bite the person with all of my might my grip keeps gripping harder as the blood runs down my lips dripping slowly on the ground I let go of the person only to find that it was only my imagination the thing that I have been seeing was only just an illusion created by my very mind I begin thinking to myself what has been coming over me what is causing my mind to play tricks on me is this really what lurks behind my mind can I fix this what should I do but then I realize my problems and things that go on within my life are caused the my very own way of thinking and the negativity of which I put out into the world this really must be what lurks within the darkness of my life as the time goes on the night passes by and I continue walking down these empty streets thinking to myself will I ever find somewhere I belong I come across a store walking closely up to the store window I see vampire merchandise so I then enter into the store thinking of what I should buy but nothing comes to mind suddenly I lose consciousness and fall into a deep slumber dreaming of a dark shadow with blood red eyes the shadow suddenly shifts into what looks like a person as the shadow begins to take it’s shape a face suddenly appears as I look closely the face resembles me as I look at myself reflecting in a mirror the more I look the face begins to change suddenly it’s shifts into a fowl hideous creature of which I cannot describe then suddenly I regain consciousness only to find that the store has been badly torn apart distorted all of the merchandise badly damaged i then look on the ground only to find the store clerk lying on the ground in a puddle of blood I take a look at my hands to see them covered in blood I begin running out the store screaming for help but no one is listening so I run home trying to escape from this horrible nightmare of which I am experiencing but the more I try to run the more it seems as if I am neither running nor moving at all so I try to speak but nothing comes out as if I suddenly lost the ability to speak then suddenly i hear a growl I begin to wonder where it was coming from but then I realize that it was coming from me suddenly I feel a pain coming from within my heart but then I realize that I have been shot as I fall to the ground I begin to say that this is not the end nor will it ever be then I lose consciousness I wake up the next day only to find that this was all a dream.


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