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What If Vampires Were Real?

by Jade M. about a year ago in fiction

The Thought of Their Existence Brings More Questions Than Answers

Recently, I considered what would happen if the Death Note was real. I enjoyed imagining what would happen if the fictional world of Death Note was real, so I decided to make it a series. When thinking about topics that I could write about, there was one that left me with more questions than answers: VAMPIRES.

I’ve always been a fan of vampire fiction, and I’ve consumed it in all forms. I’ve even written my own short stories about vampires. I’ve studied the history of vampire fiction, folklore, and even watched a few documentaries about the topic. In most forms of media, they are presented as deadly creatures who can barely control their lust for blood. In modern years they’ve been reimagined as romantic icons.

What if vampires weren’t fictional and they decided to stop hiding from us? This is something that happens in the Southern Vampire Mysteries or the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Vampires decide that they’re tired of hiding their true nature and decide to live freely among us. This move isn’t without consequences though. In the books, the treatment of vampires is often compared to racism. The first book even features a killer who targets women who date vampires (or as the book calls them, Fangbangers). The vampires are also provided with synthetic blood to drink. While I think this depiction of vampires isn’t too far from what would happen if the bloodsuckers existed, I still have questions.

The biggest question I have is the one that ties everything together: What new laws would be introduced because of vampires? Technically, humans would be their food source until they were provided with a substitute, and they couldn’t continue to feast on people as they had in the past. There would have to be laws put in place to protect humans from becoming a vampire’s next meal.

What about vampires who didn’t respect that and ended up breaking the law? Their lifespans are shown to be longer than that of a human, so what would be the proper punishment for them, and how would they be housed? Would they be locked in with the regular criminals and run the risk of harming more humans, or would there be a new facility build to house them? Vampires are often shown to be stronger than humans, so who would be the wardens that watched over them?

What about the vampires who never wanted to be vampires? Would they be studied to search for a cure, or would they be put out of their misery? Would there be a certain age where a person could become a vampire, and what criteria would they have to meet first? What about vampires who turned people into vampires against their will, like Claudia from Interview with a Vampire? It seems reasonable that this act would be considered a punishable crime, but how could the human prove that they were a victim? There would be plenty of people who desire the vampire lifestyle and all that comes with it, so a vampire could easily say that the human wanted to be turned.

Who would be allowed to become a ‘new’ vampire? Would it be only the smartest, best-looking, and strongest people? Celebrities could have an infinite catalog of music and movies if allowed to transition. What about politicians? If a president became a vampire would they be allowed to serve as president for more than two terms? Would vampires be allowed to change their significant others?

Image from the Vampire Diaries

What about vampire/human relationships? Vampires have recently been turned into something more beautiful than horrifying, so I believe it’s fair to bring up this somewhat disturbing topic. Vampires are often shown to have the power to compel others, so in a relationship between a vampire and a human, there would be an unfair power dynamic in favor of the vampire. Most vampires would likely be hundreds of years older than their partners, which brings up the age of consent and other uncomfortable questions. For example, vampires like Twilight’s Edward and the Vampire Diaries’ Stephan and Damon both date high school-aged girls while being hundreds of years older than them. While there would probably be laws put in place to stop the vampires from praying on minors, what about vampires who are stuck in a teenage body? Would those vampire teenagers be limited to dating other vampires in a similar position? With vampires being outed, there would be no need for them to attend high school (as they are shown doing in many recent vampire movies), so who would be considered their peers?

What about vampires who attempted to hide their status as a member of the undead? Should they be forced to disclose their status when it could mean fewer opportunities for them? Should they create an entirely separate world for themselves, where they only do business amongst themselves? I can just imagine vampire-owned businesses popping up everywhere. Some people would get angry that they have previously done business with vampires while others would embrace the businesses.

I hope you enjoyed my take on vampires. If you want to read more from me, please consider following me for more stories.


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Jade M.

Jade is an indie author from Louisiana. While her first book failed, she has plans to edit and republish it and try again. She has a senior min pin that she calls her little editor, and a passion for video games and makeup.

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