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by Faisal Ahmed Shariff 7 days ago in urban legend

The Urban Legend

Hi, I'll be uploading a cocktail of blogs in the near future on this platform, and i wanted to start with a crazy tyrant on the deep wood of the North American region, the cursed Man-Eater know as the WENDIGO.Here ill be writing this blog in a series and hence i hope you enjoy it.There are many claims by people who have encountered with a Wendigo and few claim to have killed the Wendigo too. But there are not a single evidence of people captured a glimpse of WENDIGO on camera and that also makes us some what skeptical about over thinking on this fact, but keeping that all aside there have been some aspects which could prove it correct.Let me first explain you about the physical appearance of the beast.It seem to between 8-12 feet in height, with a sleek and slim physique which hasn't eaten for years. The head resembles that of a dear with horns protruding out and the abdomen parts resembles that of a human. Its whole body is covered with hair and the front arms touch the ground with its razor sharp claws.

It also seem to have two pairs of Human teeth and is Cursed to have an never ending hunger which it fulfills by killing other animals especially Humans. When ever this Creature is at the hunt, it sets up haunted vibes all over the place and this vibe is surely felt. There's a stinky, pungent smell which spreads like fire when ever this beast is somewhere near you.Let me now take you through the primary reason why these creatures are called as cursed creatures. They at a time of starvation period turned cannibals, they started eating their own flesh for their survival hence they got a curse from The God by turning them into a never stop eating hungry demons which from their heads resembled to be deer but the remaining part of their body was of humans, from which were cursed.And this was witnessed by the Native Americans who lived there at that era which belonged from a specific tribe know as the NAVAJO TRIBE. They were the native Americans from which they turned Wendigo, eventually turning them into cannibals.The above show picture is of the NAVAJO tribe, from where the origin of Wendigo was, they only know the way to kill the demon and it's very very difficult to execute it.As I've already described you about wendigo, I would also like to add a point to this note that they are very intelligent Demons as they can mimic the voice of the people in order to attract their prey and they can transform into any living creature here, which makes them even more deadly.The only recipe to kill the Wendigo is with the NAVAJO Tribe people who are brave enough to kill the demon.Here I'll me sharing with you of Native American Art work which have evolved over a period of time.These Creatures are very hard to find as they are lost somewhere in the dark deep forests of the American continent, but if you encounter there demons there are only a cent percentage of chances that you'll be able to see the next morning as these demons only attack people at nights.


As written by the native Americans , Wendigo is very hard to kill as they are very intelligent and don't fall for your trap, but only ways listed to kill the demon is by SILVER DAGGER, SILVER BULLETS and Fire.The dagger should be able to penetrate through the heart of the wendigo or but shooting it to it's heart and burning it ultimately.As the Wendigo is dead the carcass is supposed to be cut into pieces and burnt until ash. And their heart should be buried into the ground enclosed in a sliver container and the heart of the Wendigo also helped the people to kill other Wendigo.I'll be uploading few of the true incidence from the people and which are Authentic.

You can still get to know more about this Urban Legend by following the link blog link below.

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Faisal Ahmed Shariff
Faisal Ahmed Shariff
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