Trapped in Bermuda (Experimental Flash Fiction/Vignette)

by Robin Brooks 2 years ago in fiction

The True Mass Hysteria

Trapped in Bermuda (Experimental Flash Fiction/Vignette)
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On that day, a storm was raging outside, the power was out, and we all were sitting inside a very dark room. We could barely see anything, but luckily the lights from our phones saved us.

And I was grateful for that light because as I turned left, there she was! Appearing to me in the mist of the phone light as if she was an angel in the flesh.

For some reason, she sat next to me wearing her short black mini skirt and showcasing her thick brown thighs.

As we sat inside of this room, we noticed loud thunderous roars startling us as it banged the tin walls we were trapped in.

And that banging happened every minute, and lasted at least 5 seconds long. It was happening so constantly that were able to measure the distance from start to finish. And thus we were able to prepare ourselves by covering our ears to avoid damage.

In between the banging sounds everyone in the room was busy on their cell phones trying to contact loved ones to let them know what was going on. I didn't have a cell phone, so I was focused on the girl next to me with the mini skirt. For some reason, she was giving me peace.

I don't know what it was about this girl that I liked so much. But maybe it was the obvious, that we both were rocking short skirts, albeit mine included black thigh high socks to increase the sexiness, but nevertheless, our skirts were almost the same.

So maybe I thought we had a connection with fashion and personality. Yea that must have been it.

Meanwhile, as people tried to find phone signals to reach out to family, the sound of the banging continued to hit over and over again.

But for the next few minutes, it shocked everyone by swaying away from the 60-second count and started coming at a quicker pace and getting louder and louder. It was now coming at least every 15 seconds. And lasted the same.

This noise felt different and scarier, it was strange. When this noise came, we heard the sound of people crying mixed with nervous chatter as it traveled across the room vibrating off the tin walls. Every 15 seconds we had our hands over our ears to stop the pain.

Then suddenly it kept going non-stop, and as it kept going it seemed to get an octave louder every few seconds. People were screaming and acting as if they were starting to see things. Unnatural things. As the noise got louder and higher I noticed the girl with the short skirt in fear starting to cry.

For some strange reason during this time I acted on instinct and pulled her close to me, protecting her ears more than mine. She held me back tight as she cried in my arms.

This new version of this sound lasted for at least 5 minutes straight. Then it suddenly rose to a very loud peak, and it soon reached its climax, and just like that, as quickly as it started it was gone.

But although it was gone it left us mentally fucked as we tried to comprehend what we just saw. As we all lied on the floor, we were left with a strong sense of derealization and depersonalization, and we felt detached from our bodies like we've just smoked a bad batch of marijuana or LSD.

The only sound left now after the noise was nose sniffling from shed tears and panicked voices chattering to one another across the acoustic dark room. But our hearts suddenly dropped when we realized that there were two more noises coming from outside.

And we braced ourselves because those two noises were footsteps and the sound of keys rattling.

As we listened to the noise outside, cell phone lights from our room shined at the door as we anxiously anticipated who this could be, or what.

We all stared as we heard the noise getting closer and closer. We waited in suspense listening to every step and every rattle.

Then after a minute that noise also stopped, then we heard a key enter into a lock and unlock it.

The door was slowly pulled open giving off a loud stretching noise.

And we watched in anger to get a first glimpse of who was responsible for the torture we had gone through.

But as the doors slowly opened wider there was brightness from outside that our eyes had to adjust to.

We had to take our eyes slightly away from the door to get away from the intense brightness, but as we turned back up to look, the doors were opened wider, and we couldn't believe what we saw!

Robin J. Copyright ©2018

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Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks
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