Trapped in the Where

Horror Story 2020

Trapped in the Where
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Ever so slowly, eyes open to the dark room. Momentary confusion is overtaken by hunger. Covers are thrown aside and legs swing around until feet touch the floor. One unsteady yawn and a labored effort has them standing upright. A few steps are taken and then a sudden halt.

“I don’t remember even going to bed.”

With a small smirk, their feet begin to carry them across the bedroom toward the door. Hand reaches out and slams into the wall. Shake it off then the hand searches down and across; looking for the handle. Nothing.

“What the hell? I could’ve sworn.”

They turn; try to glare through the darkness. A vague outline of a door is seen. Staggering, feet carry the body toward the door’s silhouette. Almost instantly it seems the door is only a few feet away. Hand stretches out as feet continue to move them forward… Hand slams into the wall, seconds before their forehead.

“Damn it!”

Their stomach growls in hunger and a touch of light appears to their left. Looking over; they now see the door with the tiny amount of light tracing its shape. Same stagger; different direction now.

“Wait. Wasn’t my bed over here?”

Looking over; the bed is easily seen on the other side of the room. Seems less dark in this moment; but also, as though the world had shifted.

“Whatever. I’m starving.”


Down the hall and into the living room. Too dark. Over to the wall and reaching for the light switch. Nothing. Confusion, again and then eyes begin to strain through the dark to see the light switch. Few seconds and it is found. Hand reaches out…

“Let there be light.”

Nothing. Fingertips touch the smooth wall’s surface. Sliding around the wall in every direction, the hand remains empty. A frustrating sigh whispers out. Then a faint light reflects on the wall; dancing ever so slowly. Turning around, the darkness is pierced by a single flame.

“I don’t remember putting a candle on the kitchen table. For sure don’t remember lighting it.”

Why was it not noticeable moments earlier? Not important; was going to the kitchen anyway. Slowly feet shuffle across the living room carpet toward the other side, where the entrance to the kitchen is; the dim dancing light of the candle calling. Almost too soon; a foot steps from the living room into the kitchen.

An invisible wind blows out the candle across the room. Darkness. It’s okay; the light from the fridge will be enough. Turning to one side, a hand reaches out for the refrigerator handle. Midway; it stops reaching and the whole body freezes in place. The hint of the dancing flame in the other room has stolen all attention. Forcefully; the head turns slowly and eyes suddenly focus upon the candle in the window; the small flame performing its mocking movements. Again; the stomach growls its hunger. A hand once again reaches out in front. Nothing. Only air falls within grasp. Small step forward and reaching out. Hand slams into the wall; pain shooting up an unexpecting arm.

“Ow! Shit!”

Spinning around; the outline of the refrigerator can be seen… against the far wall of the kitchen. Hunger is getting so much worse and dizziness sets in a little. This time, movement is quicker as the room is crossed; eyes locked on the fridge. Seconds later; the desired object is reached and no hesitation is afforded as the door is slung open violently.


“Damn! Seriously? How? Shit!”

The stomach pain is almost unbearable as all at once; the flame goes out in the other room, and the candle suddenly is lit on the table once again; only a few feet away. Next to the candle, a bowl sits with steam bellowing from inside.

“Not this time!”

Feet rush across the floor, toward the far side of the kitchen. Silence is broken by the sound of wood screeching on the floor; the table and candle appear mere inches in front.


Quickly; the chair is pulled back and the chair creeks at the weight upon sitting. Eyes glance down inside the bowl, hardly making out the split open potato inside; just as the candle flame goes out; the room instantly dark again. Immediately the dim light can be seen coming from the living room window.

With no hesitation, the fork is raised and large chunks of potato are shoved into an eager mouth. The taste is bland and though warm; the potato is clearly started to go bad. Growling of the stomach sends those thoughts far away, and several larger chunks of potato are forced in.

The potato; both inside his mouth and that being shoveled into an eager mouth… turns soggy…then downright wet. Funny feeling takes over. Whole body goes numb and struggles to function at all.


The candle returns to the table. The flame lights; illuminating the table in a sea of darkness. The words are read; written in black scratches on the side of the candle. …

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A hand jumps onto a chest. Eyes dart down inside the bowl. The bloody heart filled bowl, releases the scent of death. The mind captures the image of the remaining potatoes sitting where the heart had been. Then; the darkness is inside the body and the last sound heard, is a head hitting the table.

Eyes open slowly to the darkness of the room. Covers are thrown aside into a heap.

“I don’t even remember going to bed.”

Photo created by: Timothy Rowland using

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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