Weird "Coincidences"

by Vega B 4 months ago in pop culture

Life has been insane again...

Weird "Coincidences"

I started watching these really weird videos on YouTube.

It started with me watching another beauty MUA video from a YouTuber I used to watch all the time. I had quit watching her, because she had been messing with the "other" side, and did not have a clue what she was doing. She would be calling and challenging things that she did not understand, and I had eventually started having nightmares about the things she happened to be "playing" with.

So I decided I would try to watch her and another YouTuber again. There were certain channels that were name-dropped and I became curious... There were also "horror story" threads she had been reading on Twitter.

This led to me watching these weird paranormal videos, and eventually to watching videos about people buying these random boxes of things on the dark web. I had a pretty good idea (or so I thought), of what would be in the boxes. I have taken two to three years of psychology for fun before... so I knew I could handle it. I wasn't prepared, however, for there to be a flash drive, and some kind of hex in every box I watched being opened. Mind you, these were not all by the same person... I watched these unboxings from many random channels.

Who hates someone they do not even know enough to send them a random hex? Then we wonder what is going on with all the school shootings, public shootings, church burnings, etc.

I do know that for the most part... in society, witchcraft is mostly a little more understood and is not completely accepted by science. For me, this is a pivotal moment in time. To see so many people pick up witchcraft without knowing anything about it. While it is great to be more accepted, it isn't great to know that something so powerful has gotten into the public's hands.

Think about it... if you know anything about witchcraft, then you know there is everything from money spells, love spells (which mess with free will, and I personally DO NOT do that); to hexes that control someone else's life, mind, and everything surrounding them. Imagine the people being hit with these hexes, that do not understand or believe in any of it. So take one jealous person; one person who had been born into horrible circumstances, and they refuse to heal, one person who wants someone else's life, anyone else's life... then they learn how to hex. That is sometimes all it takes to summon really dark things; anger, hate, pain, bitterness (I know because I did it years ago by accident). Now imagine that there are a lot of people like this in the world. That is a TON of bad juju festering. If there is more dark in the world than light, it can and will take over. While I have no problem with black magic, I believe one should be responsible when using it. I do know that if you use the darkness for too long without keeping a balance, it can and will turn inward. It will work against you, instead of for you, and if you do not know the signs, it will not stop. If there are this many people hexing and summoning things they do not understand... how long do you think it would take for this stuff to cross the veil, and it stays that way? Anger is also contagious. One hateful person being mean to another can make that other person just as angry, and it keeps going.

As for the "random" acts of violence, and strange things happening... Things dead and undead like vessels. Not all are looking for one, don't get me wrong, but a lot do. Take one lost teen or adult. One that has been through horrific things, and has zero direction. Boom. There is the vessel. Someone who is constantly scared, angry, on drugs, drinking, and not logical is the easiest to hit. Often they have already given up on life, and it leaves them wide open (I do not believe pushed religion is the fix either... but self-awareness might be). That is a staggering statistic. 7.53 billion is the estimated number of people on this planet, right now. On the other side, I am sure the number is much larger, for beings over there (more people have died for eons than people living right now, think about it). Now imagine 1.3 million people (probably a low-ball statistic), are conjuring things. Imagine 150,000 people globally conjuring the same things, and not knowing it. Eventually, those things would gain enough traction, and following, to cross over. That is a lot of beings looking for vessels. You also have to take into account, I KNOW there are more things living among everyone, that is not human, and are not here via "possession." It is who and what they are.

I do not know quite what to do about any of it, but to know what could possibly be causing it, can eventually help me get to the root of it. When I leave home, I see so much that others do not. I also feel everything, and these statistics are always on my mind. I have to stay guarded just as soon as I walk out my front door. I see so many people who do not know anything about any of this, do not believe in any of it, or believe their religion will "save" them... are hit with a hex. If I know the signs and symptoms, but I sometimes get hit so bad it takes a week or two to process, imagine what it does to someone who refuses to acknowledge it. I do not see this ending anytime soon, because witchcraft has picked up in media, fashion, and society... but I do know I will survive this too.

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