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Was Season 7 of 'The Walking Dead' Supposed to Go in a Completely Different Direction?

by Paul Writes 5 years ago in pop culture
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SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers for Season 7 of The Walking Dead follow.

After last week's Season 7 premiere, the violent spectacle that is The Walking Dead reached new heights in killing off two major characters on the series, Abraham and Glenn. By depicting the execution of two fan-favorite characters, fans were left in shock and awe. Both deaths were already expected to take place but no one imagined Glenn and Abraham's death would be depicted in such a brutal manner.

Of course, one would expect an execution by a barbed wire bat to be anything but appropriate, which it was. Glenn and Abraham's executions were both very difficult to watch, especially with Glenn's eye popping out after the first swing to his head. The whole scene played out in a gruesomely dramatic fashion, but it could've gone in a completely different direction.

Was Negan supposed to kill Maggie instead?

It turns out that a leaked clip of a Negan executing someone else found its way online, and it depicts Negan taking his bat to Maggie rather than Abraham.

As we can see in the video, Maggie winds up being Negan's initial victim and she responds to the first bat swing like a champ. Too bad, she winds up in a puddle of blood and brain matter before the conclusion of the leaked scene. It's unclear if The Walking Dead was going to pursue this ending or if it was just released as a ploy to detract spoiler curious fans, but it clearly would've altered the course of The Walking Dead dramatically had Maggie been Negan's first victim.

Aside from seeing Maggie taking the first swing of the bat, we also see Glenn jump up in protest of Negan's decision to kill Maggie. Glenn is then met with a swift bludgeoning by one of the Saviors to halt the protest and Negan proceeds to execute Maggie with his bat.

Who would Negan have killed alongside Maggie?

With Maggie's death in mind, what would've Negan done next? We know in the actual premiere episode of Season 7 that Negan decided to take Glenn's life as a result of Daryl striking him out of anger, after Abraham's execution. Along with Negan warning the group that he'd shut down any outbursts or protests to his on-going execution and being true to his word when Daryl struck him, Glenn was executed alongside Abraham. But that draws up the question of who Negan would've killed after Maggie?

In the clip, we can see that Glenn jumps up in protest of Negan's decision to kill Maggie which would call for Negan to kill another member of their group, after Maggie. As to who that might have been is undetermined. However, considering that Negan decided to kill Glenn after Daryl had an outburst, it would be reasonable to assume that Negan would choose Daryl in Glenn's place, in the scenario of the situation being flipped around for the two. That would've seen Maggie and Daryl biting the dust rather than Glenn and Abraham. Although, considering that Maggie was dearly loved by Glenn, it doesn't seem like Glenn would've had anything to lose after Maggie and their unborn child's death. Glenn probably would've done something to cause Negan to execute him along with Maggie and Daryl. Then Rick's group would've been even more devastated by the loss of three friends rather than just two.

Daryl and Maggie could still die before season 7's end.

Luckily, we don't have to worry about Daryl and Maggie dying for the time being. Although, their current situations could see either or both of them die before the end of Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Daryl is currently being held captive by Negan and Maggie is drudging her way to the Hilltop colony to get help for her baby, but Maggie's journey might see her dead before she reaches the Hilltop. Not only will Maggie struggle to reach the Hilltop but she has to maintain her mental reserve, after watching Glenn's execution, and on top of that, she has to care for the unborn child in her womb who seems to be having issues. All the odds are stacking up against Maggie and Daryl, and the two could be additional casualties to take place during Season 7.

Should Maggie have been executed by Negan instead of Abraham? And would Negan have killed Glenn and another member of Rick's group in response to Glenn's outburst at th sight of Maggie being killed?

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