Val (Pt. 3)

by Kat Woods about a year ago in fiction

Part 3

Val (Pt. 3)

"Come find her" is written messily across the mirror, a bloody handprint next to it.

"Seriously Margret, this isn't funny anymore. We could get in real trouble for being here and you decide playing a joke on me would be fun. What it we get caught?" I frown and wipe the mirror off. I turn the water off and walk towards the door.

"And the fake blood? Was that necessary?" I cross my arms and leave the bathroom.

"She's in here..." A voice echoes down the hallway. A shadow zips across the hall and into a room.

"Maggie? I'm not playing your little games. I'm serious. It was funny the first time you did it. But after a couple hundred times, it gets old." I cross my arms and walk down the hallway.

"In here. Hello, she's in here."

"Where's here? I swear Maggie this is the last time I bring you-"

"AAAAAAGHHHHHH!" An ear shattering scream flies down the hallway. A door slams shut down the long corridor. I jump. My heart races.

"Ugh... Maggie..." My hairs stand on end. Slowly, I inch towards the door. A cold breeze runs through my hair.

I open the door. The smell of mold and rotting meat swims thick in the air. I can't breathe.

"Magg—" I cough violently and the smell gets to be too much. I throw up. I cough more and close my eyes.

I take out my phone for the flash light. It's dead. "Ugh... crap." I wipe my mouth and search the wall for a light switch.

I move all of the way into the room and hug the wall, still searching for the switch. After I get into the room, the door slams shut.

"NO!" I run to the door and pound my fists against it. I pull at the door nob. It comes off in my hands. "Crap!" I lean my head against the door. The horrid smell wraps itself around my throat. I can't breathe in here. I cover my mouth and hit my head against the door. My eyes start to burn.

"Hehehe..." A small sound slithers through the darkness behind me. I turn around.

"Who's there?" I hold my nose to mask the smell, "Maggie? Please tell me that's you? I just want to go home." Something shuffles somewhere in the blackness.

"Sshhhh!" Laughter fills the air.

"Margret! Stop. I'm just gonna leave." I turn to try the door again, but it's open.

"Valarie." A small voice peeps from behind me. I turn around to see a bright white light shining in my eyes.

"Margret? Come on. Cut it out. You aren't funny," I cross my arms and frown, "it stinks in here and I feel sick. Can we please leave?" The light lowers and dies out.

"Valarie... Valarie... Valarie...Valarie..." The voice repeats my name over and over again. It sounds faded and ominous. The more my name is said, the less the voice sounds human.

I stare into the darkness. The hair on my arms stands on end. My back starts to sting. My head throbs.

"VALARIE!" A different voice blares in my ears. I begin to get dizzy. The voice in front of me stops momentarily. Two red orbs appear just inches away from my face.

"Valarie..." The voice whispers my name. The voice is monotonous and dull. I feel a cold hand reach out and touch my shoulder. Nails begin to dig into my skin. I can't move. My body is paralyzed in fear.

"M...Maggie..." I close my eyes.

"Valarie." The voice repeats my name. This time, it's warm breath greets my face, "Valarie."

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