Val (Pt. 5)

by Kat Woods about a year ago in fiction

Part 5

Val (Pt. 5)

"Yeah... Let's go home."



A voice echoes through the damp room. I open my eyes. A dim light burns my blurry vision.

"Who... Who's there?" My head throbs and my eyes burn. Every inch of my body aches.

"She's gone, Valarie." The voice echoes louder.

"Who? Who's gone?" I try to stand up, almost losing my balance.

"Margret, Valarie. Margret is gone."

I regain my balance and look around. "W...what? Who are you?"

"She left with you, Valarie. You took her home." A shadow shifts in the dim light. It slowly shapes itself into the form of a human.

"N... no. Who are you?" It slowly gets closer. I try to back up but my feet are frozen.

"She's in danger, Valarie."

"Who are you? Why can't I move?"

It stands in front of me. Nothing but a shadow, it reaches out and touches my hair.

"I can help you." Its voice is low and raspy, more like a whisper.

"Who... who are you? Where am I?"

The thing darts back into the corner, hissing.

"This way, Mag. I think the exit is this way," a voice calls out from somewhere in the distance.

"Maggie?" I call out, "Maggie is that you? Help! I'm in here!"

I see a shadow pass by a window in the door. Maggie walks by. Did she not hear me? Wait. Who is that behind her? Is... is that... me?

"Hold on, Mag. Wait right here. I'll be back. I think I saw a window in here." The door opens and... I walk in....

"Who... what are you?" I look the imposter.

"Why, I'm you, of course." She smiles ominously.

"But... No. Who are you?"

She gets closer to me, her eyes getting red.

"I'm Valarie Wilks. 17. Born October 10, 2001. I have a younger brother named Anthony. My parents are Abby and Martin Wilks, and my best friend is Margret Villa. I live in a big, old house on old Miller road. I was born and raised here in the lovely state of Massachusetts, with a lovely lake in my backyard." Her smile widens when she says this last part.

My eyes start to tear up. How is this possible. She... It knew every detail about me and my life. Then I remember. The folder. Could this be real? The Valarie Wilks from the patient file. It didn't have a picture so maybe...

"Maggie!" I call out to her, hoping she can hear me.

"She can't hear you. You don't exist." She winks at me and turns to leave. As she does this, she drops something on the floor in front of me. It's a patient file.

Valarie Wilks. Age 17. Born in Salem, MA. Birthdate 10.10.1806. The page turns to reveal a picture. It's me. No, it's her. The girl who died here in 1840 at the age of 34. The one who killed her brother.

Now she's free. She's going to my house. To my family. To my... my brother.

"No! No! Get back here!" I scream and try to move, but my feet won't budge.

"Nope. There weren't any windows. Let's go this way." I can hear her talking to Maggie.

"Okay. But let's hurry." Maggie's voice rings in my ears, followed by the sound of footsteps.

"Maggie! Please!" I scream. Tears form in my eyes.

"Did you hear that?" The footsteps stop.

"Hear what?" the imposter speaks.

"Maggie! Help me!" I call out again, hoping she hears me.

"It was nothing. Let's just go."

No! She didn't hear me. I start crying.

"Please! You can't leave me here!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

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