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Time Slip

Chapter 1 A Collective Primordial Hiss

By Cameron HamptonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Written and Art by Cameron Hampton © 2022 Cameron Hampton. All rights reserved.

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. But the people that saved me in that dark alleyway I materialized in heard my silent screams.

Only other travelers can sense the change in the atmosphere and hear the silent screams of a body that has time slipped into their dimension. They’ve been there. They’re special people.

Written and Art by Cameron Hampton © 2022 Cameron Hampton. All rights reserved.

“Hey. You okay? You got to get up and move. The Tides are coming in.”

I was still blind. I could barely speak, “Wh-what?”

Written and Art by Cameron Hampton © 2022 Cameron Hampton. All rights reserved.

My chest felt heavy like I was already drowning. I could’ve given in at that point. Just lie down and let The Tides take me. Why not? This couldn’t be right. This is not where I belonged. I was in the wrong dimension and place. I could feel it.

“What’s this?” a lady asked while lighting a cigarette.

“Come on, buddy.” the tall man said as he picked my withered body off of the wet, smelling ground. I felt the strength of this man. He had done this before.

My last thoughts before I was found were of myself walking out of my regular pub. I was broken-hearted. I was spent. There was a storm in the south with a lot of lightning way off. I remember a glowing ball of light. And then a flash that encapsulated me.

“First trip? Or coming back?” the tall man asked as he dragged me along.

“First time…here.” I moaned.

“Oh, I get it. Yeah. We get a lot of your types here. Welcome to New York. Ha! Ha! Come on. I’ll take you to a place where you can restore.”


“Shhhh, easy. We got you. Come on Clara. Help me.”

“Tha-ooooh.” I was in torment.

Written and Art by Cameron Hampton © 2022 Cameron Hampton. All rights reserved.

The sound came out of me uncontrollably. A collective primordial hiss of all the dark matter that has will, and is traveling through interdimensional time trekked through me. The effects of time slipping to the western dimension had put my mind and body matter back too slowly together for the atmosphere I was now in. It didn’t matter what interdimensional direction I traveled there was always something different. But the one constant was the pain. Not physical pain, but an agonizing, soul-sucking pain. And it was always more painful slipping back in time.

The Tides were the immediate matter. We had to move before they pulled us under into the Void.

Written and Art by Cameron Hampton © 2022 Cameron Hampton. All rights reserved.

The tall man and the cigarette-smoking lady tugged me into a lower Manhattan dive bar. The lady in the bikini serving drinks did not look up nor did the drunks she served as they shuffled me through the jangled bar stools. The air smelled like piss, cheap beer, and cigarettes. At least my senses were returning.

“Let’s sit him down. Get him the stimulant.” the tall man said.

“I bet I can stimulate him. Come on pretty thing.” the smoking lady interjected.

“Leave him alone Clara. He isn’t in any shape for that and neither are you.”

“Yeah, well I will be soon.”

“Not if you keep bouncing as you do.”

My body began to shake. I had no control.

“I think I’m going to be sick!” I managed to yell.

I should’ve been embarrassed, but I was still in shock from the journey.

“Hey, man. Take this.”


But the tall man insisted, “Come on. You got to have something. You’re still in shock.”

The tall man pushed an inhaler-like device over my mouth and nose and injected an acrid-tasting mist. Immediately, I was shot back into feeling. It was worse than being in shock.

At that moment, I wished they had left me there in that putrid alleyway for The Tides to collect me. Allowing me to be carried away by The Tides wasn’t terrible. It is suicide. But the final ride to death is well worth it. It’s the only true time that you will ever be alive. That’s how I’ll check out I thought. But I wouldn't check out now. Not in this way. Not in this dimension. ∞

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About the Creator

Cameron Hampton

Cameron Hampton is a painter, photographer, illustrator, cinematographer, animator and writer.​

She now works in Georgia, London and NYC.


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