Tom Cruise Unleashes Ancient, Angry Evil in New the Mummy Trailer

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The film will kick-start Universal's new monster movie universe.

Tom Cruise Unleashes Ancient, Angry Evil in New the Mummy Trailer

The Mummy trailer 2 has been unveiled, and this new longer look at the movie puts us in ancient lands with soon-to-be-cursed Sofia Boutella, and on the streets of London with an increasingly panicked Tom Cruise. Why is Cruise panicking? The title, which will kick-start Universal's new monster movie universe, gives us a pretty good idea that the cursed Boutella wants to take a bite out of Cruise. Maybe she's just not down with Scientology?

Before this trailer, we didn't know much about The Mummy. We've known Cruise's character, Nick Morton, is a soldier, and that Boutella would rock the bandages as the mummy Ahmanet. Fortunately, this trailer brought with it new details on Nick Morton and his connection to the mummy, Ahmanet.

Here's a breakdown of The Mummy trailer 2.

Nick Morton Releases Ahmanet

At about 0:34 seconds into the trailer, Nick Morton releases the bindings in Ahmanet's tomb to free her. Why? Probably because there's no movie if he doesn't, but really Nick: WHY. It's possible Nick is under Ahmanet's influence; dialogue in the trailer from Russell Crowe's character, speaking to Nick, indicates as much.

"You are alive because you were chosen by evil, the ultimate evil."

First, yes, that's Dr. Henry Jeckyll as in "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde."

Second, that excerpt of dialogue from Jekyll probably explains why Nick frees Ahmanet despite Jenny (played by Annabelle Wallis) warning against releasing the tomb's contents from their restraints.

"It's not a tomb, it's a prison."

Looking at the place should tell Nick all he needs to know without Jenny's emphasis on "prison," but even that pointed warning goes unheeded. So Ahmanet is loose, and now we've got a movie.

At about 0:43 seconds in, we see how Ahmanet became the mummy, and despite the generally favorable ancient Egyptian attitude towards mummification, in this case it's not by choice. From what we can tell, Ahmanet was in line to be the new queen of Egypt but her thirst for power got the better of her, and resulted in Ahmanet walking a dark path.

In plainer terms, she offs the pharaoh, leading to apprehension by the pharaoh's guard and ultimately a supervillain origin story.

At about 1:34 seconds into trailer, Ahmanet is captured by a group of modern-day soldiers. The brief clip isn't long enough to reveal which soldiers are in charge of the capture, though they're likely from the same unit of soldiers who initially freed Ahmanet from her tomb/ prison.

Not that these modern restraints can hold her. She breaks out of her chains, and we can assume she's going to lay waste to the soldiers holding her captive, except for Cruise's Nick Morton.

'The Mummy (2017)' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Towards the end of the new trailer, we also get to see Ahmanet coming into her own as a villainous Mummy. In the following clip, Ahmanet can be seen wreaking havoc in London, along with raising an army of mummies that we can expect will cause just as much destruction as Ahmanet.

Ahmanet's manipulation of glass in London also appears to be a callback to the 1999' The Mummy where Imhotep exhibited a similar ability by manipulating large quantities of sand into a ethereal version of himself. Ahmanet's use of this ability is practically identical to that of Imhotep, except she utilizes glass instead of sand, which are essentially the same thing.

For now, that's everything we know about #TheMummy2017. But it's a lot: we've got Ahmanet's origins, Nick's responsibility in freeing her, and a clear scene of the evil mummy herself reigning destruction down on London.

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