Vampires from Demonology

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List of Vampires from Demonology.

Vampires from Demonology

We've all have heard stories about vampires and creatures going bump in the night, but where do most of these tales originate from? Demonology is the study of multiple creatures of the abyss from all origins of the world. Within the studies of demonology are vampiric creatures ranging from firefly-transforming bloodsuckers all the way to a corpse crawling its way from the grave to feast on your flesh.

1 - Yara-ma-yha-who


The Yara-ma-yha-who are little red men. They stalk campers at night that choose to sleep under fig trees. Who would've imagined sleeping under a tree would get you killed? They wait for the camper to fall asleep, then they swarm the body and begin feasting on the victim's flesh.

2 - Jiang Shi

Jiang Shi

The Jiang shi originated from Asia, and were brought back by magic. A wizard would be hired by the family of the deceased to return the body home. The wizard would then place a spell paper on the corpse's forehead. They would travel through the night and return to the deceased one's homeland. If something angered, threatened, or insufficient payment was made, the paper could be torn off. The creature would then become hostile, attacking and eating those held even dearest.

3 - Pricolici


The Pricolici comes from Romania. It's believed that any child born with a tail was doomed to become a creature of the night. They had the ability to transform into wolves, and would bite victims above where their heart was located.

4 - Icelandic Draugur

Icelandic Draugur

The Icelandic Draugr from Iceland were considered the walking dead. They would harass the living into madness, play tricks, and eventually kill their victims. The only way to kill one is a stake through the heart, or decapitation.

5 - Jigarkhvar


Originating from Indian mythology the Jigarkhvar is an evil female demon. It stalks victims and makes them faint with its eyes. After it has made its victim pass out it then rips into their stomach with their long nails. They feast on victim's liver. These creatures are believed to be a cause of improper burial, allowing the corpse to return back from the dead.

6 - Alukah


They may appear sweet; however the Alukah is one of the deadliest demon vampires in Demonology. Why? They have the ability to transform into little cats. They are believed to charm their victims into taking pity on them. After they've been taken in by their victim they transform into a blood sucking creature. They originate in Europe and their name translates into leech.

7 - Dze


The Dze originate from the Ashanti tribe. They are vampires that hunt children and can shape shift into a firefly. Imagine sitting out on a cool summer night watching fireflies light up the sky, and then they all turn into a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures running at you. This is the true meaning of literally what just happened?

8 - Incubus / Succubus


Rather than feeding on their victim's blood these vampire demons feed off life force. Incubus is the male version, and Succubus is the female version. These creatures can appear as people, or just show their true demonic form. They have sexual encounters with their victims and cause sleep paralysis. Sometimes it can result in death, but typically the victim will wake up feeling drained, unusual marks, and confusion.

9 - Callicantzaros


The Callicantzaros are Greek vampires. They are forced to dwell underground and live in caves until the 25th of December. They then walk the surface for 12 days, and cause destruction in their paths. They have been known to lay waste to villages and steal children.

10 - Chiang-shih


An older Chinese belief is a person can have two souls, one superior and one inferior. During death, the superior soul leaves the corpse, while the inferior stays. If the inferior soul is strong enough it can take control of the corpse. It then changes into a Chiang-shi that can transform into wolves, and gains more powers by killing others.

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