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UFOs of Runcorn

Strange Sights.

By Joseph Roy WrightPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Run for your life!

Although Runcorn is known for UFO sightings, the following is a fictional story, that is inspired by true events.

Runcorn is a small town towards the north west of England, within the county of Cheshire. There have been several TV shows and movies set here and a few books too. A small number of celebrities, such as singers, actors, authors and comedians have also began in this little cosy town. However, there is one thing Runcorn is not so proud of; that is of it's many bizarre and downright frightening alien abduction stories and sightings. I have already written about this town in previous entries, but those stories were of supernatural hauntings (something that Runcorn is also famously known for). However, as terrifying as those ghost stories may be, the tales of extra terrestrials are somehow far more horrific and fascinating. Many curious cats have purposely reached out to these UFOs, seeking proof for the sake of fame (or possibly fortune) only for them to witness true horror, so traumatising it has left many hospitalised or disturbed beyond repair. There is a crazy old man who screams; "the aliens are coming, 2047, that's when they'll strike!". This local lunatic also claimed the aliens would destroy us all in the year 2012 and 2000 before that. So, many brush the man off as simply insane. He is a frightening individual however, always walking within the old town between the hours of 3-4am. Many call 3am the witching hour, so perhaps this also links into the occult. Many who have seen him, say his eyes shine a fiery yellow, that his teeth are also sharp, like those of a Vampire. Is he possessed? Maybe. I was going to interview him, but after so much as hearing his deep, demonic, echoed voice, screaming in the darkest alleyways at night; I couldn't dare myself to greet him. It is believed he was abducted by aliens in 1999, when taking a lonely walk around Runcorn Hill, one sunny afternoon. Locals claim this man was perfectly normal before that walk. Alongside Runcorn Hill, UFO sightings have been spotted around the areas of Palace Fields, Castle Fields and Weston, in places that are less built up and more open. It is impossible to precise how many people in Runcorn have actually been abducted by UFOs, however, rumours still lurk around the darkest corners of this town. Some say the aliens resemble the ugliest insects you can imagine, black and grey creatures with spidery limbs and multiple eyes of muddy colours. That they insert drills into peoples heads, so that they can control them (like the mad man who stalks Runcorn Old Town). The popular rumours of alien probing are also believed here, alongside human dissection, as some have claimed to see the dead bodies of men and women, strung up on the UFO's walls like trophies. Religious theorists believe these aliens to be overseers, watching us all like Gods from the sky. The golden beams these UFOs emit, they could be mistaken for Heavenly skies, shining down upon us. I've always looked at the night sky, sometimes I see an airplane, but it doesn't look quite right, with it's green lights and spherical shapes. I tell myself I'm being imaginative, that it's hard to make out the plane from so far away, so it only looks strange from my point of view. However, after hearing all these strange stories, I can't help but feel like my instincts were right. Perhaps we really are being watched from above, by forces we cannot even comprehend. One thing I can advise, it would be wise not to go walking around this remote town past night time, especially not on your own. You may encounter the crazed Vampire of Runcorn Old Town, or become abducted by the monsters that created him.

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