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Villainess Review: Madison (Supernatural)

One of the most memorable villainesses from the series 15 year history is a tragic figure from the show's second season

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison

Where do I start with Supernatural? Without question, Supernatural is the WB/CW's great series in the network's history, which dates back to 1995. The series debuted in 2005, during the network's final season as The WB, and outlasted many other shows up until its big finale in 2020. It made household names out of stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who played brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively, and overall, the show became immensely legendary as the seasons passed. I myself watched Supernatural sporadically during the first couple of years, but became a regular viewer when Season Three began, and I never looked back.

One episode that stays with me to this day is "Heart," and it begins with a woman named Madison at a bar being hit on by this guy named Nate--the two are office co-workers. Madison turns Nate down, and regarding the latter, the next time we see him--it's the next day and he's found on a desk mauled to death. Yikes! Sam and Dean learn about this, and Dean is immensely excited for this case. The reason: Dean knows that a werewolf is behind it, and all it takes is a simple silver bullet to take them down; that's one thing that SPN didn't change.

I'll explain. One of the many things I've been fascinated with regarding SPN is how rules with certain supernatural creatures differ from what we've seen in films and other shows for over a century. For example, vampires. In normal films and shows, only the canines extend into fangs, but on SPN, vampires have a full set of jagged uppers and lowers. And the "stake through the heart" thing is out; the only way to kill a vampire is decapitation. Regarding werewolves (the subject of the episode), while a full moon does trigger a transformation, they don't sprout hair; only wildly colored eyes, fangs, and black claws. That's it.

Anyway, the boys meet Madison, and it's clear that Sam has some affinity for her. He ends up in charge of keeping an eye on Madison (thanks to Sam winning a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" duel), and it sees him being forced to watch Madison's favorite soap opera with her--though he clearly gets into it. As for Dean, he's tracking Madison's ex-boyfriend, Kurt, as he is a viable suspect due to his controlling behavior during their relationship. As Madison retires for the evening, Dean hears a noise from Kurt's apartment and rushes in. He expected to see Kurt on the prowl. He did not expect this:

What big eyes and big teeth she has!

When Dean entered the apartment, he saw Kurt...on the floor...being mauled to death...by Madison! Yes, Madison, not Kurt, was the werewolf in question, and she lunged at Dean, who nicked Madison with a silver knife. After Madison escaped, Dean phoned Sam with the revelation, and the following day saw Madison held captive by the brothers, with Madison denying being a werewolf and adding that she had no memory of what occurred that night. More questioning revealed an incident from Madison's past: she was mugged some time prior to the events of the episode, but didn't know who--or what--attacked her. The brothers put two and two together and it equaled a second werewolf attacking Madison that evening. Sam, wanting to save Madison, suggests finding and killing this werewolf to sever the bloodline (a plan that has worked in some werewolf films and shows), with Dean heading out while Sam watched Madison.

Outside, an unnamed blonde woman was being pursued by a werewolf; all the while, Madison transforms and lunges after Sam, who managed to trap Madison in her closet. The other werewolf's attempt to go after the blonde is stopped by Dean, who fires a number of shots in to the werewolf, who is revealed as Madison's neighbor, Glenn. Afterwards, Madison suddenly sees the truth for herself when she notices the claw marks in the closet, but with Glenn's death, the trio believe that the curse is lifted, and it appears to be confirmed when the full moon rises on the next night, and nothing happens. With all seemingly well, Sam consummates with Madison, but afterwards, Sam wakes up to see Madison in her werewolf form, snarling before she leaps out through the window. Madison contacted Sam on the following day, and with all three knowing that there was no cure, Madison resigned herself to the realization that she had to be killed, with Sam volunteering to do so, while Dean went into the kitchen--and shed a tear afterwards.

"Heart" was the 17th episode of Supernatural's second season, and aired on The CW on March 22, 2007. The episode featured Emmanuelle Vaugier as (tragic) werewolf villainess Madison, in what was the series' very first werewolf-centered episode (but definitely not the last). I remember the promos actually gave away Madison as a werewolf, so I was looking forward to this episode immensely. I loved Madison; I loved her response to Sam rolling his eyes over Madison watching a soap, and I loved how warm she was--even though she clearly had a vicious side. I also loved Madison's werewolf look, it was very fierce and absolutely amazing. Unsurprisingly, Vaugier's performance was spectacular. I've seen Vaugier in so many things, and in every role she's played, she gives her all. Her SPN appearance is no different; she knocked this out of the park.

Madison is one of nine villainous roles (that I know of) that Emmanuelle Vaugier has played. They also include (but aren't limited to) The Morrigan on Lost Girl, a crime boss' fiancee (Monk), a corrupt cop (Republic of Doyle), and an evil military officer (MacGyver). Vaugier has even played a Lifetime villainess, playing Genevieve Parker in 2020's Dying for Motherhood. She has also done a number of other Lifetime films; however, fans of Two and a Half Men (which I definitely am) know Vaugier as Mia, Charlie Harper's girlfriend-turned-fiancee during the show's third season.

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