She doesn't know I'm here...


The days go by in a blur, they blend together like paint. One day its orange, but then the other day which is blue, blends in with the orange. Making it a different color and a different day, she doesn't realize I'm here. She goes through the days oblivious to my existence, before the darkness faded from her life she knew I was here. Ashlyn knew I was here because I protected her from the bad things. When the darkness was in her life, I had to protect her from it, she could only trust me, but then the light came. The light came to her in a blue suit and a badge; the light took her away from the darkness and into a brighter life. As the light grew, I began to fade away. Ashlyn forgot about me, stored me away in the back of her mind along with the other dark things. "Hey, Ash! Are you still coming to my party tonight?" The sound of her new light speaking causes me to stir.

I peek through the darkness and see through the bit of light from her eyes, a girl with blonde hair stands in front of us. Her ocean blue eyes peer into our emerald green ones, an expectant smile graces her tanned face. I want to decline, but I am not able to form my words through Ashlyn's mouth. "Yeah, I'll just have to remind my aunt that it's a sleepover," she replies. I sigh and return to the eternal darkness, I remember when I was once her light. Ashlyn never needed anyone else except for me, but now I'm trapped here. I'm trapped in the darkness now, the darkness that I protected her from. The darkness, that is now trying to take control of me. The dark is cold, nothing but horrible and disturbing memories live here.

Ashlyn was aware that the darkness was a horrible place to be, so why did she banish me here? Why would she send me to this dark and cold place? "Don't forget to tell her that we'll be staying at my parent's cabin! It's only for the weekend so she won't have anything to worry about and I promise there won't be any funny business." The blonde girl's voice breaks through the darkness's barrier. Surely, Ashlyn wouldn't go to no cabin, especially alone.

"Don't worry Jilly, I'll tell her. I'm sure she won't mind, I'm seventeen for Pete's sake." This time Ashlyn speaks, I peek through the darkness once more. I try to form my words for Ashlyn to say, but it refuses to work. She doesn't need to be alone, not with this girl. Ashlyn does not need this girl, she needs me, only I can protect her.

The cabin is small, the girl known as Jill says that the cabin only has two bedrooms. Other girls come to the cabin, they bear gifts for this Jill. Even we bear gifts for her, I saw what Ashlyn got her. She got the girl a new set of makeup and a birthday card, "Happy birthday Jilly!" Ashlyn exclaims as she gives the girl a tight hug. I watch them all through the light of her eyes, they laugh and eat cake after they sing the blonde girl a song. Before, when the darkness was a part of our life, our mother sang that same song to us, but we didn't have a big cake like Jill. No, we had a small cake, one that came from a box filled with others that resembled it. Our mother had said that was all we could afford, that we weren't fortunate enough to buy a real cake.

"Y-You need me... n-not them," I whisper. My words fall on deaf ears, Ashlyn has forgotten me. She has left me trapped in this cage of darkness, left me here to suffer through this alone. I was always alone, no one to hold or comfort me. I'm always in the dark, I'm trapped and alone, but I won't be alone for much longer.

I open her eyes and look around the dark room, the girl known as Jill lies beside us breathing through her nose. Her eyelids flutter as she mumbles under her breath, she is sound asleep. The bed creaks beneath our body as I raise from the soft mattress, I take easy slow steps over the cool wooden floor. I must be silent, use the darkness to my advantage. I creak open the door and sneak down the stairs. A form hidden under a pile of blankets lies on the couch, I tiptoe over to see who. The girl who bought Jill a teddy bear lies with her mouth hanging open as she snores, "Y-You'll be first," I whisper. It was nice to use Ashlyn's voice again, to know I never was gone from her life. A soft gleam of light catches our eye, laying on the table is the knife used to cut Jill's big cake.


The next morning, Ashlyn's loud shrieking breaks through the darkness's barrier. I peek out through the light in her eyes, she is staring at a bloodied Jill. "J-Jillian! O-Oh go-god, I-I need to call the police!" she screams. That won't be any good, no good at all.

"I-I wouldn't do that if I were you," I whisper. I could feel Ashlyn's muscles tense up, she knows I'm here. Maybe now she knows, she'll set me free from this horrible darkness!

"A-Adria? W-What the hell have you done!?" she screams as she looks down at our messy hands. Why does she sound scared? I was only trying to protect her, to remind her I'm still here.

"I was only trying to help, Ashlyn. Did I upset you?" I ask. Fear seizes me, I don't want to upset her. She's my friend, I'm not supposed to make her sad or scared.

"Y-You killed my friends! H-How did you even get out!?" she asks. They deserved to die, they didn't care about her like I did. They were a problem, a new darkness was about to seize her and break her like when she was young.

"I was protecting you! They were bad for you, they can't protect you like I can!" I reply. A foreign emotion runs through me, my heart burns with a... horrible anger. How dare she not be grateful for what I've done?

"No, you're bad for me Adria! I don't need you anymore!" Her words cut through me. How could she say that? After everything that we've been through, these girls wouldn't have understood her. No one will ever understand her, not like me.

"I'll make you need me."

I look around the now lit room with our beautiful emerald eyes, the stench of metallic hangs in the air. Jill's once blonde locks were now dyed a dark shade of red. "Adria! L-Let me out of here!" Ashlyn yells from the darkness, I tilt our head and allow our black hair to fall over our eyes.

"How does it feel to be the one that's trapped now? The one that has to deal with the darkness, you've been in the light for too long Ash," I say as I stand up from the bed and stretch our arms. The feeling of being in control sends a rush of excitement through us, it's been far too long.

"Don't worry Ash... I'll protect you, just like old times."

Jinx Cipriano
Jinx Cipriano
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