Thoughts and Is "Dear David" a Hoax?

by Lena Bailey 5 months ago in paranormal

Was It Just for the Movie?

Thoughts and Is "Dear David" a Hoax?

If you read my coverage of the story you know what it is. If you haven't read it please go to my page and do so now. But to recap its a story about a guy who was being haunted by a boy ghost. A lot of people think it's fake to set up a movie. We never really got an ending because of the movie contract.

One of the things that people say that prove David is fake is the pictures of David, especially the pictures of David in Adam's room. People say that "David" looks like a doll. The thing that makes me not think he's a doll is the picture where David was climbing the book case to get to Adams phone.

The rest of it felt real to me sometimes it got to the point where there was so much being thrown at you so fast it got overwhelming. There were other times where it seemed to slow down. I don't know when the movie idea came around but if it was around the time the updates started to slow down (around the time he came back after Christmas) then he may have not been able to say much because of the movie.

I searched and the main reason everyone said they believed it was a hoax was the pictures we talked about earlier. In all of the pictures I have seen of ghosts and spirits have looked like that, that looked like a person or doll. I don't know, Adam the main guy who this whole story is about says it's true. I guess we will know after the movie comes out because he could come out and say that this was all fake to set up a movie or it could all be real. To people the pictures and other things seemed too Hollywood.

My thoughts on this story is that this has a 50 percent chance of being real and that it was an interesting story (real or fake it was interesting). I also think that when David came crashing down on to David that may have been David taking over Adams body. Was that all the David wanted? Did David want to live through someone? Was this how Dear David killed people? Remember the girl in Adam's dream told him that if he asked David three questions David will kill him. Maybe it wasn't a take over to live it was a take over to die. Although as far as I know Adam is still alive. You would think as much coverage as this story has got that if the guy living it and telling it was to die someone would say something.

There are some people who don't think that David possessed Adam but that instead Adam has gone crazy. He's seeing things that aren't there and thinking that there's some crazy conspiracy or ghost story going on.

Hailey Reese had the theory that David was a demon. Her big reason was the rules about the questions. Also demons need permission to enter and usually come at the same time.

I think that the whole "David will kill you" thing is someone just being dramatic, I think he may possess someone or put someone in danger but I don't think David has that power. If he has that type of power then he hasn't acted that vengeful or violent. David was mainly staring through peepholes and windows, sitting on chairs or couches, and trying to climb on the bed. He was also freaking out the cats and moving things. The only thing that was violent that David did was slam or fall into Adam.

One thing we never got an answer on was whether or not Adam used the Ouija board. He bought one but we never saw anything else about it. With him living alone and a ghost already attached I hope he didn't use it.

What do you think? Is it fake? Is it real? Will you see the movie? I will see the movie when it comes out.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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