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Grave digging night

By GhoulPublished 2 months ago 19 min read

At nine thirty at night, not a single person passed by.

Sitting against a banyan tree along the dark village road, Cuong was impatient as if there was a fire burning in his heart. Never seen time pass so slowly. Feeling nervous and unable to hide the tension on his face, Cuong clumsily pulled out a crumpled cigarette pack and brought it to his lips. As soon as he opened the lighter, he caught a glimpse of a red face and an empty bottle of wine next to him appeared.

He continuously inhaled, exhaling the smoke with a sigh.

The wind blew in gusts, a few zigzag lightning flashed as if wanting to tear apart the dark sky.

"There's going to be a thunderstorm. The better!"

He muttered softly.

Just after tonight, everything will completely change. He will have money to pay off his gambling-loving father and have money to repair the dilapidated house.

And more importantly, he will have money to propose to Lan, the most beautiful girl in the village whom he has loved for a long time.


Many times she went to Lan's house and asked to get married, but her parents always looked down on her, even hinting in front of Cuong many times:

- If a girl gets married, she must choose someone with economic conditions to reduce suffering in the future. But don't be blind, because of love, if you marry someone who doesn't have a stable job and is miserable, how can you live? At that time, we sat cursing and scolding each other all day and then it was too late to regret it.

The voice of Mrs. Hue, his lover's mother, still haunted his mind:

- My husband and I only have one daughter. After more than twenty years of raising my beautiful child like this, I don't want my child to suffer in the future. If you have a stable job and a decent family, we won't stop you from doing anything because we know you really love Lan. Here... Anyway, reflect on your family situation. Already thirty years old, what do you have?

At first, he felt sad and self-conscious, but in the end, what she said was right...

Born in unfavorable circumstances compared to others, his mother died early, his father became depressed and turned to alcohol and gambling, thinking it was just a moment to relieve his sadness, but unexpectedly the situation became more and more profound, causing him to become more and more depressed. the family became poor. again. even more deprived. No matter how much money he earns, he still has to pay off his father's money and debt. While at his age, his friends had enough to eat and drink, thinking about their fate, they were always worried, not knowing when they would have the opportunity to change their lives...

Cuong glanced at his lover and saw her looking down as if she were embarrassed.

He said to Mrs. Hue with a tough attitude:

- I promise you, at the end of this year I will stabilize my job and move out. I will have a lot of money to take good care of Lan, please believe me...

She quickly waved her hand to interrupt, her voice louder:

- Stop, stop! I always see him promising "it will be like this, it will be like that..." but then I don't know when he will be able to do it. People with money do not need to promise others to believe. People who have nothing only know how to promise all day long.

As she spoke, she stood up and went into the room:

- From now on, I hope you will let my daughter go. Later, find someone suitable for your situation. Don't dream anymore, moldy chopsticks can't hold a lipstick tray. Please come back!

Although Lan loves Cuong, every day she listens to her mother's whispers, and over time, she gets used to it. Looking at my close friends, everyone who married rich men looked happy, ate well and dressed well. Those who marry poor people look after children, sell baskets, and run every meal. Witnessing the truth appear before her eyes, she became even more hesitant about her love life.

"If you are poor, happiness will never last long. Remember that."

Her mother advised so.

Lan began to hesitate, half wanting to break up, half wanting to give Cuong more time. If she still can't build a career, she will marry Thang. A guy with a bright future, the son of the vice president of the commune, is the person his parents have chosen. And more importantly, Thang himself has been keeping an eye on her for a long time. Even though he looks ugly, maybe she doesn't love him now, but later on, their married life will be closer, maybe everything will change...

That evening, seeing Cuong out on the village street, she hesitantly said:

- Please take the time to worry about your work. We shouldn't see each other so much...

Seeing your lover's way of talking seems cold and distant. Cuong quickly grabbed her hand and said harshly:

- Hey, what's with your attitude? What did you promise me the other day? Didn't you say that no matter what the situation is, you still want to be my wife...

Confused, she removed Cuong's hand and struggled to explain, her voice filled with anger and bitterness:

- That's true, but life also has to be a bit realistic. After three years of love, I waited for him to settle down in his job, but I wonder when? Until when? Please answer me!

Cuong hesitated and looked down slightly.

With tears in her eyes, Lan continued:

- The house is dilapidated and lacking. His father gambled all day, and when he wasn't gambling, he drank, vandalized, and cursed. I think for you, but you also have to think for my life...

Cuong heard his lover say and suddenly felt a heavy heart. He lowered his voice to comfort:

- I will have money, just rest assured and wait a little while longer. I will go to the district town to live, I promise!

Lan silently turned back into the house. The mood was chaotic and awkward, both loving Cuong but also worrying about his fate.

Cuong told him:

- I hope you will keep your promise to me, we will get married soon...


Since then, Cuong has been diligent and diligent in doing all kinds of different jobs to make a living, but if he saves a little, he has to use money immediately. A few months ago, he got fifteen million, a quite large amount of money for him, he had to work very hard to accumulate it from his job as a construction worker.

Before he could be happy, his father became seriously ill and had to be transferred to the district hospital to be treated for liver disease caused by drinking too much alcohol. After two months in the hospital, he had to abandon his work to take care of him, and his money also ran out.

Difficulties piled upon difficulties, and many times he could only blame God for treating him like that. People who start a business also have the basic foundation of family. Even if they don't have material things, they can still be spiritual. Over here, he only has an empty number and a heavy burden on his shoulders.

After being discharged from the hospital, Cuong expressed a harsh attitude toward his father because of the frustrations and difficulties he caused him.

Mr. Lam also realized his mistake and said:

- I know you've worked hard. From now on, dad promises to gradually stop drinking and gambling so that you can do business with peace of mind. But...

Cuong raised his head and asked:

- But with what else? I don't need you to make money, I just need you to sit at home and rest, don't let me be ashamed of Lan's family. That's all I need, is it not possible anymore?

Mr. Lam waved his hand, his face contorted with regret:

- I can give it up, I can give it up. But now, I still owe people another twenty million... I just need you to help me pay...

- Twenty million? Are you crazy? Do you know how big that amount of money is?

Hearing Cuong's anger, his eyes widened in anger. Mr. Lam lowered his head and muttered an explanation:

- I know I was wrong. At this age, you should be a spiritual support for your child, but dad made a big mistake. Just because I want to have a lot of money to fix the house to make it decent for people...

Mr. Lam stopped and saw his son looking thoughtfully out the door. Placing his hand on Cuong's shoulder, his voice was sad and thoughtful:

- Don't think I don't care about anything. I know that people look down on our poor family, so I have not agreed to the matter between you and Lan. That's why dad feels helpless and depressed. When I'm old, I don't have much ability to work and make money. I have to rely on gambling to find some luck. If possible, I can still take care of my children somewhat. Who would have thought it would make me suffer even more...

Cuong sighed and turned back to look at his father with more sympathetic eyes.

- Okay, I will try to help dad one last time. Dad, please leave me alone in the future, I also need to have my own life. I'm so tired...

Thanks to his resourcefulness, hard work and good fortune, Cuong asked to be part of the commune's funeral organizing team.

The initial income was not much, but it was more stable and less difficult, so he was temporarily satisfied. Although my heart is still tormented because it will take a long time to accumulate capital. Can Lan wait until then?

A few days ago, I went to the funeral of Mr. Hai, a famous and wealthy wood factory owner in the village.

A strange thing he discovered when he and his family placed Mr. Hai's body in the coffin was a large gold ring worn on the middle finger of his left hand and a necklace larger than two gold bars with precious stones hanging down. exposed through the shirt. Just by looking at the size, he calculated that it would be worth about a hundred million in cash if sold.

Gold buried with the dead, something both strange and familiar, I don't know if it was due to Mr. Hai's wish before he died, or simply because the family wanted to keep the precious jewelry that he had kept intact when he was alive. very dear. Maybe for that reason, now no one dares to remove it so that his soul can rest in peace and rest in peace. But maybe a few years later, they will bring this gold back.

But whatever the reason, Cuong doesn't care and doesn't need to find out, he just knows that this is an opportunity to change his life.

The most important thing to him now is "Money", the more the better. Money can change everything. More importantly, when you have money, no one will dare to look down on you anymore. Working for other people all day long will never make you rich. If you want to do business and become rich, you must have capital.

After thinking and pondering, he made a plan for himself. A crazy job, digging up Mr. Hai's grave to steal that gold.

Tonight is the best opportunity to do it, he also needs to have money soon, too many things are waiting for this money to be solved.

Cuong calculated very carefully, after getting this gold, he would not use it because it would easily attract suspicion. Next, he moved to the district town as a person to settle down, then sold this gold for a large sum of money. There, he will find a shop to rent to open a cafe and beverage shop and welcome his lover with him. Lan won't have to worry anymore, life will be different, the future will be brighter...

Up until now, ghost stories have not bothered Cuong much, because he has never seen them before anyway.

"Death is the end." He thought that in his head.

If digging up the dead man's body scared him, then being discovered by others scared him many times more. Although he gave himself two choices, one is to have everything to change his life, the other is to lose everything, but this is not a joke, the worst thing is to be beaten by family members, the worst is to go to prison for at least a few years. , that's what worries him the most so he has to be very cautious when acting, can't let anyone see or suspect...

- Cuong, why are you sitting here?

While deep in thought, Cuong was startled and his eyes widened. Trong was standing in front of him, holding a bright flashlight.

Cuong was both surprised and annoyed by its untimely appearance. Although both of their jobs are related to the dead, unlike the funeral process team like Cuong, Trong is a specialist in tomb building in the village. They have known each other since childhood, but he does not like Trong's personality. .

With a reluctant attitude, Cuong replied curtly, shaking the wine bottle in his hand:

- Drink alcohol. Don't you see?

Trong burst out laughing, he sat down opposite Cuong, held the bottle of wine and looked at it, saying:

- Drinking here? Alone in the middle of a stormy night like this? Do you think I believe it?

Cuong grabbed the bottle with a fierce attitude:

- Leave me alone, whatever I do has nothing to do with you.

- Hey, why so hot, friend! I'm just asking. There must be some sort of mission, right?

As soon as he discovered Cuong sitting here, Trong quickly sensed something was going on. Although it was not clear, Cuong's attitude and the sack peeking out from behind the banyan tree, the flashlight light helped him realize many unusual things.

Seeing that Cuong didn't say anything, he probed:

- Is there anything I can do? There's so little work these days, I can't earn much. My wife is about to give birth again so I need money...

Listening to Trong's words, Cuong thought for a moment and decided to invite him to join him, anyway, the two of them would do it faster. But if so, he would have to divide the gold in half, which he never wanted.

Cuong's attitude has softened. Anyway, he had to be gentle to find a way to chase it away soon. He took a deep drag of his cigarette and said following the exhaled smoke:

- Um, but not now. In a few days, I will call if anything comes up.

- Great.

Trong's eyes lit up, but his doubts were still there, he asked:

- But tonight, do you need my help with anything? Surely it's very important?

Hearing Trong's questioning, Cuong was suddenly startled and confused. He burst out laughing and said:

- Ah, no... no... It's nothing. I encountered a lot of annoying things today and felt sad, so I just came here to sit and drink.

Seeing Trong nodding, Cuong expressed concern:

- By the way, your wife is pregnant, you don't know when she'll go into labor, it's about to get stormy. Go home and take care of it, I'll call you in a few days. I'm about to do big business in the district, lots of work for you.

- Oh, remember. If you need anything, just tell me, I'm free this time.

Trong smiled happily but still glanced at Cuong's sack, he stood up:

- That's it, I have to go home.

Cuong replied:

- Yes, I'll be back too. There's going to be a big storm.

Look at the rough figure of Trong holding a flashlight as he walks home. Cuong sighed, muttering a few curses even though inside he felt much more relieved.

Tilt your neck and take a long gulp. The alcohol quickly seeped into every muscle, tingling and burning throughout the body, drowning out the vague fear that had just appeared. The mind feels a bit lightheaded and excited.

A large sack was placed under the banyan tree, inside were a shovel, crowbar, hammer, some nails and a flashlight. A small knife was kept at his side. That alone was more than enough for him to do his job. His years as a construction worker had given him a lot of experience.

Carefully holding the sack, he stood up and walked away, his shadow blurred in the vast darkness that was covering...


The dirt road leading to the field, or as the villagers call it, is the road to the cemetery, where Mr. Hai's grave was buried just a few days ago. During the day it was already deserted, but at night it was even darker, desolate and terrifyingly cold.

"We have to hurry, we have to finish it before dawn."

He thought to himself and walked faster with the rushing wind blowing back, his old sneakers mixed with the sound of rustling grass on both sides of the road.

In the sky, there were still several interlaced lines of lightning flashing, intertwining, revealing the silhouettes of a few tombs, looming and lurking ahead.

Suddenly Cuong stopped.

There was a sound like footsteps coming from behind. An uneasy feeling suddenly appeared in my head, as if someone was following me.

Cuong stood still, turned his head around...

Behind is only a long dirt road, with a few ancient trees spreading their leaves in the wind like waving arms.

The sound of frogs croaking from the fields sounded so haunting and haunting that it gave me goosebumps in the middle of the quiet night.

"Who dares to come out here at this hour?!"

He muttered and walked as if running into a cemetery.

The mist covered hundreds of graves, large and small, new and old, interwoven in long rows, spread along the entire path.

flying and calling continuously under the flashing lightning.

The sound hadn't ended yet, he heard the sound of wheezing and urgent breathing as if someone was trying to raise their voice right behind him.

Sweat suddenly broke out from the back of his neck, cold air quickly spread throughout his body, making him want to collapse in fear.

The u cut one by one, creating a squeaking sound of metal rubbing against the bones.

Mr. Hai's finger was about to fall off, the piece of skin stuck to it, making it dangle and about to fall off.

explain later. Let's go...

As he spoke, Cuong grabbed Lan's hand and pulled her away, causing her to panic and pull back.

- Wait a minute... Suddenly I feel very worried.

- There's not much time left. I have to leave here before dawn.

Cuong hastily explained. As if to strengthen his confidence, he dug out a gold necklace from his pocket and held it in front of Lan's face before continuing:

- I have money... We'll get married.

- Where... where did you get this necklace... Don't tell me you stole it, otherwise...

Cuong interrupted:

- No, it's ours now. Don't worry about anything, let's go.

- But... I feel so scared... Let's talk tomorrow... Go home.

Starting to feel uncomfortable, Cuong shouted:

- Are you chasing me? What did you promise me? If this isn't money then what is it? I will get married...

Cuong rushed to hug his lover in an attempt to pull her out.

- Let me go...let me go. I'm screaming now. Let go...let go...

As she spoke, Lan clung to the door, fumbled for the light switch and turned it on. As soon as the light turned on, Cuong angrily dragged her out the door, letting Lan scream loudly and fall backwards to the ground.

Lan's parents woke up, turned on the light and started running to her room.

Cuong panicked and ran away because he was afraid of being discovered. He said:

- I won't let you go, just remember that! I'll come back to take you away...


The next night in the hospital, sitting at my daughter's bedside. As soon as she saw her husband enter, Mrs. Hue cried and said:

- I don't understand why, when he was calm and healthy, he turned crazy like this again? Now I know what to do...

The husband looked at his daughter who was in a coma, her skin was pale, and sometimes she was startled, and he blamed:

- It's also because you forbade their love story that this happened. It's all because of you!

Mrs. Hue sniffled:

- Just because I'm worried about Lan, I want her to marry a decent husband. Is that wrong? Why are you blaming me now? But how did you go to the police? Does your family have anything to do with it?

The husband sighed:

- Now, the police have investigated, last night Cuong and Trong dug up Mr. Hai's grave to rob gold. Trong choked to death in a rainwater hole, his wife was still preparing to give birth...

Mrs. Hue gasped:

- What about... Cuong, have you found him yet?

The husband shook his head, his face wrinkled:

- Poor thing, the police found a gold chain in his pocket...

- So where is Cuong now, is anything wrong?

The husband sadly said:

- Cuong also died last night...

A moment later he continued:

- He was struck in the head by lightning, his body was floating in Mr. Hai's grave. I feel so sorry and regretful, I just hope she will recover soon and stop haunting my daughter...

After hearing her husband's words, Mrs. Hue hugged her face and cried, both sad and scared:

- That's right, sir. No wonder, my daughter said last night she dreamed that Cuong appeared and knocked on the door and invited him to follow. When he turned on the light, he saw Cuong's head broken in half, blood still flowing down his body. I thought it was just a nightmare, but unexpectedly... Cai Lan was so scared, she went crazy...


Lan lay dreamily on the hospital bed, feeling cold as the howling wind blew loudly and blew open the window rushing towards her.

She slowly opened her eyes when she saw a figure standing outside the window calling her name:

"Lan...oh...! Come...with...me...Go...away...from...this...place..."

Lan jumped up in panic and right in front of her saw Cuong with a crushed head, gray skin, and cold hands dragging her away. She screamed in terror, her body convulsed, and her state of mind was in extreme panic.

"No, no...let me go...let me goaaa..."

The ghostly, spine-chilling laughter echoed throughout the night along with Lan's dazed, crazy face


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