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by Joseph Roy Wright about a year ago in halloween
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A Medieval Slasher Story

About me:

Hello, my name is Joseph Roy Wright. I am a Independent Author from England, Cheshire. I have written several Self-Published Novels over the years as well as short stories and reviews on Vocal. Here is a short Preview for my latest horror story, VILLAGER, which will be a slasher novel set during the middle ages in England. A Killer by the name of Vorson is let loose onto The Village of Ravern, on a Halloween night. Here is the Prologue to this horrifying tale:


Princess Emilia Ravern was about to give birth. To a child that was meant to be honoured into this royal family. Her father, mother, brother and fake lover, were supporting her give birth. 'Push my darling!' Throgbreth, her fake lover, cried, holding her hand tightly. He was a peasant of sorts, someone her parents disdained. But he was paid in gold by her brother, Winsalot, who was Emilia's true lover. It seemed only the most desperate of beggars would dare take on such an offer. Throgbreth was skin and bone, he had a black beard, speckled with grey. Emilia and her family were very clean, shaven and groomed, unlike Throgbreth. King Westword and Queen Simona were most displeased with this news, but felt no choice but to welcome him into the family. But that was all to change on this cold, stormy night, inside Castle Ravern. When the first sight of the to be known Ripper of Ravern was witnessed; everyone, including his mother, cried in horror. For a strange, red and twisted head emerged, with a body irregular and hideously disfigured. It was a sad night, for the Ravern family. 'It is his fault!' King Westword pointed at Throgbreth. 'Un-royal blood, the filthy inbred mongrel, who dirtied my daughter!' Westword cried, tears soaking his majestic, blonde beard. 'It is your son's child, not I!' Throgbreth screamed, over the baby. 'His doing, it was! I tell thee, your son, Winsalot and daughter, Emilia, had incest relations. They paid I many, to live out this lie. THAT thing is not my doing!' The peasant roared, furiously. 'Daughter, is this madness true?!' Simona gasped, clutching her chest. 'Liar!' Emilia screamed, lying. 'Yes, this filthy peasant lies! I would never soil my sister! What is wrong with this man! Only the son of a devil could conjure such a blasphemous story, such as this one!' Winsalot roared, pushing Throgbreth over. King Westword ordered his armoured guards to take him away. Both Emilia and Winsalot grinned at Throgbreth, knowingly, as he was removed from her bedroom.

Now stood the 4 Ravern family members, over looking Emilia's new inbred baby. He was a hollowing sight, they all cried over the poor thing. They still loved this baby, for it was still quite healthy (despite its appearance). They did not wish to end him, and named him Vorson, However, they kept his existence a secret. They feared that those outside the castle walls would judge the Ravern family and say that their blood was spoiled and unworthy, (not a good look to the other kingdoms). So they kept him in a underground dungeon below the castle, in the darkness, hidden from all but the Raverns. Only them and a few selected royalists would tend to their baby. To the public of Village Ravern, King Westword would announce that Emilia's child had died during birth, and so the villagers would mourn. Emilia and Winsalot's taboo relationship was never revealed, not even their parents were to learn of this dark truth. Throgbreth was put on trial, publicly, in front of the whole village. The judges told the villagers of his disgrace, and that it was his fault, that Emilia's baby had died. For they made up a fictitious story that said he had bad blood, and was full of disease. They did not sentence him to death, but to a life of imprisonment, in the dungeons of Ravern Village, where he would be treated far worse, than that of a beggar. It was an unfair twist, for a desperate man who needed the gold. Like before, Emilia and Winsalot grinned in delight, at his misfortune. Often times throughout his imprisonment, they would pop by just to taunt him and laugh, like an ape at a zoo. He stopped reacting after a year or 2, and they left him alone, with the rest of Ravern's scum. Little is known of Throgbreth now, he could be dead, or still alive, going mad in solitude.

20 years passed and Vorson was almost forgotten. Completely mad in that dark dungeon, eating rats and other raw meat, that the Ravern's would often feed him. Some villagers who lived in the castle told stories of a Troll, or a Cyclops beneath them. Not even the new royalists that fed Vorson knew what he was, for the Ravern's never spoke of him, and would refuse when asked. It is stories like Vorson's where these legends of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and other such beasts stem from. For Vorson was no mythical monster from a dark fantasy tale, he was human, like you and me, but cursed to be treated unlike one. And when a man is driven mad, where all he knows is cruelty and darkness, with no education, or any knowledge of the outside world; then it is no wonder, that he would behave more like beast. Some nights you'd hear his roars, growls and howls beneath Castle Ravern. Many thought the castle was haunted too, all sorts of ghastly tales were written about Ravern Village throughout the years. It became somewhat of an attraction to many wanderers and Knights that ventured through Ravern. What was this strange beast that lay beneath Castle Ravern? Many wondered. But it was on one unfortunate night, the 31st of October, 1113 AD, that Vorson finally made his escape.

That was the Prologue of my latest book, quite the set up? I hope you agree! Please check out the rest of my Vocal for other stories and reviews, as well as other book previews. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Possible Book Cover

Book and cover still in development.


About the author

Joseph Roy Wright

Hello there.

My name is Joseph Roy Wright, the British author of 5 Independent novels!

I like to write about movies, pop culture, fiction and horror! I review all the latest films (and classics), I also like to write short stories.

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