Unexpected Fate (Ch. 1)

by Zach Eckert about a year ago in fiction

Chapter 1

Unexpected Fate (Ch. 1)

Beaten, bloody and bruised, Jared was left in the rain to die a slow death. With every inch of fight left in his poor lifeless body. He manages to crawl over to a pile of garbage bags and cardboard boxes. Once over there, Jared covers himself with boxes and lets death win. Bleeding out, stuck in what looks like an alleyway but his vision is so blurry that it looks more like a market place full of motionless shadows.

Jared was groaning in pain. It was the end of the road and the night seemed to never end. What once was rain, has now turned to blood but tastes like wine.

"Could anything else go wrong?" thought Jared.

Within a blink of an eye, it appeared. A dark figure with bloodshot eyes and very pale skin had a stench that could suffocate a bear. Jared's vision was still very blurry. He could not make out what this figure truly looked like. The smell of blood became very strong as the stranger neared. Still covered with boxes and next to a pile of garbage bags. Uncertain if the stranger even knows if the boy was there. The dark figure is waiting for something. Suddenly everything goes quiet.No rustling of papers or random cars driving by and no squabbling from any of the surrounding buildings. The dark figure speaks and says " I know you're there. Are you confused?" The boy removes the cardboard boxes slowly, Grunting still in pain and slowly turning as pale as the moon. There was blood puddling up on the floor beside his waist, absorbing into his clothing. The dark figure getting closer and closer until practically standing over him. Blood red eyes looking down at the boy and a smirk that could toss a lady from a ledge. With words slowly slipping out saying "Do you accept?"

The boy thinks to himself "Accept what?"

"With what little time you have left will you make a decision?" insisted the stranger.

The boy, with death on his mind, sought what help he could get. If this stranger was going to present him with help. He was going to take it."I accept."

The boy's vision blurring to the point of complete darkness. Sounds of flesh splitting and finally, a force seared his skin at the neck. Blacking out completely. The stranger picks up the boy and throws him over the shoulder.

Two weeks later.

"Eyes opening slowly." The boy felt a feeling come over him. This was the feeling of hunger. The feeling was so strong that he had sat up and began to throw up directly into a pail. With nothing in his stomach, all that would happen was violent dry heaving. Disturbed by the boy's violent sounds, the door swings open. There, standing in the doorway, was the dark figure. Surrounded by candlelight a silhouette waits. As the boy finishes, the silhouette emerges from the doorway.

Crystal clear blue eyes shimmered from the subtle light of the candle. Their eyes were meeting and his mind was racing. "Those eyes are beautiful," thought the boy. "I've never seen eyes that reflect light. Especially that of a subtle flame." Still, the figure was shrouded by shadows. The figure's face was covered by a black cloth showing only a pair of reflective blue eyes. The figure then backing out of the doorway with blue eyes hinting to follow. The figure disappears out of the boy's sight. He continues to hear footsteps walking away. The boy then getting out of his bed insists on following. "Feet hitting the floor and following slowly." Footsteps still walking down what sounds like a big corridor. The boy arriving at the doorway looks to where the figure had gone. The figure was gone but still, footsteps could be heard. The boy was puzzled by what he saw. When he started to proceed down the corridor, the figure was still nowhere in sight. What he could see were tons of paintings of family portraits, continuing down a corridor. The boy could feel each and every eye on him. Getting closer to the end of the corridor, the sound of footsteps were no more. Just as he is reaching the end, the figure without making a sound falls down from the ceiling behind the boy. Slowly getting closer with hand extended. Grabs his shoulder with a firm grip. Suddenly the boy turns without realizing and grabbing the figures arm as it was inches away from his body.

"What is happening to me?" Thought the boy.

The figure responds saying "You Agreed."

Trying to understand what he really agreed to was impossible. The boy tries to run and is greeted by a terrifying shock that he just ran down to the bottom of stairs. "What am I?" Within an instant, the figure shows up and removes the cloth that had been over its face this whole time. The dark clothing that was being worn slowly fell to the floor. There, standing in front of the boy, was a pale scarred up girl. She started moving closer to the bath. The girl took the boys hand and has him follow her to a huge bathtub where he watches her walk in. As she gets in and turns around. Her eyes shined a very bright blue. The boy follows her in never losing eye contact. Finally, both were in the tub. The girl grabbing a sponge begins to rub the boys back. The boy confused at why he was so relaxed and at ease. The girl finishes with the sponge and without hesitance, the boy grabs it and begins to slowly rub her back.

After they both finish cleaning up. The girl leads the boy from the bath to a room that is close by. While entering the room, he noticed a bed and statues all around it as if they were watching the bed, and whoever goes in it. The girl pulls the boy onto the bed. Where they would lay and think about what they could do next. Biting into the boy's neck to reveal a little blood, turned the girl a little vicious and began to suck his blood heavily. After she was done, the boy had to suck the blood from her neck in order to feed his hunger and not perish. His first meal in weeks was very hard to take in. Especially since it was the first time he had ever bitten into somebody's neck to feed. The feeling was different. As he was getting the blood he could feel his body gaining strength again. He found it extremely hard to stop eating. Suddenly he was pushed to the ground. He had been going for a little too long, that it had started to take the energy from the girl. She quickly gets to the ground, takes his wrist and bites into it recovering the energy she had quickly lost. "You will need to work on that. Especially if you don't want to kill someone from sucking them dry." Calmly reclaims the girl. Finishing the night the two get in bed and fall asleep.

The day slowly passes and turns into night. The two leave the bed and begin their hunt for their next meal. Leaving the house and headed towards the nightclub district. They run into a couple making out, under the lamp post on the park bench. "Time to practice. Are you ready?" insisted the girl. As the girl goes from the left and the boy from the right. The scene slowly closing in on only the couple making out. Then suddenly both are torn from each other in opposite direction blood-curdling screams filled the nighttime air for only a few seconds before going completely quiet and eerie.

Finally after feeding. Both of them slipped slowly into the darkness of the night. While heading back to their current residence. A slither of light reflected in the dark.

"Ahh!" Mutters the girl.

The slither of light was actually a thick sharp needle. When it was removed it was three inches in length. With both of them staring at the blood coated needle. They try to figure out where it could have come from. In that instant, it starts to shake and fly from her hand and in the direction it had come from. Both of them start to run after it only to find a man in a cloaked jacket with a smirk on his face.

Zach Eckert
Zach Eckert
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